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GNU Ch 108 Part 2 – Attack (II)

In this life, Cheng Yumo married into Huo family with no foundation, and Cheng Yumo realized for the first time how Huo Xue-shi truly was. The mean woman refused to let Cheng Yumo get close to Huo Changyuan and used the family law to restrict Cheng Yumo’s movement, but put beautiful servant girls by her side to serve Huo Changyuan ‘closely’.

But Huo Changyuan didn’t realize it and never felt anything wrong. Cheng Yumo complained to Huo Changyuan a bit, but the man instead felt that she was not filial to his mother. To make it worse, Huo Xue-shi knew about her complaint the next day and retaliated by making Cheng Yumo’s life even harder.

Cheng Yumo was tortured beyond words. She was married in the sixth month last year, but the number of times she could be alone with Huo Changyuan without being disturbed could be counted with one hand. She has been married for more than a year. At first, only Ruan-shi urged secretly. Now even Old Madam Cheng kept asking, urging her to have a child.

Cheng Yumo really wanted to! But Huo Xue-shi deliberately prevented her from getting close to Huo Changyuan; what could she do? Now Huo Xue-shi also used her childlessness as an excuse and began clamoring her to give Huo Changyuan a concubine.

Cheng Yumo was exhausted. In the end, she was forced to personally stab a knife in her heart and moved out Cheng Yujin’s name to threaten Huo Xue-shi in secret. Fortunately, Huo Changyuan understood the propriety and took the initiative to refuse to take a concubine, so Cheng Yumo could finally sigh in relief.

Heaven knew how painful she was when she had to use her sister’s name to make Huo Xue-shi back down.

Cheng Yumo had been living in Cheng Yujin’s shadow ever since she was a child. Everyone who knew her would always say: “Look how good your eldest sister is.” Cheng Yumo’s existence was like the shadow of Cheng Yujin’s life. In her previous life, even after the perfect wife Cheng Yujin died, her shadow remained in every aspect. The rules and regulations of distributing money in Jingyong Marquis Manor were set by Cheng Yujin. The rules of deciding the menu for large banquets were also set by Cheng Yujin. Even the pattern of the tablecloths in Cheng Yumo’s room was all set by Cheng Yujin.

She had endured enough. She thought that she had sacrificed everything in this life and finally changed her destiny. When everyone talked to her, they finally stopped mentioning her sister. She was finally able to completely get rid of Cheng Yujin’s shadow and be remembered by everyone as herself.

Cheng Yumo both hated and were pleased by this. They were two sisters. Why was only her elder sister who became the center of everyone’s attention? Why should Cheng Yujin step on her head all the time? Cheng Yumo wanted everyone to know that as long as she had the same opportunity, she would never be inferior to Cheng Yujin.

All of this continued until Cheng Yujin’s engagement was broken, and Cheng Yumo became engaged herself and married. Cheng Yumo became the youngest Marchioness in the capital and her husband had a promising future, while Cheng Yujin was just a former star who was abandoned and dethroned from her altar. Being excellent at a young age didn’t guarantee someone’s future — this adage seemed to be confirmed by the two sisters.

Cheng Yumo was pleased beyond measure. As for the people who had ignored her in favor of Cheng Yujin, Cheng Yumo must let them know how blind they were. Cheng Yumo basked in the belated prosperity. Although her life in Huo family was difficult, she was still the Marchioness Jingyong in the eyes of outsiders. Huo Changyuan would be far more powerful than others in the future. Compared to Cheng Yujin’s bleak future, she was the true winner in life.

Didn’t they see that Cheng Min had also become extremely enthusiastic towards her?

But such comfortable days didn’t last long before everything came to an abrupt end.

Cheng Yujin was appointed the crown princess. All of a sudden, Cheng Yumo was knocked back into the gutter from the sky, and the glamorous image she tried to show to outsiders suddenly fell apart.

She was still that pitiful person who was not as good as her elder sister in everything and lived under her sister’s reputation forever. People kept asking Cheng Yumo about the crown princess in the past six months, but she just answered that she didn’t know. Gritting her teeth, Cheng Yumo refused to take advantage of Cheng Yujin’s limelight. It was as if doing this would prove that she still didn’t lose.

But when Cheng Yumo mentioned Cheng Yujin in front of the Huo Xue-shi to make her dismiss the idea of taking a ​​concubine for Huo Changyuan, all of Cheng Yumo’s confidence collapsed.

