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GNU Ch 138 Part 1 – Suspension of Duty (I)

Yang Xiaoyu came out of the study with a gloomy look. He originally wanted to go out to see some friends and have fun over alcohol and women, but was stopped halfway by the family’s servants informing him that the Old Master had strictly ordered the Young Master to stay inside the house.

Yang Xiaoyu was even grumpier as a result. Since he couldn’t go out to find women, his only alternative was to choose one among the group at home. Yang Xiaoyu’s mind began to scroll through the list of his numerous concubines — he had too many women and had even forgotten the faces of quite a number of them.

Yang Xiaoyu soon stopped trying and simply decided to see the new Yangzhou’s thin horse1 that his friend gifted him some time ago. A specially-trained thin horse was indeed something else, and this one in particular possessed superb skills both in and out the bed. Yang Xiaoyu was in a bad mood and just wanted to enjoy himself as he vented his sullenness.

As Yang Xiaoyu passed through a moon gate, a servant girl who seemed to be waiting just behind the wall quickly chased after him, “Young Master!”

Yang Xiaoyu turned around and looked at the servant girl, whom he totally had no impression of. He couldn’t even remember all of his concubines, let alone their servants.

“Who are you?”

The servant girl seemed to be a little afraid of Yang Xiaoyu and replied timidly, “This servant is the one assigned to Miss Shao. Miss Shao wants to invite you over.”

Hearing this surname, Yang Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow in feigned surprise. He was actually quite a handsome man in itself, but long-term indulgence in alcohol and women had ruined his appearance, especially when he smiled lecherously like he was now. “You mean that Shao Zi that ‘chaste woman? What — is she unable to endure loneliness and finally seek a man’s comfort?”

It was a very nasty thing to say about a woman, but the servant girl didn’t dare to offend the family’s only young master and lowered her head even more, “T-this servant doesn’t know anything. Miss Shao only sends this servant to deliver the message to Young Master…”

“What ‘Miss’?” Yang Xiaoyu closed the fan in his hand and flicked his sleeves as he took a different direction, “She is no longer a virgin. What kind of Miss is she?”

Shao Zi hadn’t eaten a single bite today, and her complexion was so bad that she had to smear herself with rouge to hide her paleness. She sat in front of the dressing table as if in a daze and stared into the reflection in the mirror without a single blink.

Hours passed, and the room had gradually darkened when a servant girl’s voice suddenly rang outside, “The Young Master is here.” Shao Zi was stunned for a moment before she slowly recovered.

Yang Xiaoyu had already strode in and opened the door. When he entered the room, he frowned and said in disgust, “Why is it so dark?”

Shao Zi stood up, knelt to the door, and lowered her head deeply, “It’s this servant’s fault for forgetting to light the lamp.”

Although Yang Xiaoyu disliked the desolateness of Shao Zi’s room, he enjoyed the sight of a beauty kneeling on the ground and lowering her head submissively. Yang Xiaoyu smiled. He then approached Shao Zi and touched her face with the tip of his fan, “I remember you were very adamant in protecting your chastity before? The way you resisted, it was as if I had greatly wronged you. So what’s happening today? Are you tired of pretending?”

Shao Zi’s head lowered even deeper, “This servant has acted rudely before and is now begging for Young Master’s forgiveness.”

Yang Xiaoyu laughed. He sat on the stool in front of Shao Zi, facing his open legs to her face, “Why should I give you forgiveness?”

Shao Zi turned stiff for a long time until she finally sent the servant girl away. She then knelt down, crawled between Yang Xiaoyu’s legs, and slowly began to untie his waistband.

Yang Xiaoyu had been forbidden to leave the house these past few days and felt extremely stuffy as a result. Thus, he was joyful to see that the commoner girl he had just obtained turned out to be self-aware and knew to take the initiative to lower herself and please him. Shao Zi ended up doing everything Yang Shaoyu demanded her to, making the young man feel extreme bliss. In terms of techniques and skills, thin horses were naturally much better, but being served in bed by someone clumsier and more amateurish had its own joy. Shao Zi’s skills were indeed still poor, but she brought Yang Xiaoyu endless pleasure.

After a few times, Yang Xiaoyu felt this woman was not bad. Something taken by force was indeed better than something merely given by others. It was all thanks to Shao Zi’s outstanding looks that he noticed her on the street at a glance and then later spent so much effort taking her back with him.

After venting a lot, the satisfied Yang Xiaoyu lay on the bed and pointed at Shao Zi lazily, “Your mouth is very clumsy, but you have to thank that face of yours; otherwise, this Young Master would be too lazy to come. Sisi from that courtyard is much more skillful than you.”

Shao Zi lowered her head and said nothing. Yang Xiaoyu commented on the bed performance of various women for a while until tiredness overcame him. He yawned and said for the last time, “You have to train yourself diligently; otherwise, why should this Young Master come here when I have countless other women to choose from? It is the blessing of your family’s eight generations that this Young Master took fancy of you and took you home. Look at this room — just any random box of rouge or a piece of clothing is more expensive than your entire family’s half-year of income. You have to know that my grandaunt is the empress dowager, my aunt is the empress, my grandfather is the head of the cabinet, and my father is also a fourth-rank official. In this capital, no one dares to go against this Young Master. Just look at how loud those mad dogs outside barking, but have they managed to even scratch the gate of our Yang family? Not at all. My aunt is still doing well as an empress, and my grandfather is still in charge of the whole government. No matter how many impeachments they are sending my way, my family only let me stay at home for two days and nothing more. After all those farces, this Young Master is still as powerful as before.”


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  • My Son is a Reborn Villain
  1. Yangzhou: Yangzhou is a prosperous city famous for its wealth and high culture, while ‘thin horse’ is a derogatory term referring to young girls bought and specially reared to be resold later as concubines.

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  1. Omg, the assassin? And what a despicable man, such a waste to even give him some dialogue. I hadn’t heard about the term ‘thin horse’, everyday we learn something new. Thanks for the chapter 🤗

  2. Poor girl. She was kidnapped, rap*d, and her brother was killed by the same man. I’m not surprised she resolved to kill him

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