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GNU Ch.10 Part 2 – The Duke Manor (II)

All the time, Cheng Yujin kept smiling and let everyone observed her appearance. She clearly knew what was going on in these people’s mind, but her heart had no fluctuation. Everyone said that she really obtained a huge profit, but Cheng Yujin would rather have never been adopted.

These pieces of jewelry were indeed bestowed by Qingfu Junzhu, who had always been conscious about her reputation. If a biological mother prepared jewelry for her daughter, would she specially made a public presentation, letting the whole world know about this?

Of course not.

So Cheng Yujin had to be tactful. She wore the things Qingfu Junzhu gave her, then let others praise this nominal mother for being kind. And at the same time, having her own self-esteem bluntly cut out bit by bit.

Cheng Yujin self-mockingly thought, she had a lot of beautiful and precious hair ornaments, bracelets, and other jewelry. But for so many years, she had almost no actual money on hand. She was just a beautiful decoration, looked glamorous from outside, but had nothing on the inside.

Adults endlessly praised Cheng Yujin, but in the ears of their own inexperienced young daughters, its meaning was completely different.

Other young girls’ faces didn’t look pleasant. Xu Nianchun looked at Cheng Yujin and quietly pouted. Cheng Yujin simply didn’t react. Since she was very young, she already knew that her cousin sisters, and even cousin brothers, all disliked her.

Growing up from a young age until now, she had always been the ‘that child from another house’ praised many elders. After so many years, it wouldn’t be strange that she wasn’t popular with other children.

But why did that matter? Cheng Yujin silently thought. As long as the elders liked her, it was enough.

Cheng Min rarely went back to visit her natal family, so she had many things to converse with old Madam Cheng. Soon, the adults sent their children to the adjacent porch.

Without the elders’ supervision, the little kids immediately became lively. Older girls were sitting together in small groups. Cheng Yumo had just sat down when a young man in red clothes jumped in front of her: “Younger sister Mo, have your illness better?”

It was a handsome young man. His black eyes shined brightly. Even when he wasn’t smiling, he still made people feel at ease. The young man’s name was Xu Zhixian, the only son born between Cheng Min and Chang Duke Manor’s second master.

Xu Nianchun immediately laughed: “Second brother, there are so many people here. Why are you only care about your sister Mo?”

Xu Zhixian said: “Younger sister Mo is sick, of course it is different.”

Teased by Xu Nianchun, Cheng Yumo covered her mouth with a handkerchief and smiled: “I am much better. Thank you for second biao brother’s concern.”

Xu Nianchun still wasn’t satisfied and shouted: “Fortunately, elder sister Mo already got better. So my second brother isn’t asking in vain.”

The enclosed porch soon filled with young girls’ fresh laughter. All were relatives, so Xu Zhixian didn’t feel uncomfortable being surrounded by many girls, even happily making fun together.

In the middle of it, a group of servants came in. Cheng Yujin walked towards them, giving instructions: “Take out another brazier, the silver one. Then open up the windows on the eastern side. Make sure to let the room properly ventilated, but don’t forget to put a partition in front of it to keep the cold wind out.”


One after another, the servants moved. Under Cheng Yujin’s command, the room was quickly re-arranged. She was giving orders in a calm and orderly fashion. Standing straight, it was as if she was clad in an imposing aura, completely distinguished herself from the group of playful girls.

The girls were a little uncomfortable. This kind of Cheng Yujin made them look like immature children. Xu Zhixian smiled and said, “Elder sister Jin is really awesome. You alone can command so many servants, and don’t even look flustered.”

Cheng Yujin nodded and smiled back lightly. Xu Nianchun let out a small cry and deliberately asked: “Eldest biao sister is the same age as second biao sister. Why does second brother call the second biao sister ‘ younger sister Mo’ but eldest biao sister ‘elder sister Jin’?”

Xu Zhixian scratched his head and answered truthfully: “I also don’t know. Elder sister Jin… can only be called ‘elder sister.'”

Could he call her ‘younger sister’? Xu Zhixian felt that this address wasn’t right.

Cheng Yujin smiled and said: “It’s okay, we are all brother and sister. Second young master may call me as you like.”

When she said this, Cheng Yujin’s eyes were fixated on Xu Zhixian.

Previously she didn’t particularly notice, but now it seemed that Xu Zhixian was a good husband potential.

Currently, no family members of Chang Duke Manor was holding a prominent position in the court. Their clan was in decline and filled with prodigal sons who only knew how to play and eat. However, what kind of family was Yichun marquis manor? Cheng family didn’t have a right to criticize nor to be picky. At least the Xu clan still held the duke title.

