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GNU Ch 108 Part 3 – Attack (III)

It was at this moment Huo Changyuan walked into the room. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Huo Xue-shi scolded at Cheng Yumo for being unfilial. Cheng Yumo herself were full of tears as she glared at Huo Xue-shi with despiration. Her eyes were full of hatred, as if she couldn’t wait to swallow Huo Xue-shi alive.

Seeing this, Huo Changyuan was shocked, and he immediately stepped forward and grabbed Cheng Yumo’s hand before pulling her back fiercely: “What are you doing?!”

Huo Changyuan didn’t hold back his strength, and he was a military man. When he pulled Cheng Yumo with all his strength, she was almost thrown behind. She lost her balance, and her back slammed hard into the corner of a table.

Cheng Yumo felt a burst of pain and fell to the ground, unable to get up for a long time.

Huo Changyuan realized that he had overdone it. Seeing Cheng Yumo’s body arched in pain, he suddenly felt guilty. He was about to step forward to help Cheng Yumo up, but was stopped by Huo Xue-shi.

When Huo Xue-shi saw Huo Changyuan coming back, she instantly gained a lot of confidence. Seeing her son push the little slut away, she became even more confident and immediately held Huo Changyuan’s hands to cry out the grievance about how unfilial her daughter-in-law was. Then she began to cry her bitterness of being a widow and guarding the family for many years, lamenting how hard it was for her to raise her son all by herself.

Huo Changyuan couldn’t help but feel soft when he heard this. He knew that his mother had sacrificed a lot for his sake, so he could not bear to say anything harsh against Huo Xue-shi. As a result, his original guilt lessened a lot. It was Cheng Yumo’s fault for being unfilial to his mother, and she should have been taught a lesson long ago.

Thinking of this, Huo Changyuan hardened his heart. Instead of Cheng Yumo, who was still slumped away, he held Huo Xue-shi’s hand and said coldly: “Mother, this son has failed to discipline my wife, so she dared to be unfilial to you. This son will go back and teach her well, so mother must not let anger harm your body.”

Huo Xue-shi concealed the smugness in her eyes. She patted her son’s solid arm and pulled him to sit down. She then took Su-shi’s arm with the other hand and happily said: “I know that Changyuan is the most filial. Do you remember your cousin Su? Ke’er, come and see your biao brother Yuan.”

Su Ke’er timidly stepped forward and gave Huo Changyuan a curtsy: “Biao brother Yuan.”

Huo Changyuan didn’t remember her: “She is?”

“She is the daughter of your maternal aunt’s family. Her name is Ke’er. Have you forgotten her?” Huo Xue-shi pretended to give Huo Changyuan an angry look and said: “You and she were best friends when you two were young. Now both of you have grown up, and Ke’er has also grown into a fine young lady. Women drastically change after they grow up. Look at Ke’er; she is truly beautiful. Perhaps in the whole capital, no one can be compared to her.”

Su Ke’er did have a bit of beauty, but it was a total exaggeration to say that she was a peerless beauty. If nothing else, just the Crown Princess in the Eastern Palace alone could crush Su Ke’er several times.

Huo Changyuan scoffed slightly, but he knew his mother’s temperament, so instead of refuting Huo Xue-shi, he nodded and replied: “Mother is right.”

Huo Xue-shi became more and more pleased. She pulled Su Ke’er, and constantly introduced her to Huo Changyuan. The three sat comfortably in the inner room, as if they had already forgotten that next to the eight immortals table just outside the floor-to-ceiling panel, Huo Changyuan’s wife Cheng Yumo was still lying on the ground and sweating in pain.

Cheng Yumo managed to stand up with the support of her servant girl. At first, she suffered from back pain, which then turned into a twitching pain in her lower abdomen. The pain was so severe that she broke into a cold sweat. She gradually became cold and numb, as if only hatred was left. She struggled to swallow the taste of rust in her mouth before saying feebly to the servant girl: “Go back.”

