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GNU Ch 111 Part 4 – Dealing With the Matter (IV)

It could be seen that Cheng Yujin was truly determined to ruin Huo Changyuan’s career. After finding it out, the inexplicable sourness in Li Chengjing’s heart immediately dissipated. Li Chengjing was a man, so he naturally could tell the difference whether a woman truly hated someone or just pretended to be harsh. Regardless of Huo Changyuan’s feelings for her, Cheng Yujin genuinely wanted to crush him into dust.

It was enough. Li Chengjing only regretted that he appeared late and failed to meet Cheng Yujin before she got engaged. Since Cheng Yujin had broken off from Huo Changyuan and married him as his wife, he should no longer worry about the past. Moreover, Li Chengjing could see that Cheng Yujin was much warmer to him than to Huo Changyuan.

The grievance in Li Chengjing’s heart dissipated, and his mood instantly refreshed. His expression relaxed, his eyes were brilliant, and he looked stunning beyond belief. Li Chengjing turned aside slightly, enjoying Cheng Yujin’s scolding with a smile.

Unfortunately, the joy of one person didn’t resonate with others. Huo Changyuan’s mood at this moment was extremely suffocating. Under Cheng Yujin’s repeated questioning, he had no power to retaliate and could only helplessly defend himself with the last sentence: “This subject has no intention of accepting a concubine…Crown Princess and mother-in-law may have misunderstood something.”

“You have no intention of taking a concubine?” Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrows and glanced at Su Ke’er, whose complexion changed suddenly, “That is to say, you deliberately hang on a girl, damage her reputation, and delay Su-shi’s marriage?”

Tears began to fall from Su Ke’er’s face. She looked at Huo Changyuan and wanted to weep. But the biao brother whom she deeply admired didn’t even give her a glance when he cupped his hands and said: “Yes. This subject’s lacked consideration and did the wrong thing. After this subject returns home, this subject will choose a good husband for biao sister and send her to marry with an ample dowry.”

Su Ke’er cried sadly, but Ruan-shi was about to jump up with joy, and even the gloomy look on Cheng Yumo’s face dissipated a little as she looked up in surprise.

Ruan-shi almost cried with joy. She knew that Cheng Yujin’s brain was very reliable. In the past, Ruan-shi and Cheng Yumo were Cheng Yujin’s opponents, and she defeated the two so thoroughly. Now that they had changed sides and became an ally, Ruan-shi simply felt that Cheng Yujin was truly a god-given assist.

Just look at Cheng Yujin’s words. She had never once expressed disagreement about Huo Changyuan taking a concubine, yet she managed to force Huo Changyuan to take the initiative to send Su Ke’er away. Moreover, Huo Changyuan promised to marry Su Ke’er to someone else. This way, even if Su Ke’er did a full set of first crying, second making trouble, and third hanging herself after returning to Huo family manor, Huo Changyuan would never be able to take her as a concubine.

Otherwise, he would really become a disloyal and unrighteous man the Crown Princess accused him of being.

Ruan-shi and Cheng Yumo were relieved. This matter was resolved satisfactorily for them, even far beyond their expectations. But Cheng Yujin didn’t stop there. She looked at Huo Changyuan coldly and said, “Su-shi is your cousin. Since you take the initiative to marry her off, it’s hard for an outsider like this palace to say anything. But since you are also second sister’s husband, this palace has a few words to tell you. Old Madam Huo said that second sister is unfilial, and it is because the second sister made you angry that you pushed her away until she had a miscarriage. But as far as this palace can see, the unfilial person here is you, Marquis Jingyong.”

Huo Changyuan was shocked. Huo Xue-shi wanted to argue, but Cheng Yujin didn’t give them a chance as she continued: “You are unable to solve the misunderstanding between your mother and wife and let them keep fighting because of you, this is unfilial; you personally killed your own child, and cut off the first di-born descendant of Huo family, this is also unfilial. You are unfilial towards your mother and unjust towards your wife. For this reason, you almost harm your own maternal cousin. The unfilial person is you, and the injustice person is also you. Today’s situation is your responsibility. Marquis Jingyong, as the descendant of a noble family, you did such things. Over the years, have you been a marquis for nothing?”

Huo Xue-shi had been pampering her only son for many years, and she couldn’t bear hearing anyone saying that Huo Changyuan was slightly bad. Now that she heard how Cheng Yujin blatantly said that the current situation was all Huo Changyuan’s fault, how could Huo Xue-shi bear it? Unfortunately, although she could make as many troubles as she liked in her home, she was unable to even utter a single dissatisfaction in the Eastern Palace. Cheng Yujin flicked her sleeve, poured herself tea, and said: “Marquis Jingyong, I hope you can reflect on your wrongdoings after you are back. Someone come, send the guests off.”

