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GNU Ch 117 Part 3 – Visiting the Natal Home (III)

Li Chengjing was still holding Cheng Yujin’s hand. His other hand was probing her forehead as he asked in a low voice, “Do you still have a headache?”

Yesterday, it was unavoidable for Cheng Yujin to drink some alcohol. When she woke up this morning, she had a headache, but it was not serious and would not affect her activities today. Cheng Yujin shook her head and replied, “I’m not fragile porcelain; how can I be so delicate? The headache has long since subsided.”

The two of them were whispering to each other, making others even more dumbfounded and shocked. Finally, Cheng Min smiled and took the initiative to say: “Crown Prince and Crown Princess are really intimate. We old couples are no match of young couples, and it is very joyful to see the strong affection between newlyweds.”

These words were full of teasing. Cheng Yujin’s cheeks slightly reddened, and she was too embarrassed to speak. It was Li Chengjing who responded with a smile: “She is not good at drinking. Once she drinks alcohol, she will always have a headache the next day. Yesterday was the Grand Assembly, and she drank plenty of alcohol. If I don’t watch her well, she definitely will just say she is fine.”

Everyone burst into laughter. Cheng Min looked at Cheng Yujin and said, “Crown Princess has always been like that since she was a child. No matter what happens, she always keeps everything to herself and pretends to be okay in front of adults. Now, she finally has someone to take care of her.”

Men’s faces seemed to be thicker by nature. Cheng Yujin couldn’t just respond with a smile like Li Chengjing, so she could only bow her head under Cheng Min’s teasing gaze.

Seeing this familiar sight, Old Madam Cheng sighed. She remembered that when Li Chengjing was still living in Yichun Marquis Manor, he often reminded Cheng Yujin to drink more water or tea. At that time, Old Madam Cheng had an impression of seeing a married couple. Sure enough, they ended up marrying each other.

Their each and every interaction totally matched the image of a loving couple imagined by the world. It was as if that ideal image of marriage was carved from Li Chengjing and Cheng Yujin’s example.

Old Madam Cheng cleared her throat, “This old woman is glad to see how attentive and considerate Crown Prince is towards Crown Princess. Everyone, please don’t just stand here. Let’s come in and talk.”

Everyone responded in unison and walked into the inner hall. Obviously, the center of attention was Cheng Yujin and Li Chengjing. After the two entered, everyone followed behind.

Cheng Yumo entered the last. At this moment, her lips were pale, and her face was ashen, and not even the high-quality rouge she put on could hide her complexion. Cheng Min simply wanted to hold a conversation and thus said that old couples like them were not as close as young couples. However, Cheng Yumo and Huo Changyuan were also a newly-married young couple.

After leaving the palace on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Huo Changyuan really sent off Su Ke’er to marry. No matter how much Su Ke’er and Huo Xue-shi cried, he was unmoved and showed no mercy at all. Cheng Yumo thought that once the third party who broke into their marriage was gone, her relationship with Huo Changyuan would be restored, but feelings turned out to be like porcelain. Even though it looked as bright and unblemished as before, the crack that had formed could never disappear.

Cheng Yumo then thought again. Their carelessness caused the loss of their first child, and Huo Changyuan probably still felt bad inside, thus his current attitude. But it didn’t matter. She was still young, and once they had another child, Huo Changyuan would definitely return to his previous self.

Cheng Yumo cheered herself up, but only then did she realize that she and Huo Changyuan basically had no communication. Because Huo Changyuan had just been reprimanded by the Crown Princess, he couldn’t take a concubine and could only continue to sleep in Cheng Yumo’s room. But even if the two were in the same room day and night, they often didn’t even speak a word to each other.

Cheng Yumo was terrified. Wasn’t this the marriage life she despised the most in the past? Her mother used the relationship between Qingfu Junzhu and Cheng Yuanxian as a negative example to teach her. Cheng Yumo indeed was respectful to Qingfu Junzhu on the surface, but in private, she didn’t take this aunt seriously and even mocked her maliciously. In Cheng Yumo’s opinion, Qingfu Junzhu was old and fierce like a tigress, so it was no wonder her husband didn’t want to touch her. In contrast, Cheng Yumo was young, lively, youthful, and beautiful. She was basically the favorite among the male cousins and playmates, and thus she was full of confidence that she would not be like Qingfu Junzhu when she married in the future.