During this period, she was already on the verge of a mental breakdown. She thought that after taking advantage of Cheng Yujin’s power, the crisis of taking concubines had been resolved. But today, Cheng Yumo saw that Huo Xue-shi had taken the cousin surnamed Su into the manor. It was the same woman who, in her previous life, almost replaced Cheng Yumo as the Marchioness and still caused her a lot of troubles after marriage.

She had sacrificed so much. Why did Huo Xue-shi still do this! Cheng Yumo’s mentality collapsed, and she started arguing with Huo Xue-shi, regardless that the latter was already upset with her daughter-in-law using the crown princess’ name to suppress her. Now, seeing Cheng Yumo dared to confront her, she suddenly became so angry and immediately pointed at Cheng Yumo and scolded her for being unfilial.

It was at this moment Huo Changyuan walked into the room. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Huo Xue-shi scolded Cheng Yumo for being unfilial. Cheng Yumo herself was full of tears as she glared at Huo Xue-shi with desperation. Her eyes were full of hatred, as if she couldn’t wait to swallow Huo Xue-shi alive.

Seeing this, Huo Changyuan was shocked, and he immediately stepped forward and grabbed Cheng Yumo’s hand before pulling her back fiercely: “What are you doing?!”


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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch 108 Part 2 – Attack (II)”

  1. This just can’t end well for Chen Yumo. Nor really for Huo Changyuan who never knows what he has until he loses it. Both lives, he longs for a fated love, but never cherishes the person he has.

  2. I guess her greed still made her choose to be Huo Changyuan.

    You would think that since she reincarnated, she would choose another path or another husband.

    With the way things are going, it is obvious that Cheng Yumo is not going to have the life she wants. Things has probably reach the point of no return.

  3. chinesefanreader

    That MIL hates her bc she thinks the hussy schemed her previous son into marriage (the naked cave scene) and embarrassed the Huo family with the broken engagement. They can block her bringing in concubines bc that’s up to the wife but can’t stop her bringing in “family” girls😈

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. I cant understand Huo Xue-shi’s behavior of being a jealous mother. Her behavior is not what a sane mother will do.

  5. Cheng Yu Mo really know nothing… when people are so good at almost everything like her sister, they work their butt off like crazy. For best or worse, Yumo is… normal and raised with love by her family. On the other hand Yujin didn’t get that love, she polish herself to be a sharp edged diamond to protect herself because she is UNLOVED only VALUED-

    I get Yumo’s plight, but she really should put aside her inferiority complex towards Yujin who didn’t even share the same room with her any longer and focus on maintaining her current household.

  6. Apart from spending her brain juice on envying others her online status is a consistent :no thoughts, head empty:.
    Her mother-in-law isn’t her natal family who’d pamper her. She’s been given all the advantages out of pity because of being born disadvantaged. She still think that in a new environment, she doesn’t have to do anything and live off of the marchioness title and mooch off of her husband’s fame. Nobody would actually admire her for real. If she only knew how many were mocking her during her ‘best days’ when she thought her sister was miserable and doomed. Nothing actually changed from the very beginning. Even without her sister, there’s always someone better. It will never be CYM who only knows how to throw a toddler’s fit to get what she wants.

    1. You have got to be kidding me. Cheng Yu Mo, are you seriously gonna mope around and be depressed all the time? Think for one on how your sister achieved to become such or try to think in her shoes. Its common for children to be compared to other children. Whether or not its with/out good intentions. You practically hear it all the time. But surely you don’t think that the reputation the children have just fell down from the sky. It won’t be mentioned but its clear they worked their butts off to reach where they are. Even if it took decades. What have YOU accomplished to be known? Take advantage of the fact you’re weak, act cute and get showered with love and attention. Idiot if only you used that asset of yours in a way that adds to your value then maybe you could overcome that huge mountain and get famous, Cheng Yu Mo.

  7. Honestly, I know Yumo is painted as the worst character, and I don’t have much sympathy for her since she really is petty, small minded, unkind, and would be the first to rejoice at her sister’s downfall (and even cause it herself) BUT man I rly think HCY is the worst. He’s fickle, doesn’t know his own mind, hypocritical, and overall INCREDIBLY irresponsible. He blames others for his own decisions and doesn’t protect what he should. No matter with which sister, he sees the grass as greener on the other side instead of knowing the grass is greener where you water it

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