Moreover, Cheng Min was Cheng Yujin’s paternal aunt. The relationship between aunt and niece was still better than a stranger. She also heard that currently the authority inside the Chang Duke Manor was held by the legal wife of the first branch. She could safely assume that Cheng Min would be willing to have an additional ally to help her in the family. Besides, Xu Zhixian was growing up surrounded by a group of womenfolk. When he was a little, he was raised by an elder sister who was more than ten years older than himself. In the inner courtyard, there were also many sisters as his playmates. Inevitably, after he grew up, Xu Zhixian wasn’t like a typical man, somehow lacked masculinity. But his personality was very gentle, really an easy prey.

Cheng Yujin became more and more satisfied. She used to look down on the Chang Duke Manor. Furthermore, she never put a rich and hedonistic young master like Xu Zhixian into consideration. But now her engagement had failed once, it was time to redo her plan. Cheng Yujin loved power and money, and it was impossible for her to accompany a man in struggle and poverty. In this aspect, Xu Zhixian was just right.

Cheng Yujin made up her mind and smiled very warmly at Xu Zhixian.

Xu Zhixian felt an inexplicable coldness from behind. He turned back, thinking that the window may be opened too wide, letting a cold wind blew in.

After that, Cheng Yujin subtly made a move on Xu Zhixian. After noon meal, old Madam Cheng usually took a nap, and the juniors were left unattended. They went to play together. Cheng Yujin thought that it was an opportunity sent by heaven. She didn’t know when would she meet Xu Zhixian again, so she must fully take this advantage to firmly get hold of this warm and affectionate young man.

At that time, Cheng Yuanjing was back. Right when he entered the door, he saw Cheng Yujin looked at a young man with calculating eyes.

Cheng Yuanjing moved his eyebrows lightly. What a surprise, every time he saw Cheng Yujin, he always discovered a new side.


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Well…. we see Cheng Yujin in action. Xu Zhixian may be naive but he had a good instinct 😂. Although to be fair, even with the scheming and political marriage, Cheng Yujin will always be a good wife, no matter who her husband is, as long he is still decent enough. So probably Xu Zhixian will be better off getting schemed by Cheng Yujin instead (no, don’t worry, ninth uncle is the ML, not this naive boy 😂).

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14 thoughts on “GNU Ch.10 Part 2 – The Duke Manor (II)”

    1. If the story didnt mention that the aunt rarely came back, i’d almost think that he already was. he does seem like the type to be easily led on by two-faced white lotuses.

  1. Xu Nianchun and Xu Zhixian demonstrate such a good point about the distance between Chen YuJin and the others! While Cheng Yujin will always be a good wife, to have true affection isn’t going to be easy for her. Thanks for your excellent translation, I’ve read ahead in the raws, but always come back to your translation!

  2. Oh, Cheng Yujin and her plans😂
    This Xu Zhixian seems like a second male lead of the original timeline/novel a supporter of and in love with his ‘younger sister Mo.’🤔

    1. Naive little sheep at the mercy of a big bad wolf while not seeing the bigger predator behind her. Sure it might be good for him to have such a capable wife but not for his life! The cold wind blows at ninth uncle’s command! Beware!

  3. This reincarnated girl is dumb but her situation is realistic as she is not OP after her rebirth. But she targeting a “hedonistic” young master as she stated is not a good move. She will just put herself in another turmoil.

    1. Dumb ? Are we reading the same story mate? All her moves are the best she has available, I can only assume you can’t follow what’s going on.

  4. As translator said sad as it is Yujin is indeed making the best move available to her here and even if she has to get with this “hedonistic” young master she’d still be a good wife, cuz she’s a nice person, it’d be the boys luckiest day to have such a good woman by his side.

    But it’s so sad she has to settle and do this things cuz she can’t just rely on herself …. That there’s no way she can use her own talents to rise up … Sigh quite sad indeed.

    With such a good girl anyone would be blessed, she deserves to be pampered to hell and back really after all she’s suffered, she knows no one loves her, that she’s seen as a commodity, that at any time they could throw her away, and that she needs to play her part, like a puppet …. At 14 years of age …… Sigh, how sad.

    1. Dude, I see you everywhere, I’ve been reading novels for years now like at least 5 years and each and every novel I read I see your comments. Guess we both have good taste 😌

  5. The first time he met her, he witness her slapping her ex-fiance.

    The second time he met her, she was scheming to get a husband.

    Both times Ninth Uncle encountered the grown up Cheng Yujin, she was entangled with a guy😂😂😂

  6. I just don’t understand the attitude of the Junzhu. She still has no own child and already agreed to adopt the niece to be her own, so why doesn’t she treat her better until now? Why must she be this cold toward her?
    If she doesn’t want a child of other woman, then why did she agree to adopt her?
    What can she gain or lose from being nice to her adopted child?

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