She despised the marriages of the elders around her for being bland and dull. In her heart, she blamed those women for being unattractive and unable to capture the hearts of men. At the time, she never thought that she would one day end up the same as the women she looked down on the most.

Cheng Yumo panicked and began to find ways to get intimate with Huo Changyuan. She really felt that all problems would be solved as long as they had another child, but it was at this time that Cheng Yumo discovered that she was no longer attractive to Huo Changyuan.

Huo Changyuan looked at her calmly and patiently, but there seemed to be fatigue behind his patience. He no longer put on the air of a marquis in front of her and was not afraid to show his worst side. At first, Cheng Yumo felt this was a good development, because this indicated that Huo Changyuan was now truly treating her as his own. But Huo Changyuan’s eyes when looking at her was no longer appreciative, nor did it hold any desire. He no longer paid attention to Cheng Yumo’s appearance, even when she dressed beautifully. Obviously, he was not like so to the servant girls.

Huo Changyuan no longer looked at her as a woman.

As if she had fallen into a cold cave, Cheng Yumo was frozen all over. Why? Why did Huo Changyuan become like this?

Cheng Yumo was depressed for a long time and finally convinced herself that this was the natural development of a married couple’s relationship. It was the only final destination of marriage. Passionate love was like a fire, and once it burned out, life eventually returned to be bland and dull.

Cheng Yumo forced herself to think positively. She and Huo Changyuan had an emotional foundation, which was much better than those couples who married without knowing each other and ended up resenting each other. Now, although she and Huo Changyuan no longer talked to each other, they were just following the natural development of marriage.

But today, even that belief shattered into pieces. Cheng Yumo saw how naturally the Crown Prince reached out his hand to help Cheng Yujin, how Cheng Yujin stood so intimately beside the Crown Prince, how she lowered her head shyly and even hid behind the Crown Prince when everyone was teasing her… When the Crown Prince told everyone how Cheng Yujin was drunk yesterday, she quietly glared at him, but the Crown Prince only smiled indulgingly.

These were all small and trivial actions. Their interaction was no different from any commoner’s couple, dull and boring, but there was something that was completely different.

Love couldn’t be hidden from others, and neither did indifference.

Cheng Yumo’s mood suddenly fell into the abyss, and the fragile excuse she found for herself could no longer deceive anyone. These little actions were not eye-catching, but they could not be fake. No matter how superb their acting was, how affectionate they pretended to be, or how they usually got along in private, the truth was clear for everyone to see.

Why?! Cheng Yujin was so boring. She, Cheng Yumo, was more lively and interesting than Cheng Yujin, more likable. She and Huo Changyuan also had the relationship of being a live saver, so why did they fall this far?

Did she really choose the wrong marriage?


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21 thoughts on “GNU Ch 117 Part 3 – Visiting the Natal Home (III)”

    1. She could probably have had better if she self-reflected and realized that the advice of a concubine might not be the best advice for a main wife. She is always looking down on others and therefore looks down on the efforts they put into their marriages. She thinks she is smarter than them so she can follow her own idealistic methods to somehow get better results. She is smart, but her disdain for other people is her downfall.

  1. Many thanks
    Yumo was short sighted. But I agree that her experiences with the step mother and how HCY treated her was wrong

  2. chinesefanreader

    No Yumo, it’s just that you lack quality character and that wretched Marquis husband also lacks quality character

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Exactly. That’s the issue. I believe that Huo CY is now even colder to him because instead of self reflecting what is running in his head is that his wife running to the palace humiliating him infront of his love rival and his ex-fiancee. Because of his wife he is getting scolded harshly again by a woman he missed.
      HCY and CYM are birds of same feathers, they both are too full of themselves and just always put the blame on others instead of check on their own self and correct the mistake.

