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GNU Ch 110 Part 2 – Taking a Concubine (II)

Ruan-shi panicked, and all of a sudden, she stammered: “I…I didn’t mean that. If that Su Ke’er doesn’t leave, won’t Mo’er suffer for nothing? Su Ke’er is still living in Huo family manor. If Huo Xue-shi gives her the honor and makes her the Marquis’ concubine during Mo’er’s recuperation period, then what to do? Mo’er is still unable to serve the Marquis. In the case of Su Ke’er gave birth to the eldest son before Mo’er, what will Mo’er do for the next half of her life?”

Ruan-shi felt that there was nothing wrong with her worries. Mo’er could always get pregnant again even if her first child were gone, but a concubine couldn’t be sent away once she entered the manor. Even more dangerous was that Su Ke’er had Huo Changyuan’s affection as a cousin and Huo Xue-shi’s preference as a niece. If Su Ke’er really gave birth to Huo Changyuan’s eldest son… Ruan-shi didn’t even dare to imagine how Cheng Yumo would have to spend the rest of her life under the pressure of a favored concubine and shu child.

Therefore, even if it was still only half a month after Cheng Yumo’s miscarriage, Ruan-shi forced her daughter to attend the palace banquet today. She even specially planned it to avoid Qingfu Junzhu so that she and her daughter could see Cheng Yujin alone. If they only had Cheng family as a backer, Ruan-shi wouldn’t dare to open this matter, but Cheng Yumo was not only the daughter of Yichun Marquis Manor, she was also the Crown Princess’ younger sister! The mother-in-law of normal families would have to give the daughter-in-law’s natal family an explanation following a miscarriage incident, but now that Cheng Yumo was the Crown Princess’ younger sister, how could Ruan-shi easily spare Huo Xue-shi?

Ruan-shi was determined to give Huo Xue-shi a lesson and let the Huo family know that their Cheng family was not easy to offend.

Ruan-shi cried sorrowfully: “Crown Princess, Mo’er only has you to rely on. You must give Mo’er justice! This subject’s wife begs Crown Princess. Please send that Su-shi far away!”

Cheng Yumo sobbed with her head down. Ruan-shi was overwhelmed with emotion as she spoke and firmly believed she was right. The mother and daughter’s cry made Cheng Yujin’s head ache. She massaged her temple and raised her hand impatiently: “Enough.”

Ruan-shi’s crying stopped, and Cheng Yumo also subconsciously restrained her sob. Ruan-shi raised her head and looked at Cheng Yujin expectantly: “Crown Princess?”

“I have my own judgment on this matter.” Cheng Yujin cast a light glance at Du Ruo. “Marchioness Jingyong has just miscarried and is still physically weak. Du Ruo, help the Marchioness inside so she can rest a bit. Lian Qiao, you go and send someone to summon Old Madam Huo.”

Ruan-shi was overjoyed when she heard that. Du Ruo and Lian Qiao simultaneously replied, “Yes, Your Highness.”

Huo Xue-shi felt her eyelids twitching when she got up today. She had been a widow for many years. At first, the mourning period prevented her from attending banquets, but later, she preferred to stay at home and rarely went out to see people. Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the imperial palace held a large banquet. Although Huo Xue-shi was reluctant to attend banquets, she had no way to refuse the invitation from the palace.

Fortunately, now that Cheng Yumo was the Marchioness, she could replace Huo Xue-shi to attend such social gatherings. However, it was now a long time after Cheng Yumo’s departure, but she was not home yet. Huo Xue-shi slowly counted the time and frowned.

It was already afternoon, and the banquet should have long been over. Normally, Cheng Yumo should have been home some time ago.

Su Ke’er was serving by Huo Xue-shi’s side and fanned her lightly. Su Ke’er grew up proud of her beauty. She had never seen a more beautiful woman than herself, so she was very confident and arrogant. After the death of her mother, Su Ke’er quickly packed her belongings and went to her aunt in the capital.

As soon as she entered Jingyong Marquis Manor, Su Ke’er was shocked by the extensive display of wealth she saw everywhere. The gold items she could never afford was regarded as vulgar item by the family. Silver ingots as long as one’s finger was used to reward lower-rank servants, while the higher-rank servants used golden hairpins and gold bracelets.

The prosperity dazzled Su Ke’er, and she became more determined to stay here no matter what. In the past half month, Su Ke’er’s living standard had soared. Her clothes changed every day, and she had enough sets of jewelry and hairpins that she could afford to choose. This kind of life was something she could never imagine before. In order to please Huo Xue-shi, even the manor’s servants did their best to flatter and praise Su Ke’er incessantly. These days, Su Ke’er felt like she was walking on clouds.

Today, Su Ke’er was serving Huo Xue-shi as usual while thinking about what kind of dress she should wear to see her biao brother tonight. In just half a month, Su Ke’er was completely fascinated by Huo Changyuan. She had never seen such a handsome, mighty, and noble man like Huo Changyuan. In her heart, Huo Changyuan was the best man in the world.

And such a man naturally should be hers.

Su Ke’er was daydreaming for a while when she suddenly saw Huo Xue-shi frowning and looked out of the window while muttering: “The palace banquet should have been over long ago, why hasn’t she come back?”

Su Ke’er knew that her aunt was talking about Cheng Yumo. Su Ke’er didn’t take this biao sister-in-law, who was supposed to be the noble young miss of a marquis family, seriously, and even was eager to compete with her to snatch biao brother Changyuan. Keeping this thought in her heart, Su Ke’er frowned slightly and pretended to be worried: “Did biao sister-in-law have some accident? The imperial palace is different from a marquis manor. But biao sister-in-law was born a daughter of a marquis family, and she is much nobler than me. It’s impossible for her to wander around and get into trouble, right?”

On the surface, Su Ke’er seemed to be worried about Cheng Yumo, but she was actually stomping on her. However, Huo Xue-shi was not in the mood to pay attention at this moment: “It is still okay if she got into trouble. What I am afraid of is that she has gone to find someone.”

Su Keer puzzled: “Going to find someone?”

Huo Xue-shi’s lips trembled slightly, and her expression suddenly became very complex, “You have just arrived in the capital and still don’t understand the situation of the Cheng family, but Cheng Yumo’s eldest sister is the current Crown Princess.”

Su Ke’er was really surprised. She suddenly remembered that when she first arrived in the manor, several mamas came to explain the identities of Huo family members to her. Su Ke’er vaguely remembered one of them mentioned that their Marchioness was the Crown Princess’ younger sister. But soon afterward, Su Ke’er saw how Huo Xue-shi belittled Cheng Yumo. After that, Cheng Yumo miscarried, which forced her to stay in her room to recuperate, so she and Su Ke’er had never seen each other again. Slowly, Su Ke’er began to look down on this so-called marquis family’s young miss and totally ignored the latter’s family background.

Now, Su Ke’er seemed to take a blow, and she suddenly stammered: “A-aunt…you mean…the current Her Majesty is…biao sister-in-law’s elder sister?”


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