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GNU Ch 106 Part 2 – Warm Fragrance (II)

Cheng Yujin spent ten years building a reputation for herself, just to make her life easier after marrying, but now, she has entered a battlefield of intrigue that was far more terrifying than Cheng family household.

In the palace, many interests intertwined, and anyone who could survive was not easy to deal with. The entire inner palace was like a series of strings connected to each other, which finally formed a giant tree. The tree’s roots were intricately intertwined, entangled strongly, and restrained and dependent on each other. Pulling one root would move the whole body, and it was difficult for outsiders to take any steps inside.

Empress Dowager Yang was the most central person in such the jungle, and Cheng Yujin was the intruder from outside.

Cheng Yujin entered the palace as Crown Princess. In the eyes of outsiders, she seemed to be ascending to the sky in one step, but they couldn’t even imagine the hardships she was facing in reality. However, Cheng Yujin didn’t need outsiders to understand. They just needed to see Cheng Yujin’s beautiful and prosperous life and envied her as the winner in life.

Du Ruo has followed Cheng Yujin for many years and knew the best of how many hardships Cheng Yujin endured to gain the reputation. She couldn’t bear it and whispered: “Crown Princess…”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yujin waved her hand, her expression was still indifferent, “Every step is hard, but it also means that I’m walking upward. Otherwise, how can I reach a level that others cannot match? In contrast, being made difficult by servants is just a trifling matter.”

This was the aspect Du Ruo admired Cheng Yujin the most. She was always so firm and steady, knew what she wanted, and was willing to fight hard and bravely. Cheng Yujin was indeed very beautiful, but according to Du Ruo, Crown Princess’s firm and confident manner were her most charming side.

Du Ruo said earnestly: “Crown Princess has considered everything clearly, with superb courage and strategy. In the future, you definitely will be able to go to the highest position you wanted and obtain your wish.”

Cheng Yujin smiled in response, “I accept your auspicious words. However, like the old saying, the most I can do is to add flowers to the brocade. Just like a boat, I can decorate it beautifully, but as to how fast it can row or how far it can go without capsizing, all depends on the Crown Prince.”

Du Ruo said: “Crown Princess’s words are not entirely true. A husband and wife are two people in one body, connected inside and outside. Only with a good helper in the home can a man devote everything to his great cause. At present, the matters in the inner palace seem to have no effect on the Crown Prince, but it is because Crown Princess has done your duty perfectly. If another person is in your shoes, the situation is definitely not what it is now.”

Cheng Yujin chuckled and glanced at Du Ruo: “Since when did you become as glib as Lian Qiao?”

“This servant is only telling the truth.”

Cheng Yujin accepted Du Ruo’s flattery. Although she knew that this servant girl was trying to make her happy, Cheng Yujin’s mood was indeed improved. After ordering Du Ruo to put everything away, Cheng Yujin stood up and sighed softly: “The road is long. Gaining people’s hearts and recruiting talents cannot be done overnight. At this point, even the Ciqing Palace is not an iron bucket1. The matter of the future is still too early for now. I have just entered the palace, and the road to the future is long. We must take every step steadily and patiently.”

Du Ruo put away the booklets and asked: “Crown Princess, where are you going?”

“I heard from His Highness’s personal eunuch that His Highness was busy discussing with the Cabinet at noon today and only took two bites of the meal. How can this be okay? I am going to His Highness.”

At this moment, Li Chengjing was in Wenhua Palace, reading the Ministry of Public Works archives from the past years.

Li Chengjing was startled awake with the eunuch’s announcement, “The Crown Princess is here,” outside. He stood up, and before he reached the door, he heard the familiar voice: “Your Highness.”

Before the person even entered his sight, Li Chengjing smiled almost immediately. He hastened his pace to quickly catch up with Cheng Yujin.

Li Chengjing was wearing ordinary clothes, with a silver headdress and a leather belt. He looked very handsome and vigorous. Li Chengjing met Cheng Yujin in front of the divider screen and asked: “Why are you here?”

Even though he said that, the moment they met, he held Cheng Yujin’s hand in one smooth, natural movement, without any intention of letting go. Cheng Yujin walked in with Li Chengjing and said: “I heard from Eunuch Liu that Your Highness only took a few bites of meal this noon. I was worried and couldn’t rest assured, so I come to see Your Highness.”

Li Chengjing glanced at Liu Yi slightly. Liu Yi quickly bowed his head. Seeing this, Cheng Yujin immediately excused Liu Yi: “Your Highness, it was me who asked Eunuch Liu specifically. Do not blame him. I cannot accompany Your Highness when you are working, so I asked Eunuch Liu to pay attention to your food and daily necessities in my place. I am grateful for Eunuch Liu’s help. Otherwise, I won’t know that Your Highness has not had time to eat noon meal because of the busy governmental affairs.”

When Liu Yi heard this, he marveled in secret. The Crown Princess remark was very comprehensive. She not only excused Liu Yi from blame, but also subtly indicated that she only asked Liu Yi to pay attention to the Crown Prince’s food and daily necessities and didn’t inquire about Crown Prince’s movement or actions, lest the Crown Prince became suspicious. In the end, she attributed everything to his concern for Crown Prince. Anyone who listened to her rhetoric wouldn’t be able to be angry.


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  1. Iron bucket: impenetrable. In this case, it means that Ciqing Palace’s affairs can still be leaked to outside.

9 thoughts on “GNU Ch 106 Part 2 – Warm Fragrance (II)”

    1. I don’t get it thought the Emperor was bringing Crown prince back because they already had the game in hand. But you want to tell me the Yang family still control the whole court and the prince about to fight against them on his own.

  1. chinesefanreader

    Yep this girl has to take good care of her boat and help sail to calm waters

    Thanks for the chapter 😊

    1. It won’t be easy, but there are no difficulties that Cheng Yujin cannot overcome.

      Now that I realized that women don’t change their last name after they’re married back then.

      1. a woman would be the only one to have a different name from their family (husband and children) which can be kinda alienating 🙁 discarded from their natal home and treated as a servant in their marital home, women have it hard!

    1. Trail of Resentment

      In this palace setting, it’s not your typical romance novel scenario. It’s not like those stories where the couples have all the freedom to do whatever they want. Yes, she plans her moves meticulously, but that doesn’t mean her feelings aren’t woven into those actions.

      Some might label her as boring, superficial, or always playing the victim, but it’s crucial to understand her. She does have genuine emotions for him. But think about it, how easy is it for someone who’s shut themselves off from affection because they never really had it, to suddenly open up to someone as imposing as him?

      Is their romance progressing slowly? Yes, but remember, they’re not childhood sweethearts with years of history. She’s someone who’s been living with a very real fear for her life, and it hasn’t even been three years since they became close.

      The prince can wear his heart on his sleeve because he knows his standing and power. But the female lead, while she seems composed on the surface, carries the crazed desperation of someone who’s incredibly ambitious and was forced into a life of survival, learning to expend her energy carefully.

      Let’s not discount her valid reasons just because she doesn’t fit our definition of ‘likable.’ In my opinion, their romance might lack fireworks, but that could be more about the author’s writing style than her character’s depth.

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