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GNU Ch 122 Part 1 – Pregnant (I)

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Although Li Chengjing had no experience, he also knew that a woman’s slippery pulse was a pregnancy pulse. Even though he already had speculation in his heart, Li Chengjing was still overjoyed upon hearing the confirmation from the imperial physician. His eyes lit up, barely maintaining his image as the dignified Crown Prince as he asked impatiently: “Are you sure? How long has it been?”

“It should be more than a month and a half. Because the pregnancy is still young, this subject can’t be completely sure. After the third month, this subject will check again to make sure.”

Being an imperial physician was a dangerous job, and thus they always had to be prudent. It was impossible to make an imperial physician give a sure guarantee. Li Chengjing understood this. However, since the imperial physician dared to say this, it could be taken that the possibility of pregnancy was almost a certainty and that the fetus was currently stable.

Cheng Yujin, who was sitting behind the curtain, naturally heard every word Imperial Physician Zhao said. Du Ruo and the rest of the servant girls were all beaming with joy. Li Chengjing glanced at Cheng Yujin’s silhouette behind the curtain and said, “Imperial Physician Zhao, let’s go outside and have a talk.”

Imperial Physician Zhao bowed respectfully and followed Li Chengjing to the outer hall. The rest of the palace servants in the inner hall were not brainless. Following the Crown Prince’s words, they also retreated in silence. In a blink of an eye, only Cheng Yujin and her few personal servant girls were left in the inner hall.

Du Ruo and Lian Qiao were overjoyed: “Crown Princess, you are pregnant!”

Cheng Yujin slowly sat up on the couch. Seeing her servant girls’ excitement, she said with a smile: “Do not make a fuss. It’s not confirmed yet. Wait until the imperial physician gives the follow-up examination on the third month.”

Lian Qiao and Du Ruo nodded simultaneously. Lian Qiao was about to jump with joy, while Du Ruo was much calmer. She left a few words to Lian Qiao and then went outside to ask the imperial physician about the precautions during pregnancy.

Lian Qiao carefully placed a soft pillow behind Cheng Yujin’s waist. Cheng Yujin gently touched her still very flat belly, still unable to believe that a child was now residing there.

Cheng Yujin forced herself to calm down, as she desperately told herself not to hold out too much hope. Everything had to wait until the imperial physician came back for another examination in a month and a half. However, despite thinking so rationally, Cheng Yujin couldn’t help but feel happy, and she began to think about the child.

Would it be a boy or a girl? When the child was born, which parents would he or she resemble more? At this moment, Cheng Yujin partially agreed with Li Chengjing’s previous remarks. If the child were a girl, it would be better to be like her, but if he was a boy, it’s better for him to be more like Li Chengjing.

Cheng Yujin gently stroked her abdomen, her gaze softened. When Li Chengjing came back and saw Cheng Yujin like this, he stopped in place.

He still remembered perfectly the first time he saw Cheng Yujin. At that time, the beautiful and rational girl slapped her former fiance without the slightest hesitation. Cheng Yujin had always been like that: beautiful and dignified, but also cold and distant.

She was too rational, and often made others feel cold, as if she would get away in an instant once she felt they were no longer beneficial to her. Li Chengjing once said, if there was a human skin demon in the world, it must be Cheng Yujin.

She was a beauty beyond words without a touch of humanity. But now, Li Chengjing saw sparks of humanity from Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yujin felt the gaze, turned her head, and saw Li Chengjing.

“Your Highness?” Cheng Yujin smiled upon seeing Li Chengjing, “Your Highness, what did the imperial physician say?”

Li Chengjing’s gaze couldn’t help softening. He sat down next to Cheng Yujin and pulled a quilt to cover her body: “The imperial physician said that your pulse is stable and your body is healthy. As long as you take a good rest, do not have violent emotional changes, and be careful not to get tired, everything will be fine.”

Cheng Yujin nodded. Even without the imperial physician’s caution, she no longer dared to let herself get tired. As the Crown Princess, she didn’t have to do any physical work, but some things needed her to take care of personally.

From today, Cheng Yujin no longer cared about those troublesome chores, as nothing mattered compared to herself and her unborn child.

There were no other people in the inner hall at the moment. The couple was alone, but they didn’t know what to say to each other. Li Chengjing’s heart was about to burst with many emotions, and he felt that any words were too shallow to express his feeling.

He pondered hard and long before he finally said: “You don’t need to worry about anything; just stay in the palace to take care of yourself and our child. I have already taken care of Imperial Physician Zhao, and no other person will know about today’s affairs. Once the three-month period arrives, I will summon him again to give you a follow-up examination.”

Cheng Yujin nodded. Li Chengjing took her hand and said, “Yujin, you have worked hard. During this time, I will try my best to make time for you.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yujin couldn’t help chuckle: “Your Highness, if I am really with a child, the pregnancy will last for ten months. How can you let your job be disturbed for ten long months?”

“Why not?” Li Chengjing was very determined, “Now that our baby is in your belly, shouldn’t I come back to accompany you more often?”

Although Cheng Yujin refused Li Chengjing’s offer, she couldn’t help feeling very happy. Cheng Yujin stopped her refusal and acquiesced with a smile. Li Chengjing looked very emotional as he said again: “Although many people have been urging me every day, having a child is always very illusory to me. It was not until today when I heard you saying that you were pregnant, that I finally felt that I was no longer drifting around. Previously, I never dared to think that one day, I will also have my own wife and children, a family of my own.”

Cheng Yujin felt a pang of sadness in her heart. She leaned closer, put her head on Li Chengjing’s shoulder, and said: “Your Highness, there will be more people waiting for you to go home in the future.”


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