Although Huo Changyuan was sitting inside, he kept thinking of Cheng Yumo. Now that he had calmed down, he began to feel regretful again. Cheng Yumo’s body had always been weak; how could she bear his strength? Even if he wanted to teach Cheng Yumo a lesson, he should do it in private. How could he throw her to the ground in public?

Huo Changyuan was uneasy and was not in the mood to listen to Huo Xue-shi recollecting the past. He made a random excuse and hurriedly went out to see Cheng Yumo.

Huo Changyuan left abruptly, and anyone could see his perfunctory. Su Ke’er cautiously glanced at Huo Xue-shi and cried as she spoke: “Aunt, forgive me for being not good enough. I’ve annoyed biao brother to leave.”

“Good girl, how can I blame you?” Huo Xue-shi patted Su Ke’er’s hand lovingly and glanced in the direction Huo Changyuan left. Her gaze suddenly changed into disgust: “If there is someone to blame, it is that slut. Not only has she totally smitten Changyuan, but she is also shameless enough to not keep her womanly virtues.”

Huo Changyuan chased all the way to the inner yard. After seeing that Cheng Yumo had returned without waiting for him, he couldn’t help but be a little angry again. Cheng Yumo was really too much. Was this what a wife should be? Huo Changyuan held back his displeasure and walked into the courtyard. As soon as he entered the gate, he saw Cheng Yumo’s servant girl running out in a panic with blood all over her hands.

There was a bang in Huo Changyuan’s mind, and a scene suddenly appeared in his mind. A servant girl came and went with a water basin, Huo Xue-shi was holding a crying swaddle, and then, the door curtain was suddenly opened, and another servant girl with blood in her hands ran out, crying: “It’s bad, Madam has a heavy bleeding!”

Huo Changyuan shook his body and pressed his eyebrows forcefully. He didn’t have a pregnant concubine, and Cheng Yumo had never been pregnant. Who did have heavy bleeding? Who was the Madam?

At this time, Cheng Yumo’s servant girl’s voice rang in his ears: “It’s bad, Madam has a miscarriage!”


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25 thoughts on “GNU Ch 108 Part 3 – Attack (III)”

    1. I agree with everyone. Goooosh. This guy just acts impulsively then regrets after the damage has been done. Altho i think if the miscarriage was fake, it’s actually a great strategy.

  1. Cheng Yumo is a terrible person but her husband is not much better. Ugh, I can’t decide if I pity her or not for liking such a person.

    1. Remember that she saved his life, too. She probably never imagined that this son and mother pair would be so freaking ungrateful that they treat the Huo family’s savior this poorly. Because they recently received a bit of the emperor’s favor, maybe their self-importance blew up?

      It’s just a horrible family she married into, even though their status is ideal for women in their time period. Cheng Yujin had the skills and was confident to marry into that family. Cheng Yumo’s mother raised her sheltered, so she has no skills (to manage her mother-in-law or attract her husband) and is thus suffering like this. To her husband’s credit, he really did treat her well when his mother wasn’t in the picture. So affection for her does exist, enough that he threw away the more beautiful and exceptional sister with the great reputation. I find Yumo mostly pitiful because her mother did not prepare her for this at all, and she’s one of the few “protagonists” that actually has a mother. It just really did not help her in this case, lol. She would have grown faster without one, like Cheng Yujin. Also! If she wasn’t so obsessed with keeping up that perfect outer image (even to her own family!!), she could’ve reached out to the Cheng family and maybe they would’ve helped curb her ridiculous mother-in-law’s tendencies. But she was obsessed with appearing perfect and happy, so she was dealing with all of it on her own, with no actual abilities to do so.

