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GNU Ch 106 Part 3 – Warm Fragrance (III)

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When Liu Yi heard this, he marveled in secret. The Crown Princess remark was very comprehensive. She not only excused Liu Yi from blame, but also subtly indicated that she only asked Liu Yi to pay attention to the Crown Prince’s food and daily necessities and didn’t inquire about Crown Prince’s movement or actions, lest the Crown Prince became suspicious. In the end, she attributed everything to his concern for Crown Prince. Anyone who listened to her rhetoric wouldn’t be able to be angry.

Sure enough, after listening, Li Chengjing said helplessly, “It’s not that important. I understand.”

Li Chengjing didn’t pursue Liu Yi’s report to Cheng Yujin and let it go. Liu Yi was overjoyed and bowed in gratitude at Li Chengjing: “Thank you for Your Highness’ forgiveness.”

Li Chengjing said in an indifferent tone, “Thank me for what? You should thank Crown Princess.”

Liu Yi understood, and respectfully bowed towards Cheng Yujin: “This servant thanks Crown Princess, Crown Princess is kind and benevolent, and is full of blessing.”

Cheng Yujin smiled. She raised her hand to signal Liu Yi to get up: “Eunuch Liu, please get up. I don’t deserve such big gratitude from you.”

Liu Yi got up and said a few more auspicious words before he bowed for the last time and retired. Having tasted the sweetness, he was determined to please Crown Princess more. Saying a thousand, even ten thousand, words were not as useful as a single word of compliment from the Crown Princess.

When Liu Yi left, he also took away other servants in the hall. This was Wenhua Palace’s eastern hall. The palace was not a working place of the court officials, but the Crown Prince’s personal working and resting space. Women of the inner palace were not allowed to mingle in politics — but the strict prohibition only applied to the concubines. As the Emperor’s wife, the Empress was allowed to stay in the Qianqing Palace. Equally so, the Crown Princess was allowed to go to Wenhua Palace, where the Crown Prince worked. However, when the courtiers were there to discuss governmental affairs, she needed to go away to avoid suspicion.

Ciqing Palace was much closer to Wenhua Palace than to Cining Palace. On top of that, Li Chengjing was handsome, and looking at him was much more enjoyable than looking at Empress Dowager Yang. Cheng Yujin of course preferred to go to Wenhua Palace. She personally poured a cup of tea for Li Chengjing, then opened the food container and gently took out the dishes inside.

In fact, these things could be done by the palace maids, but as Cheng Yujin declared, she did all things related to Li Chengjing personally and never borrowed others’ hands. This way, there was no need for a third person to be present when the couple enjoyed their time together. The two spent time chatting idly and doing trivial things like reading books together. Li Chengjing also frequently served Cheng Yujin in return, just like commonfolk married couples.

It was small, daily interactions that nurtured the feelings between people. Gradually, both Li Chengjing and Cheng Yujin were used to this relaxed and natural atmosphere and made it a tacit understanding between them.

The effect was very obvious. Now, once Cheng Yujin and Li Chengjing were alone, they were much more relaxed than when they were just married.

As Cheng Yujin put the dishes away, she said: “Your Highness, your body is your most important asset. I don’t want you to treat your body badly to take care of governmental affairs.”

“I know.” With Cheng Yujin here, Li Chengjing also relaxed a lot. He showed a rare look of fatigue as he massaged his temple. “When I was a child, I was in poor health. I know how important it is to have a healthy body. Just, there are too much piled up work these two days, so I was pressed up a bit.”

“I understand. There must be many things Your Highness must take care of.” Cheng Yujin didn’t persuade him with high-sounding words. She put his fingers on Li Chengjing’s temple and gently massaged it. “Is it better now?”

If it was someone else, they might say that even if the works are still unfinished, taking meals in time is more important than working endlessly. But Cheng Yujin knew that sometimes, not to mention eating, even if you were sick, you had to brace yourself and finish your job without showing weakness.

Being considerate and empathetic was easy, but in fact, unless you stood in that position, you wouldn’t know the hardship and bitterness. Li Chengjing was not only the Crown Prince. He was the Crown Prince who had been missing for years and just returned. Anyone could make mistakes, but he couldn’t.

A gentle and slow massage spread on both sides of Li Chengjing’s forehead. The strength was too light to relieve headaches, but physical fatigue was not important. The psychological relaxation Cheng Yujin brought was irreplaceable.

Sure enough, he knew that only Cheng Yujin would understand him. The eunuchs would persuade him to take care of his body, but Cheng Yujin would not say it, because she knew that it was not that Li Chengjing didn’t want to cherish his health, but that he really couldn’t.

The slender and soft fingers touching his forehead also brought upon lingering sweet scent to the tip of his nose. Li Chengjing was very familiar with this scent. Since marrying Cheng Yujin, Li Chengjing no longer used fragrance. Even when sleeping, no incense was burnt, as nothing was more soothing than Cheng Yujin’s body fragrance. Burning other incense simply polluted this gentle scent.

‘Fair jade and warm fragrance’1 — Li Chengjing used to feel this phrase exaggerating, but now, he understands how appropriate it was.

Li Chengjing slowly closed his eyes. His heart quickly became calm. Cheng Yujin’s breath touched his neck rhythmically. Such a close distance, such a quiet place. Li Chengjing’s Adam’s apple suddenly moved up and down.


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  1. 软玉温香 : Fair Jade and Warm Fragrance – an idiom that describes a woman’s alluring beauty.

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