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GNU Ch 103 Part 2 – Appeal (II)

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Cheng Yujin suddenly calmed down. She straightened her back, raising her long and graceful neckline. She lifted her head fearlessly and looked straight into Li Chengjing’s eyes: “Your Highness is very good at reading people’s hearts, and This Consort is truly amazed. So, what is Your Highness wanting to do now?”

It surely was not pleasant for a man to be able to calmly analyze that his newly wedded wife didn’t love, or even intend to love, him. However, Li Chengjing’s expression was very calm, practically with no change at all. He reached out his hand to stroke a strand of loose hair on the side of Cheng Yujin’s temple and slowly said: “I have always known about this side of yours. Since we first met, I already knew what kind of person you are. It’s because you are you that I want to marry, and I naturally consider everything from the beginning. Can I expect you to suddenly change your mindset after marriage?”

Li Chengjing had no regrets. The person he married was Cheng Yujin. He knew that she was ruthless, heartless, selfish, and unwilling to give affection, but so what?

The wife he wanted to marry was Cheng Yujin, and he accepted every part of her. Prior to marrying, he already considered the result from the very beginning. He wouldn’t change himself for others and never expected others to change for him. It was naive and selfish to expect someone to drastically change after getting married.

Cheng Yujin originally planned to discuss a basic agreement with Li Chengjing today. She wanted to make each other’s obligations and responsibilities clear so that they could work together to play the perfect role model of a crown prince and crown princess. But she didn’t expect Li Chengjing to say such a thing instead.

She was taken aback, and couldn’t figure out what Li Chengjing’s intention was: “Your Highness?”

“You don’t have to promise me anything. It doesn’t matter if you are indifferent and cold-hearted. Anyway, I can guarantee that your interests will always align with me. You like money and power, so you like me.”

Cheng Yujin looked into Li Chengjing’s eyes for a long time. Li Chengjing also gave her a deep stare. The expression on Cheng Yujin’s face gradually receded, becoming cold and guarded: “What does Your Highness want from me?”

“It’s very simple. Just stay by my side and accompany me forever.”

Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrows: “That simple?”

It was normal for Cheng Yujin to be in disbelief. Marriage was a contract that bound two people. It was impossible for her to have a second marriage, and throughout the rest of her life, she had no choice but to stay by Li Chengjing’s side.

“Simple?” Li Chengjing laughed. “I don’t think so. It’s easy for the body to stay by my side. But the heart? No.”

The better Li Chengjing was at analyzing people’s hearts, the more he understood the indifference of the so-called feelings. People’s hearts were prone to change. It was in human’s instincts to love the new and discard the old. Li Chengjing had the confidence to overcome any intrigues and difficulties, but no amount of scheming could win him a truly safe home, to win him someone who would always wait for his return no matter what.

He had lost his mother, his name, and all the traces that could prove his existence. The thing Li Chengjing desired most was something that would never be lost, a corner that belonged to him alone no matter who he was.

Cheng Yujin could see her reflection in Li Chengjing’s eyes. She pursed her lips and said slowly: “Your Highness, any woman can do what you ask for. As long as she becomes the crown princess, no matter what, her life and death are bound to you, and she will wholeheartedly give you supports. So, why is it me? Except for this face, it seems that I have nothing special.”

Cheng Yujin still couldn’t believe that Li Chengjing was really so gullible. This was obviously an unequal contract. Li Chengjing wanted to share half of his power and wealth, but expected almost nothing in return. Without equality, how could the contract be finalized?

Cheng Yujin didn’t believe it.

“Why not?” Li Chengjing smiled. When he looked at Cheng Yujin, his eyes gleaming, as if reflecting the starry sky, “Why not? Maybe I am lustful for beauty?”

Cheng Yujin was stupefied. After a long pause, she said again: “Your Highness shouldn’t be so superficial, right?”

Li Chengjing shook his head and chuckled: “You are too overestimating me. I am also a man, and I naturally like beauty. I especially want to put a beauty like you by my side so I can look at her forever.”

As Li Chengjing spoke, he glanced down. The hint was particularly obvious. Cheng Yujin followed his gaze and found that he was looking at the open book on his lap, which just happened to display a very explicit illustration.

Cheng Yujin tried her best to control herself, but her face gradually turned red. What this person just said was serious and proper, but his purpose was actually this kind of thing, and he already had this intention early on.

Cheng Yujin remembered clearly. Since Li Chengjing started speaking about their marriage, he never touched the book again. In other words, he planned it from the start.

On top of that, he still maintained a dignified and proper self.

This was the country’s crown prince! Suddenly, Cheng Yujin felt really anxious about the future of their country.

Cheng Yujin blushed and glared, “How can you have this kind of thought?”

“In the middle of the night, I’m sitting alone with my crown princess in our bedchamber. What other thought can I have?” As he spoke, Li Chengjing shook his two fingers in front of her eyes: “You owe me twice.”

Cheng Yujin bit her lip. In fact, she really wanted to ask where did this ‘twice’ come from. But she didn’t dare to, afraid to attract even more improper remarks from the man. She could only grit her teeth and gave Li Chengjing a fierce glare.

The effectiveness of a beauty’s fierce glare depended on the occasion. On normal occasions, it must be awe-inspiring, noble, and inviolable. But now, under the dim candlelight, the beauty was glaring at him with watery eyes. Her face was flushed slightly, looking especially stunning.

Li Chengjing smiled, put his fingers on his knees, and tapped with satisfaction.

Who said Cheng Yujin doesn’t have appeal? Beauty came from inside, not on the outer skin, and so did charm. When an outstanding beauty unleashed her appeal, thousands of words couldn’t match, and even immortals would bow before her. That was precisely Cheng Yujin.


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  1. Chinesefanreader

    Hahahahaha he likes your brain and your bod n beautiful face. As a very long range schemer he’s willing to put in the time to get what he wants and really only time will prove his sincerity to her🤔

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Glad that the ML didn’t force her to change but instead accepted her flaws and loved her for herself.

    1. “He wouldn’t change himself for others and never expected others to change for him. It was naive and selfish to expect someone to drastically change after getting married.”

      Really… This kind of man should never be missed 😘

  3. Ahh I feel bad for CP why did u have to fall in love with such MC she is too….. too unworthy imho I have started to dislike her she dumbly stick to her judgement she refuses to see stuff from someone else’s POV

    1. Even the person herself felt that she is not worthy of him.

      This is a deep trauma and no amount of sincerity can heal in a short time.

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