      1. Huo shi is a total ingrate. Without both sisters er son would have been dead. But what is running in her head is only about them taking away her son’s love. She is disgusting. And Huo Changyuan is also an indecisive scumbag through and through. A man like him, a mama boy, is the worst choice of a husband ever.
        However it is hard to not critisize Yumo. She is not young, I must remind again.
        Her soul is a far elder woman. She is a reborn case, not like her elder sister who only got a dream about the past life.
        But even after being reborn, she didn’t learn the good lesson.
        She let her jealousy get the better of her all the time.
        Yes, her elder sister is selfish and cold, but she was conditioned to grow that way. Her strive to perfection is her only way to survive, no one loved her.
        But Yumo got all the love and care she need. She has really no right to be jealous.
        she could have learnt the same thing her sister learnt if she wanted to.
        It’s not like she is living poorly.
        And she had been a marchioness for years prior to her death. So why can’t she learn something useful? Where is her bearing as a marchioness?
        She might be not as good as Yujin, but she should have not been this badly. Despite living under the sister’s shadow, but HCy had treated her better in the past, and her mother in law was better than now too…
        So she lived rather well before. So where all the precious experiences she got during her marriage life and being a marchioness before had gone?

  2. Deepshikha Gurung

    Just to prove that she was better than her sister and mistakenly thinking her obsession as love was enough already.
    But she didn’t have to prove it, isn’t it. Now look how is this life better. Although I feel it’s hard for her but none of them are good enough to be sympathised.

    1. The problem is that Cheng Yumo keeps trying to prove she is a better person instead BEING a better person.

      People who are actually good at stuff versus people who are bragging all the time about how great they are.

  3. I hope Yumo will take this as wake up call and divorce with him. And maybe our ML will help to punish this whole hypocritical family

  4. Fake White Lotus

    Hmm my guess is that she’s faking the miscarriage.
    That horrible mother-in-law has been harping about Yumo not being pregnant and loser husband has been drawing away from Yumo.

    This would solve it all, blame would be given to Huo-Xueshi for not taking care of her/noticing her pregnant daughter-in-law, Changyuan hit her and left her on the ground (which is insane imo how horrible can you be?? that’s your wife!) and directly caused the miscarriage and all focus will be on Yumo, and will also allow her breathing room for her next move and actually get pregnant.

    Xueshi is really horrific. And I hate her for continuously using the word ‘slut’. she’s such a hypocrite too. Terrible woman and I kinda want to see Yumo take her down. Xueshi made MC’s life hell last time too. Time for her to go down.

    Thanks for the update!

  5. both Cheng Yumo and Cheng Jin’s marital “careers” make me very grateful to live in modern times. Yes our MC is doing much better than her sister but she didn’t have much choice in the matter, and I am not nearly as clever or hardworking enough to have ever survived like her. Women have never had it easy. Thank god I don’t have to rely on a man.

    1. I pity girls who were born in those times. Thinking about it makes me feel grateful for being born in this era where men and women have equal rights.

  6. Huo Changyuan is a terrible husband to both his wives. His fickleness ruined Cheng Jin’s first life and now it ruined Cheng Yumo’s. Cheng Yumo’s flaws are pettiness and jealousy, but Huo Changyuan is a faithless husband who is always thinking about the one who got away (even though he’s the one to push all his wives away!), and now we see, he’s rough with his own wife and leaves her lying on the floor. His feeling guilty is too little too late.

  7. This guy and his mother are HORRIBLE. Cheng Yumo’s mother failed her. Raised a useless flower vase. She is dumber than rocks for not recognizing her lack of ability.

    Your sister is better than you in every single way, yet you think you deserve all the admiration? Only in delusional fantasies!!

  8. Just gotta say i understand her circumstances but she really chose the wrong man she staked everything for – firstly sleeping with him in that night which closed off her other paths, secondly hanging on to her past life and assuming everything will be the same again, thirdly never realising he’s a piece of pathetic trash that won’t give her anything but a marchioness position if she’s not capable to get more out of it. The disgusting man she picked is so weak to his mother, perpetually pines over another woman (not to mention it’s the crown princess, what big guts) and his capabilities are only so-so, depending on his connections only.