  3. Thank you
    I really can’t unferstand her, in her past ligne, she was’nt even aware of the crown prince and couldnt dreamt about marrying him and now she seems to think she should have chose him? What a joke

  4. Has nothing to do with choosing the wrong marriage. It’s about treating relationships like a game and not showing any sincerity.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  5. Yumo really is shortsighted and I think it’s because even in her past life, she has always had someone to rely on so she allows her thoughts to be indulgent whereas someone like Yujin has had to look after herself. She needs to be self-reflect.

  6. Cheng Yumo doesn’t seem to understand that everything she lived through in her past life was on top of the base that Cheng Yujin created. But in this life, Yujin didn’t marry the Marquis, didn’t have to deal with his mother, let alone take care of the house. That is, Yujin did not lead the way this time. And Cheng Yumo doesn’t seem to realize that she needs to pave the way, need to do the rough work and not wait for things to fall from the sky.

  7. Although the Huo family are a-holes, Yumo dug her own grave even though this is her second chance at life. It’s her habits of blaming others and having selective memory on what she wants to see instead of seeing them for what they truly are. Yumo had the chance to back out before she got married but she chose to go through it again despite others’ warnings.

  8. Holy sht, can’t she think anything else, like its always that ‘oMgggeee iM mOre lIVEly aNdddddd LIkeABle tHan hEr, so wHYYYY’ like stfu this self-proclaimed ‘victim’ is getting annoying chapter by chapter istg

  9. I do feel bad for CYM and the author seem to be putting most of the family’s misdeeds of the past on her and her and the Huo marquis manor are the only fodders that will be foddered while the rest of the shitty Cheng family can mooch off of the protagonists.
    BUUUUUUUUT; it’s wild to me how CYM can stamp off someone as boring when she doesn’t even know her.
    They’re like girls going to the same school, you have some classes together but for the most of the time you barely talk and interact with each other or the next door neighbour’s kids that your family often has BBQ with and you see her on gatherings but you are each spending time in separate social circles.
    It’s funny because MC doesn’t deem CYM worthy of her time and wouldn’t mingle with her sister because there’s 0 benefit in talking with this shallow idiot. Same goes for the playmates and cousins, she doesn’t need to curry favours with them when she can directly curry favours with their mothers, aunts and grandmothers.
    Also, one thing I have to say in HCY’s defence, as shallow as his feelings are, CYM’s feelings are even shallower. She wouldn’t consider even feeling guilty if she stabbed him in the back (like when she was fantasizing of marrying the crown prince instead of CYJ). CYM seems to be very enthusiastic only when it comes to SHOWING OFF her status as his wife. There’s no mention of how she manages housework or serving her MIL, but from that temple stay, she already got annoyed after half a day so we can fill in the blanks there.
    Incapable, insincere, that alone would cool his feelings off. If she actually loved him or had the sincerity of taking care of their home, they’d at least manage to be a couple that can respect each other, but all she knows is to cry and whine.

  10. HCY just keeps on being the absolute worst, he’s definitely going to get a servant pregnant. CYM is an idiot but she can’t scheme, she’s not smart enough for that shit and she whole heartedly worshipped that wretched man, he deserves nothing but it’s the woman in the relationship that ends up losing everything. Infuriating.

  11. I don’t like Cheng Yumo and she definitely deserved a big face slapping, but her fate is really too cruel, and it kinda seems like it’ll get worse :/
    Huo Changyuan and his mother are the worst. It’s amazing that they manage to be equally or even more despicable than the Yang family.
    If Cheng Yumo ends up self destructing, I really hope the Huo family shares her fate.

  12. … She can’t even divorce him easily I truly feel a little pity for her like she choose it herself now she can’t experience real love no matter what

  13. “No matter what happens, she always keeps everything to herself and pretends to be okay in front of adults. Now, she finally has someone to take care of her.” The aunt is the only good one among that family, and I wish this was something we got to see the Cheng clan reckon with more often and more explicitly – how shit they treated Yujin her whole life

  14. Cheng Yumo is the epitome of Live but never learn. She already lived twice but still muddied through life, only thinking herself better than anyone and looking down on others. I don’t pity her because she also didn’t pity anyone and even look at other women with malicious intent. I’m waiting to see her sink lower with popcorn ready.

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