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DDDV Ch 98 Part 1 – Grand Ceremony (I)

There were sixteen sects in the Devil Realms… until a few years ago. After several sects joined the rebellion during Devil Venerable’s absence, he directly wiped out three leading sects upon his return, making them a warning for others to see. Now, only thirteen sects were left, including Hehuan Sect1, Soul Sect, and Poisonous Bone Sect.

The thirteen sects were under the control of the Devil Sect, whose members were mainly composed of high-ranking devil clans. These clans had multiplied and grown over thousands of years, with the three clans of Shentu, Wucheng, and Chijia currently standing at the top and from which the three Grand Elders of the Devil Sect hailed.

And the Devil Venerable, who controlled the Devil Sect, was an unparalleled existence in the Devil Realm.

The sudden appearance of His Venerable’s little princess had become the recent biggest news that attracted the entire Devil Realm’s attention. The ranks of Devil Kings paid attention to news and had their own channels for gathering information, not to mention that the palace did not try to be covert about this matter. When the side palace was redecorated some time ago, it was done with great fanfare, and the decoration itself clearly prepared the palace for a female to live in. When the matter concerned the Devil Venerable, no one dared to make careless assumptions in public, but privately, many couldn’t help guessing that the palace was preparing to usher in the arrival of a queen consort.

Many eyes paid attention, wondering what kind of beauty was lucky enough to be favored by His Venerable.

They didn’t have to wait long. Soon afterward, the Devil Venerable brought back a little princess about the size of a four to five-year-old human cub. It was said that Her Highness looked quite similar to His Venerable, proving their blood relationship at first glance, and it was also said that she was very much loved by her father.

Sure enough, soon there was news from the palace, announcing that a grand ceremony would be held to officially introduce the little princess. Holding such a ceremony also meant to formally announce that Her Highness was an existence second only to His Venerable in the realm. As long as His Venerable’s reign did not fall, her status was unshakable.

In the future, if something happened to His Venerable, the little princess would definitely be the next Devil Venerable, provided she had enough ability.

All of a sudden, all the devils who were qualified to attend the ceremony came in drove, while those who were not qualified tried their best to present memorable gifts. Unlike high-ranking devils who had direct contact with Devil Venerable and thus felt more fear than reverence, the lower-ranked subjects mostly had fanatical worship toward His Venerable, to the extent of going through a sea of fire and mountain of blades for him. Therefore, knowing that His Venerable had a descendant, they naturally loved this new princess dearly and couldn’t wait to offer their loyalty.

Regardless of intention and motive, each devil who arrived at the palace today came offering their best congratulation.

In the huge main hall, the guests were seated on two sides, with a gorgeous red carpet spreading from the entrance to the base of the throne on the top, serving as a dividing line in the middle. Naturally, all the invitees were present on time. The elder of the Hehuan Sect who came with the Sect Leader asked curiously, “Sect Leader, is Her Highness really similar to His Venerable?”

Since her arrival, Her Highness had never gone out, and the devil palace was not a place that anyone could enter at will, as even the three Grand Elders had to request an entry token and waited for approval from His Venerable before being allowed in.

The current Venerable’s control over the Devil Realm was much stronger than his predecessors, and he did not tolerate even the slightest disobedience. And his subjects did not dare to make any mistakes either, because once His Venerable found it out, there was only one ending for the offenders: death.

However, devils were cruel and ruthless by nature, and they were also rebellious to the core. They knew loyalty, but they only submitted to those that were strong enough to control them. Once the person they swore allegiance to started showing signs of weakness, they would immediately pounce in like starving hyenas.

Mei Ji, the elder of the Hehuan Sect, had long taken fancy of the powerful and handsome Devil Venerable. Unfortunately, despite all her best efforts and charms, she failed to even get a single glance from His Venerable. Now that a princess suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Mei Ji was naturally unreconciled. She couldn’t help but wonder which woman actually got the honor to give birth to His Venerable’s child…

Hearing her question, Chijia Lan cast a glance at Mei Ji, which made the latter tremble all over and instantly dissipated the burning jealousy in her heart.

Chijia Lan smiled coldly. Thinking of that adorable little princess, she caressed her bright red lips and muttered, “Her Highness is indeed quite similar to His Venerable.” But her personality was nothing like a devil.

Chijia Lan is not only the Third Grand Elder of the Devil Sect, but also the Sect Leader of the Hehuan Sect. The Devil Sect, directly under His Venerable, controlled the thirteen sects of the Devil Realm, and he also had another mysterious sect under him that operated in the shadow.

The Second Grand Elder, Elder Wu Cheng, was currently chatting with the First Grand Elder Shentu. The subject of their conversation was the little princess making her debut today. Among the three Grand Elders, only Wu Cheng had not met Her Highness yet. He had been in retreat until recently and thus had only learned this shocking news a few days ago. He tried to enter the palace several times afterward, but was denied entry every time.

Facing his colleague’s curiosity, First Elder Shentu just smiled and said, “This kid is extraordinary.”

Elder Shentu looked like an amiable old man, but only those who knew him understood how ruthless and cruel his methods were. In some sense, he was even more terrifying than the Devil Venerable, who killed with one blow. It was no wonder he was in charge of the prison and dungeon.

Not long after, the hall became quiet as a group of palace maids in gorgeous costumes walked in elegantly before stopping on both sides of the carpet and curtsying in reverence. Under countless gazes, His Venerable and Her Highness appeared in their royal regalia, prompting all people in the hall to kneel down to welcome them.

Holding Lu Qingyu’s hand, Lu Yaoyao walked steadily on the soft red carpet step by step toward the throne, keeping her chubby face serious and her eyes straight. Her short legs made her steps small, but Lu Qingyu followed her pace, and the father and daughter walked very slowly.

The gazes followed the two all the way to the throne when they finally turned to face the hall.

Lu Yaoyao stood at the highest position overlooking the entire hall, trying her best to hide her surprise and shock.

Instead of sitting lazily as usual, Lu Qingyu sat upright on the throne today. After his daughter properly seated next to her, he commanded solemnly, “Get up.”

“Thank you, Your Venerable.” All the devils stood up respectfully.


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  1. Hehuan Sect (合欢宗): Hehuan literally means ‘In pleasure/enjoyment together.’ Hehuan Sect is a sect that specializes in double cultivation and the art of charms.

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