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DDDV Ch 98 Part 2 – Grand Ceremony (II)

Lu Qingyu said solemnly, “Get up.”

“Thank you, Your Venerable.” All the devils stood up respectfully.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. This routine gave her the impression that her Daddy was the emperor and that she was his princess, facing their subjects together.

Oh no, the father and daughter were even more powerful than any emperors and princesses. If an emperor was the lord of the country, her Daddy was the lord of an entire realm.

“This is Her Highness the Princess of the Devil Race. Her status is equal to This Venerable’s, and her order is mine. If anyone dares to offend her, This Venerable will personally annihilate their whole clan.” Lu Qingyu’s cold voice resounded throughout the palace, frightening the listeners to their bones.

All the devils bowed their heads respectfully, “We obey.”

Then came the presents, and a palace servant started to loudly recite a list: “First Grand Elder Shentu presents a top grade mine, a devil spirit lotus, a skein of dark spider’s thread…”

“Second Grand Elder Wucheng presents the phaseless poison fire, …, and 10,000 top-grade devil stones, wishing Her Highness a smooth ascension.”

“The Soul Sect presents…”

Boxes of rare and priceless treasures were carried into the main hall in an endless stream, yet Lu Yaoyao remained calm as if the shock of getting rich overnight couldn’t stop her from maintaining the regalness and dignity of a little princess. The list ran for a long time, until her inner amazement gradually turned into numbness. When the palace servant finally finished, she secretly sighed in relief. It was too tiring!

As for Lu Qingyu, he listened to the presents his subjects gave to his daughter with a hint of smugness inside. Although these things were quite satisfactory, none matched the treasures he gave his daughter!

“Where is General Yaqing?” Once the hall turned quiet once again, Lu Qingyu’s voice rang.

“This subordinate is here.” A very handsome man in full armor suddenly appeared, bowing his head respectfully.

“From now on, you and your subordinates will be loyal to Her Highness.”

Yaqing replied in a deep voice: “This subordinate obeys the order.”

None of the devils present had expected that His Majesty would assign the powerful General Yaqing to Her Highness. No one dared to raise a word, but their eyes flickered covertly.

General Yaqing and his subordinates were the strongest armies under the Devil Venerable’s hands. Even during His Venerable’s disappearance, they remained steadfastly loyal, preventing the rebels from breaking into the palace. Having an army under her hands meant Her Highness now held a real power, which was very different from simply being a favored princess.

Chijia Lan’s beautiful eyebrows raised slightly. Looking at the youthful figure that was the copy of her lord, her lips curled up into a smile.

Next to Chijia Lan, Mei Ji gritted her teeth, suppressing the jealousy in her heart.

Each devil had different thoughts, but they did not affect the father and daughter on the throne above. Lu Yaoyao’s eyes fell on the young general. Was this the person that Daddy said would assign to be her guard?

“My child, go.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at Lu Qingyu. Under his encouraging eyes, she stepped off the throne and stood in front of the Devil General Yaqing.

Yaqing’s bow deepened. Lu Yaoyao did not immediately make the contract, but asked solemnly, “Are you willing to be loyal to me? No matter your choice, This Highness will not pursue it, and Daddy will not hold you accountable either.”

When Yaqing heard this, he raised his eyes in surprise. Did Her Highness allow him to choose?

“Replying to Your Highness, this subordinate is willing.”

“Once you made the contract, there is no turning back.”


As Lu Yaoyao stretched out her hand, Yaqing lowered his head cooperatively and let her soft hand fell between his brow. A faint gleam emanated from the palm of Lu Yaoyao’s hand. A moment later, two identical patterns appeared on both the palm and between Yaqing’s eyebrows until they slowly disappeared.

The contract was completed.

Lu Yaoyao withdrew her hand and smiled, “From now on, you are my person. I will never make you regret your choice today.” Finished, she happily ran towards Lu Qingyu, blushing with joy.

When Lu Yaoyao first learned about the devil servitude contract from Lu Qingyu, she was actually reluctant. But Lu Qingyu patiently explained to her, and after knowing that the essence of the contract was mutual benefit between the servant and master, she was finally convinced.

For example, some devils might have no chance to ascend during their lifespan, but if the master with whom they had a servitude contract ascended, they could also be taken away with the ascension.

Even if the masters did not ascend, the servants wouldn’t have to worry about cultivation resources, which were provided by the master.

Of course, there was no free lunch in the Devil Realm. For the servant to obtain such benefits, the price was to offer one’s absolute loyalty, putting their life in the hand of their master forever.

Many devils, especially low-level ones, were not qualified to make a servitude contract with high-level dignitaries. Once the contract was made, the servant would share all the weal and woes of their masters. If Lu Yaoyao unfortunately met her demise, all the devils contracted to her would die, but their death would not have any effect on her.

Devils were suspicious by nature, and only with this absolute contract could they be at ease about their subordinates’ loyalty. However, Lu Qingyu had never formed a servitude contract, yet he had made some devils extremely loyal by his own means. On top of that, Lu Qingyu did not care whether his subordinates were loyal or not — he would simply kill anyone who dared to betray.

But when it came to Lu Yaoyao, Lu Qingyu dared not gamble. He trusted no one. Only by signing the servitude contract could Lu Qingyu rest assured of the devil guards in charge of Lu Yaoyao’s safety, and she also must have enough strength to make other devils respect and fear her.

Lu Yaoyao returned to her seat. When she saw Yaqing still kneeling on the ground, she waved her chubby hand, “You can go back.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Yaqing responded respectfully, and his figure disappeared instantly.

The ceremony continued, and entertainment came next. A group of beautiful dancers came forward and started whirling gracefully on the red carpet, as light and elegant as butterflies. Thanks to their arrival, the cold atmosphere of the hall gradually became relaxed.

Lu Yaoyao was mesmerized by the beautiful dance when a waiter came forward with a tray of food. She looked at the suspicious-looking black meat on the plate, but she was not daunted in the slightest. What she had eaten growing up was even scarier than this! Driven by curiosity, Lu Yaoyao took a bite tentatively and was delighted to find the meat was very tender and tasty!

As she ate delicious food and watched the beautiful dance, the little dumpling’s short legs couldn’t help dangling around. Ah, she seemed to have reached the pinnacle of her life!


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Daddy and Yaoyao: Going on a trip together, playing together, sleeping together, enjoying a feast together.

Father: Staying on the peak of a cold mountain alone. Meditating only with wind and snow as companions…

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