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GNU Ch 108 Part 1 – Attack (I)

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Huo Changyuan walked quickly to the main courtyard. At this time, Cheng Yumo was facing her mother-in-law Huo Xue-shi. Tears were already faintly shining in her eyes. Even so, Cheng Yumo refused to take a step back, and she glared at Huo Xue-shi with aggrievance and forbearance.

What exactly did Huo Xue-shi want to do! Cheng Yumo was about to collapse. In her previous life, she married into Jingyong Marquis Manor as a second wife. Huo Xue-shi took Cheng Yujin as standard to pick Cheng Yumo’s fault everywhere. Because Huo Xue-shi liked to use Cheng Yujin to demean Cheng Yumo in front of many people, it made the relationship between Cheng Yumo and Huo Changyuan awkward. Whenever Huo Xue-shi mentioned Cheng Yujin, Huo Changyuan would fall into a slight trance, as if he was reminiscing the past with Cheng Yujin. Even after the couple went back, he would be very silent.

Huo Changyuan saw the things and was reminded of their owner. As for Cheng Yumo, how could she do not feel anything? But no matter how jealous and resentful she was, a living person could never compare with the deceased, not to mention that the deceased person was her own sister. Regardless of her position as the second wife or younger sister, she could never say anything bad about Cheng Yujin. Instead, she had to grit her teeth and raise Cheng Yujin’s child with a forced smile.

That child looked very much like Cheng Yujin. Although Huo Changyuan didn’t seem to be very close to his eldest son, Cheng Yumo knew that Huo Changyuan would stare at the child for a long time when there was no one around. His eyes were deep and full of struggles, seeming to miss and regret. But every time the child turned around, Huo Changyuan returned to his usual coldness, as if he didn’t care about his eldest son.

Huo Xue-shi kept reminding her, the child’s existence kept reminding her, even Huo Changyuan’s behavior kept reminding her. Everyone and everything kept reminding Cheng Yumo that she was not as good as Cheng Yujin, that anything she did was inferior to her sister. When Cheng Yumo looked back, she felt that her life before the marriage was like a plum candy: sweet in sourness, but generally happy. But after marriage, it was like burnt sugar, which looked similar to a honey pot but very bitter in taste.

She endured for five years. Everyone said that her fate was good, and all the blessings that her deceased sister did not enjoy were all left to her. Even Ruan-shi thought that Cheng Yumo had smooth sailing. She was not favored by everyone in the early stage, but the more she lived, the more blessing she got.

Everyone said she was blessed, and they all thought that Huo Changyuan had a deep affection for her, but no one knew what Cheng Yumo felt whenever she heard these words. Even if Cheng Yujin was dead, people in the capital inevitably always compared Cheng Yumo with her sister. Her whole life seemed to depend on her sister. Without Cheng Yujin, no one knew who she was.

This just seemed to sharpen the knife stabbing Cheng Yumo’s heart. She was trembling with pain, but still had to smile at the people who looked at her with envy.

Yes, Huo Changyuan was obedient to her, but who was he for?

When he faced this face that was half-similar to Cheng Yujin, who was he thinking about when he kissed lingeringly?

She successfully replaced her sister and married the brother-in-law she loved, but since then, she had completely lost herself and became a mere Cheng Yujin’s vassal.

Cheng Yumo endured for five years in her previous life. She lived under everyone’s envy, but she was depressed day by day until she finally passed away after contracting a cold. When she opened her eyes again, she was back when she was fourteen.

The year when her fate and Cheng Yujin’s fate turned.

Cheng Yumo took decisive action, discarding the unnecessary shyness, entanglement, and difficulties she had in her previous life, and went directly to explain the truth to Huo Changyuan. In order to win Huo Changyuan’s trust, Cheng Yumo disclosed many details, including the time and location of his rescue, what happened in that cave, and…how she undressed to keep him warm.

With such details, it was impossible for her to make up stories. Huo Changyuan believed her and came to Cheng family manor the next day to cancel his engagement with Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yumo finally got her wish. For the first time in two lifetimes, she truly married Huo Changyuan as herself, not as Cheng Yujin’s sister.

But the days after the marriage was very different from her imagination. Although Huo Xue-shi in her previous life liked to criticize her everywhere, the woman did not take any actual actions. Cheng Yumo felt uncomfortable by Huo Xue-shi’s words and was often depressed. She thought she had eaten enough suffering from her mother-in-law, but did not expect it was still too easy compared to this life.

In this life, Cheng Yumo married into the Huo family with no foundation, and Cheng Yumo realized for the first time how Huo Xue-shi truly was. The mean woman refused to let Cheng Yumo get close to Huo Changyuan and used the family law to restrict Cheng Yumo’s movement, but put beautiful servant girls by her side to serve Huo Changyuan ‘closely’.

But Huo Changyuan didn’t realize it and never felt anything wrong. Cheng Yumo complained to Huo Changyuan a bit, but the man instead felt that she was not filial to his mother. To make it worse, Huo Xue-shi knew about her complaint the next day and retaliated by making Cheng Yumo’s life even harder.


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8 thoughts on “GNU Ch 108 Part 1 – Attack (I)”

  1. She thought she would have it easy. 😅
    Also, i look forward to the day HC remembers his past life. He totally deserves to regret not taking care of Yujin before. Thanks for the update! ❤

    1. That’s what Cheng Yujin read in the book about their previous life said, where Cheng Yumo is the protagonist and Huo is the ML. Moreover, the previous Cheng Yujin died before Cheng Yumo married into Huo Family, so Cheng Yujin doesn’t know how Cheng Yumo’s marriage life was, so she believed when the book described Cheng Yumo’s marriage life as a happy one.

  2. chinesefanreader

    Seems like this cuckoo is miserable in her stolen nest, more so than her past life 😈

    Thanks for the chapter 😏

  3. Every Cheng Yumo and Huo Changyuan’s POVs are full of “Me Me Me” mentality. They deserved each other tho…so I can’t sympathized Cheng Yumo bc she previously said she wanted the title of Marquess bc she didn’t like seeing Cheng Yujin be better than her.

  4. If she was actually unhappy last time, why rush to marry the same man after going back in time?? She should have married a better man who was not such a momma boy.

    Yumo is constantly irritated to ge compared to her sister, yet she is the one who does this more than anyone else. If she just focused on her own happiness, she would not be so miserable. Turns out she made herself sick to death because she could not move on from her negative thoughts. She’s rushing to the same kind of death ot worse yet again. Yumo is the epitome if a lost cause.

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