  9. I’m sorry but y’all are kinda a sad bunch. It’s a 15 year old kid with serious insecurities of 2 lifetimes who just hit a table so hard that she miscarried…and she’s not deserving of pity and empathy? wtf. Like her or not, she’s still being abused by the mother-in-law to such extent and even now by her useless husband. She’s right to feel aggrieved and to resent her insane mother-in-law. And why shouldn’t she be upset with out MC? To always be compared as the downgrade of the two and live in the shadow of her own sister, what kid would be happy with that? Of course she’d want to one up her even if just once. If she was a fully grown adult then we could say she should be able to control herself and control how she feels about her situation and it’s likely that she’d not be so bothered with this. However this is just a little kid whose brain has yet to develop, still in the throes of adolescence.
    As for our MC, “badass” as she may be, she’s still a psycho who manipulates and uses people without battling an eyelid. She’s able to calculate without feeling anything. She thinks herself better than everyone else, use/manipulates people and discards them, takes revenge for the smallest slights. She doesn’t feel any guilt about her actions and has no empathy. She puts on a superficial show of emotions and caring without actually feeling or caring. She just does whatever to make herself good. There’s only her in her world and some puppets to play with for profit. She’s not smarter or more mature than anyone else, she’s just literally a textbook psychopath. Who can compete with that.

    1. You have a point, ok.
      Neverthless I must remind you that she is not a teenager anymore now. Her soul is a soul of a mature women who had become a marchioness quite long before she died.
      To remind again, her sister’s son had died first before her, and he died after growing up into a good for nothing young man, so she couldn’t be that young.
      Even if her husband still reminiscing his deceased wife sometimes, but he treated her rather well before.. she held control over the household and her MIL treated her better than now.
      So why is she still petty up to now?
      it’s personality, character, not only circumstance.
      Because she is a reborn case, not like her sister who only got a dream about her life.
      Yumo is reincarnated, so she had 2 life times. But she didn’t learn at all.
      You can’t say she is a teenager now. She is a mature woman (in age).
      She had the opportunity to live better and correct everything wrong but what she did is only to nurture her obsession and pettiness.
      She could strive for a bettwr life, fine, everybody has right to do that..just like Yu jin does… but why does it have to be done by harming others?
      Why must she expect her sister, who never harm her, to have a worse life than her?
      She feels compared, but her sister too. She felt always compared by others and accused to be a boring rigid woman, not loveable.
      Both of them actually have complex. But it is a matter of personality when one is striving success without harming anyone on purpose, and the others selfishly do whatever it takes despite harmin her own sister and trying to steal what she had.
      And frankly speaking… she had no right to feel jealous towards her sister.
      Her sister is the one given away, never been loved by anyone.
      She strive for perfection for her survival, so that she is not abandoned.
      She become that kind of personality because she is forced to do so for survival.
      But Yumo is loved and pampered. It’s ńot like she is growing in a poor family either.
      So…if one is justified to be jealous and petty, then it should have been cheng yujin.
      The most important point again.. Yumo has gained a precious second life time, but she had wasted that completely. She didn’t learn her lesson.
      She is not a teenager anymore now,

  10. Regardless of whether the miscarriage is real or not, I actually kind of felt bad for her. It’s not the best feeling to constantly be compared to someone all your life. That being said, instead of working to better herself, she chose to focus on the jealousy and hate she felt. Plus, her mother in law is a terrible human being also. Stopping her son from sleeping with his wife and then expecting her to be pregnant? I know it’s just a scheme but what does she plan to do ultimately with her daughter in law?