Huo Chang Yuan seemed to have been hit hard. He had been loved by Huo Xue-shi since he was a child, and he was naturally accustomed to having women giving their all to him without principle. In his view, it was a given for a woman to selflessly dedicate herself and be good to him.

Huo Changyuan never thought that he also had responsibilities to his family. Huo Xue-shi was partial to him and never refuted her son, while Cheng Yumo loved him and couldn’t bear to criticize him. Only Cheng Yujin opened the jar and mercilessly showed the truth to him.

For Huo family had become what it was now, he was heavily at fault.

Huo Changyuan left in despair, even forgetting to wait for his mother and cousin when he left. Huo Xue-shi chased after Huo Changyuan, and Su Ke’er naturally followed. Ruan-shi and Cheng Yumo’s goals had been achieved, so it was time to leave. They looked at Cheng Yujin with a mix of gratitude and resentment, respect and fear, in their eyes.

Finally, Ruan-shi stepped forward and said, “Many thanks to Crown Princess. This subject’s wife and Mo’er will take our leave now.”

Cheng Yujin stood up. She slowly walked to the mother and daughter, then looked at Cheng Yumo deeply and quietly. In the end, Cheng Yujin didn’t say anything and just gave her the last persuasion: “You chose the road yourself, so you have to live the life yourself. Losing the child is indeed regrettable, but you are already an adult, and you should have understood long ago that people should be responsible for all their actions. ”

Cheng Yumo lowered her head and bit her lip bitterly. Cheng Yujin was too lazy to say any more, so she turned around and left a final sentence: “Take a good rest after you arrive home. Lian Qiao, send second madam and Marchioness out.”

All this time, Li Chengjing sat at the top, watching the whole process with a faint smile.


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22 thoughts on “GNU Ch 111 Part 4 – Dealing With the Matter (IV)”

    1. He deserved it. As can be seen he has lived his life expecting that it is his Good given right to be taken care. He bears no responsibility towards the women in the family but they are responsible to cater to his needs.

  1. I’m Really happy cse I got a new job so I’ll share my joy with you and sponsor 10 chapters of this awesome novel, 5 today and 5 on my first day at my new job 🥰 I love you all

  2. This is so satisfying to read. A lot of novels set in ancient china has this woman and that woman fighting and oh its this other woman’s fault for doing this and that, but here, CYJ has brought up the most important fact: although the women who harm other women are at fault, but those are really only the symptoms. at it’s roots, it’s really the man’s fault for not behaving or communicating properly or setting the right boundaries. She deserves a standing ovation.

  3. Thank you so much for the chapter!
    Love CYJ’s straightforward words and delivery. Hopefully with this, HCY will grow up (& so will CYM).

  4. This was so satisfying. Thank you, CYJ, for delivering the scolding most novels don’t.

    Another thing is despite how much they dwell on CYJ being cool-headed and calculative, she’s actually pretty compassionate. I know she scolded HCY for her own pleasure as well but those words she said to CYM were pretty kind AND wise, despite CYM doing nothing good for CYJ ever. I hope CYM wakes up and does better after this.

    Thank you for translating!

  5. Yay! Finally a resolution to this plot arc. Not sure how this outcome is going to destroy his official career unless they spread rumours afterwards. I guess the crown princess doesn’t have the power to strip or demote someone’s title.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. she doesn’t intend on destroying his career. That would only hurt her in the long run. At least for now, he’s somehwhat useful for her husband and any drama that damages Yujin’s family even distant ones will only worsen her reputation. This slap is just because she dislikes him and wants him to know that she COULD destroy him if she wanted.

      1. I’m glad to see some compassion for women from CYJ and it also allowing her to show the mirror to that pos HCY was the cherry on the top!

        Also I hope CYM learns that crying won’t get her anything, be strong for yourself and any future child you will have. Having Ruan-shi as a mother really did her a disservice.

  6. I think this is the needed closure of Cheng Yujin to be included in Huo Changyuan and Cheng Yumo’s “love story”

  7. I love Yujin, and this story, so much because she has constantly throughout this story ripped off the mask of hypocrisy and self satisfied egoism men love to wear. she is the female protagonist of my heart. she tears down scummy men like this marquis or that duke cai, and instead treasures who should be treasured (our lovely prince)

    this is actually my second time reading this story but I dont remember how it goes (which is great because I get to experience it again almost like new, and the chapters weren’t fully translated back then so I willingly changed a few brain cells to MTL…) but how desperately I wish this were Yumo’s turning point. How can you listen to that speech and not hear the truth of it? See the real weakness in men like the marquis, and instead learn to value herself. Because of her choices, Yumo can never have a fully happy life living with an unworthy husband BUT she can certainly live in satisfaction if she hardens her heart to him and takes pleasures where she can and lives for herself the way Yujin is always determined to. I really wish instead of just being a cruel, petty, and jealous foil, she can instead become better, recognize her sister, and strive to make amends and maybe even a genuine relationship with her sis

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