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GNU Ch 100 Part 3 – Role Model (III)

Cheng Yujin woke up before dawn yesterday and was busy until the third watch last night. She had only closed her eyes for a while before waking up again this morning. Today’s agenda was no less important than yesterday’s. The hair crown weighed six or seven catties on her head and the heavy diyi dress sapped Cheng Yujin’s energy even more. However, she couldn’t show weakness today, especially not in front of Empress and Empress Dowager Yang. At this point, Cheng Yujin was solely relying on her years of sheer willpower to hold up.

Fortunately, today’s agenda was not long. The Emperor didn’t make it difficult for the young couple and soon let them go. Empress Yang sat next to him with a stiff smile on her face, but she naturally couldn’t do anything in front of the Emperor.

Cheng Yujin and Li Chengjing went to another palace to see the prince and princesses. This time, they weren’t going to give a greeting, but to accept one. Because of Empress Yang, the Emperor’s inner palace was not prosperous. Except for Li Chengjing, there were only one prince and two princesses, all were born of Empress Yang.

The greeting ceremony was over. Cheng Yujin came to see the prince and princesses only to introduce each other, and then she would be free. The Second Prince Li Chengjun stepped forward and said: “Congratulations to imperial brother’s marriage. This subject wishes hundred years of harmony for imperial brother and imperial sister-in-law. May you grow old together.”

Li Chengjun offered his congratulation. It was natural for Li Chengjing to step forward and reply: “Thank you, second brother.”

Although the two called each other brother, they were cautious and alienated, without the slightest closeness brothers were supposed to have. However, this was to be expected. When Second Prince was born, Li Chengjing had been missing, and Second Prince had never met this brother at all, let alone having a brotherly relationship. As for Li Chengjing, Empress Yang became pregnant when he was five years old and already the crown prince. When he came to Cheng family house at the age of six, he heard the news that a prince was born from the empress, which precisely was Li Chengjun. He had almost died in the hands of Yang family, and had to give up his identity and survive with another name, but when he returned to the capital, he learned that Empress Yang had given birth to a prince.

Yang’s family intention to replace him was very obvious.

It was unreasonable to expect Li Chengjing and Second Prince to have a strong brotherhood.

The relationship between Li Chengjing and Second Prince was very peculiar. Both of them were di sons born from an empress, but their birth mothers were different. On top of that, the grievances and interests of the previous generation were mixed in between. Li Chengjun was originally the only crown prince candidate, and Li Chengjun himself also thought so for all his life. But Li Chengjing’s appearance undoubtedly shattered everything.

As long as Li Chengjing did not die, the crown prince title would never fall to another person.

When the two brothers spoke, others didn’t dare to open their mouths, and the palace suddenly became quiet. Li Chengjun smiled warmly and said: “Imperial brother’s wedding is the world’s happy event. This subject is happy for imperial brother’s sake and specially prepared a small banquet to celebrate. Hope imperial brother is willing to give the honor and attend.”

The remaining two princesses and Cheng Yujin didn’t speak, but their eyes moved quietly on the two. This was the battle between princes, and no one dared to enter hastily. But they were watching cautiously and attentively. Both princesses wondered, how would their new Crown Prince brother respond?

Second Prince took the initiative to invite, and if Li Chengjing declined, he would appear to be afraid. Cheng Yujin sensed the change in Li Chengjing’s mood and spoke at the right time, showing the image of a virtuous and understanding Crown Princess: “His Highness and Second Prince have a strong brotherhood, which is a blessing for the world. Since both of you have an appointment, This Consort won’t disturb you and will retire first.”

Cheng Yujin’s words were very intimate, completely taking the posture of a sister-in-law. But listening carefully, she was clearly positioning herself as the mistress of the Eastern Palace. When Second Prince heard this, he cupped his hands to Cheng Yujin: “Thank you for Crown Princess’ kind words. But Crown Princess has just gotten married to imperial brother, yet this subject has taken up imperial brother’s time. This subject is sorry to you.”

“Second Prince, what are you talking about?” Cheng Yujin said with a smile, “His Highness’s like is my like. The reunion of brothers is a good thing for the country and the people. How can I have objections?”


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