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GNU Ch 101 Part 1 – Drunk (I)

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Cheng Yujin didn’t expect the person to be Li Chengjing. In shock, she immediately got up to make a salute: “Your Highness is back? This Consort has been impolite.”

Cheng Yujin was about to get out of bed, but Li Chengjing quickly held her shoulder and pushed her back to the bed: “I didn’t let the servants wake you up. Just relax and sit here.”

After Li Chengjing finished speaking, he paused for a moment before glancing at Cheng Yujin, somewhat unhappily: “I told you not to speak so politely to me, didn’t I? Do I look so old?”

Cheng Yujin was beyond astonished. For a moment, she even doubted her ears. If she heard it right, Li Chengjing’s tone was full of accusations and even held a little grievance?

Cheng Yujin’s lips moved slightly. In the end, she said very tactfully: “Your Highness, you are in the prime of life, young and promising. No matter where you are, you can be called a young talent. How can anyone say that you are old?”

“No polite speech.” Li Chengjing flicked his fingers and stared straight at Cheng Yujin: “Otherwise, are you really thinking that I am old?”

Totally unreasonable. Cheng Yujin suddenly understood why men disliked it when their wives were making trouble at home. She was experiencing it now and was stunned speechless as a result. Cheng Yujin didn’t want to care about Li Chengjing, but still had to reason with him.

“Your Highness, you are misunderstanding.” Cheng Yujin tried her best to reason with the angry Crown Prince: “It is a matter of rules and propriety, and has nothing to do with your age. Your Highness is the ruler, and I am a subject. You are also my husband, and I am your wife. A married couple has to treat each other with respect and courtesy, including speech. Using polite speech is the basis of all etiquette to superior, and we cannot slacken…”

As Cheng Yujin spoke, Li Chengjing kept staring at her silently. His eyes were dark and gloomy. Although there was no emotion on his face, his eyes made it clear that he was unhappy. Cheng Yujin gradually stopped speaking, feeling very helpless.

He refused to listen to reason, and arguing about right or wrong only upset him more. Feeling at a loss, Cheng Yujin finally asked: “Your Highness, what do you want me to do?”

Cheng Yuanjing picked up a cup and slowly played with the lid: “Repeat the sentence just now.”

“Your Highness, what do you…”


That’s enough. Cheng Yujin was fed up and finally snarled: “What do you want me to do?!”

“Correct.” Li Chengjing was finally satisfied. He opened the lid and brought the cup to Cheng Yujin’s lips: “From now on, remember. I marry a wife, not a niece. I don’t want to hear you calling me Ninth Uncle, let alone using polite speech with me. Be good, open your mouth.”

It was him who first mentioned the ‘old man’ topic, but after Cheng Yujin really said it, he was brooding over it. Cheng Yujin was made speechless, but since this lord was finally coaxed well, it was enough. Since she didn’t want to dwell on this matter, she simply accepted his gesture. Cheng Yujin reached out to pick up the teacup, but Li Chengjing pushed the cup out of her range. Cheng Yujin raised an eyebrow and stared at Li Chengjing, who said nonchalantly: “Didn’t you say you were thirsty? Your servant girls are busy with other things, so I come in their place.”

Busy with other things? This was pure nonsense. Du Ruo, Lian Qiao, and Cheng Yujin’s other personal servants only had one task: to serve Cheng Yujin. Now their mistress had just woken up, how could they be busy with other things?

However, Li Chengjing didn’t blink his eyes when he lied with a high-sounding reason, making Cheng Yujin unable to refute. She had no choice but to drink water as he wanted, but Li Chengjing was not used to serving people. After a while, Cheng Yujin couldn’t bear it any longer and said: “Let me do it myself. Just now, you spilled water on my collar again. ”

After Cheng Yujin got changed and came out, the culprit was sitting on the luohan couch outside the bed. Seeing her, he waved his hand without any guilt and said: “You’ve changed? I heard the palace servants say you barely ate anything at noon. The banquet this evening will be long. You will be hungry if you don’t eat anything. Come here and take some refreshments.”

Before Li Chengjing finished speaking, a group of palace servants came in with food boxes. They neatly arranged exquisite porcelain dishes on the table, filled the dishes with pastries, and retreated in an orderly manner. The scene happening before her eyes was too familiar for Cheng Yujin, as if they were still at Yichun Marquis Manor. At that time, she often went to Li Chengjing’s yard to meet prospective young talents. When Li Chengjing saw her come, he was too lazy to say anything and simply ordered his people to add another set of refreshments and tea.

Feeling the familiar atmosphere, Cheng Yujin couldn’t help but relax. She sat opposite Li Chengjing. Li Chengjing picked a piece of osmanthus cake and placed it on the plate in front of Cheng Yujin. Cheng Yujin took a bite and said: “It’s pretty sweet. A few days later, when I have free time, I will make some pastries. It’s just in time for the lotus flower to start blooming. If we wait too long, the flowers will no longer be fresh.”

Li Chengjing nodded. What Cheng Yujin just said was his preference. He didn’t like to eat things that were too sweet or dry. Before, when the two still lived in Yichun Marquis Manor, Cheng Yujin frequently came to Li Chengjing’s yard to curry favor with him by bringing her handmade pastries. Over time, the pastries eaten by Li Chengjing were mostly provided by Cheng Yujin, which gradually raised his standard. Now, Li Chengjing could hardly bear to eat the pastries made by imperial chefs.


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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch 101 Part 1 – Drunk (I)”

  1. Many thanks
    lol what a trouble maker. Can’t he just be straight about it and say he wants to be her partner? and not alike a boss or ‘elder’?

  2. She was um, very strict? Like gurl, at the very least, that’s your husband, why be so overly polite? I kinda get why they sometimes call her boring- she was like a robot who only follows what she was programmed to.

    1. +1 She just had sex with the guy. The most intimate act shared between 2 people. Being formal is just stupid. I know her sister is a slut and a bimbo but at least she doesn’t treat her husband like a stranger.

      1. It’s understandable. All the old women evaluated her as “chasing the husband from the bedroom” and this is precisely what they meant. Li Chengyin is good for CYJ because he’s breaking down her barriers built since she was a child.
        + He’s seen her as a wife but she only getting used to his being her husband instead of uncle or imperial prince

  3. She is being too much lol I would never marry her if I was cp she is very hard nut to crack I don’t like dishonest and scheming ppl

    1. It’s all in the point of view. She’s not (exactly) dishonest.
      She does scheme, though. But she has to. She has an “us vs them” mentality, and nobody was willing to be on her side. In her last life, she tried to treat her husband as part of “us” and died because of it.
      ML is in an even worse situation. A lack of scheming is absolutely fatal. Obvious scheming is bad too. He needs a wife who can scheme while behaving as though she’s being completely aboveboard.
      I would never survive that milieu.

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