  11. Huo Cy is an as####e really.
    It seems like he is really fated to kill his own son.
    Previously he abandoned till he drove his and Yujin’s son to death, and now he even personally did it to his baby. Without asking question he just throw his own wife away like that, and then instead of helping and apologizing, he coax his mother instead who is obviously strong like an ox.
    He is just a scumbag.
    But Yumo had seen how he didn’t genuinely love her, and how a mama boy he has always been. She is really digging her own grave.

  12. CYM was and is still is a naive idiot but HCY and his mother are the abolishment worst villains and don’t deserve a shred of happiness or dignity. I really hope by the end of this book this pos man gets his just desserts served to him.

  13. As despicable as Cheng Yumo it’s still messed up that she misscarried, and especially so because of an unjustified attack by her beloved man.
    I hope that Huo Changyuan is cursed to remain childless in this life and that his stupid mother has to witness the family she “guarded” so much crumbles into nothingness.

  14. …. Huo Changyuan is an idiot. He knows the temperament of his wife and mother. No matter if he’s angry or not, no matter how the situation looks to him at first glance, his unconscious action of grabbing his own wife and throwing her away, seeing her falling down in pain and NOT caring about it, instead catering to his mother and future concubine makes it obvious that his character is more than questionable.

    He knows pretty well that his mother is completely fixiated on himself and hates his wife, so why doesn’t he question if his mother provoked his wife on purpose?
    Although him becoming concerned afterwards and chasing after Yumo shows that he’s not completely hopeless, but boy.. seriously?

    First you’re getting jealous that your ex-fiance pampers her husband and you never experienced the same treatment from her. Isn’t it your fault to begin with? You never gave her a chance to do so, instead you did the worst possible by breaking the engagement and ruining her reputation.
    Then you came back to marry your “true love” who is the younger sister of your ex-fiance. But even after marriage you still can’t let go of your ex-fiance, so why did you break the engagement in the first place?
    I mean, this is ancient times where men generally have 3 wives and 4 concubines.
    With FL always having been the role model for women, you could have married her as your main wife and later take in your true love as a concubine. But no, you throw one person away for another, only to neglect the other person in favor for the previous one.
    You can’t really decide on what you want, can you?

    And I can’t understand Huo xue-shi at all. Your son is your lifeblood, fine, but you don’t allow him to have a wife and have children, thus you’re obstructing the young couple at every turn and now you even found a concubine for your son from who knows where?
    For what? Let’s say, that Su-girl really gets married to your son as a concubine. (It’s obvious that this is the plan, everyone can see it except for maybe that dunce Huo Changyuan) Then what? You expect your son to pamper her like he does for Yumo? And for her to give birth to a bunch of children? What kind of double-standard is this?
    I don’t get what that woman is thinking. It doesn’t make sense from the beginning to the end.

  15. yumo is such a pitiful person man, she really REALLY has done nothing wrong so far; the only thing in my mind that could be considered a bit out there was in her first life when she told that trash guy that she saved him, despite him already marrying her sister.. other than this? she’s a naive girl that got shafted by everyone. I hate how these novels keep dogging on rivals of female MCs on and on; I mean look at this
    ‘Huo Changyuan couldn’t help but feel soft when he heard this. He knew that his mother had sacrificed a lot for his sake, so he could not bear to say anything harsh against Huo Xue-shi. As a result, his original guilt lessened a lot. It was Cheng Yumo’s fault for being unfilial to his mother, and she should have been taught a lesson long ago.’
    This guy has his brain rushing out from his ears.. Xue-shi sacrificed a lot for his sake..? what the fuck?! She got to be the emperor and empress of the house for 2 decades; fuck THAT HOE. I really want a happy end for Yumo but we all know how this goes in chinese novels ????

  16. This shitty husband and equally horrendous mom are the worst. I wish Yumo was written as more cruel because even though she sucks a lot, and yes a lot of it is brought on by herself, I don’t think she deserves this. But HCY and his mom are scum for real, and HCY is just SO hypocritical. I want him to suffer more than Yumo, but I know how these stories go

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