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GNU Ch.14 Part 2 – Taboo Name (II)

“Stupid girl. We are family, no need for thanks.” Now Cheng Min’s every sight of Cheng Yujin practically only added her affection towards the girl. It was a pity that such a good girl had her engagement canceled. Huo family really did her wrong. Cheng Min felt sorry for Cheng Yujin, and suddenly remembered her own childish son.

However, this kind of thought soon dissipated. Children’s marriage wasn’t a trivial matter. Cheng Min simply had a flashing idea and was far from making a decision. She once again held Cheng Yujin’s hand and said, “You should rest well. Don’t worry about other things. You are a sensible and filial child, really the best girl I’ve ever seen. You will have your own lot in life. Who knows, your lost this time maybe a blessing in disguise.”

Cheng Yujin knew that Cheng Min was comforting her about the failed engagement. Judging from her words, Cheng Yujin still needed more effort to impress Cheng Min. But it wasn’t good to be too hasty at the initial stage. Having aroused the other party’s sympathy was enough for now. Cheng Yujin wasn’t anxious nor impatient. She smiled and said: “I understand.”

For a moment, Cheng Min was eased. But soon she remembered about the old Madam and Cheng Yuanxian. Cheng Min started to advise Cheng Yujin, so there wouldn’t be any dissonant between the junior and elders. Inward, Cheng Yujin laughed in disdain. But on the surface, she listened obediently with a serious and reassuring face.

After Cheng Min finished her talk with Cheng Yujin, she let her own Mama sent the girl back to her courtyard. After they left, she went to Xu Zhixian and found her son was leaning on the kang floor, watching Cheng Yumo and Xu Nianchun jumping with a red rope. His eyes entirely focused on their play, much more attentive than when he had to study.

Cheng Min suddenly felt an intense helplessness. She deliberately cleared her throat: “Where is your grandmother?”

Cheng Yumo put away the rope and answered, “Grandmother had just retired inside to rest. Grandmother also said that outside already dark and cold, and it also started to get windy. The road back will be hard, so she let us sleep here tonight.”

Cheng Min also knew that it was dark and cold outside, but didn’t the injured Cheng Yujin also had to take the same road to back? However, Cheng Min couldn’t say these words loudly. With a sullen face, she said: “Since your grandmother didn’t want you to brace the wind to go back, stop playing. Hurry up and wash your face. Don’t let your noise disturb your grandmother’s rest.”

“Yes.” Cheng Yumo crawled out from the floor and went to wash her face with Xu Nianchun. Xu Zhixian also wanted to follow, but Cheng Min grabbed him: “You stinky boy. Your eldest sister just went back, why didn’t you send her off?”

“Ah? Elder sister Jin went back? When?” Xu Zhixian muttered back. “She went inside to get treated and wouldn’t let others see her. Younger sister Mo said that elder sister Jin pays the most attention to etiquette. She definitely won’t like people to see her in an untidy state. So I intend to wait until she tidied up before visiting. Why did she suddenly leave?”

Cheng Min’s eyes widened for a moment before finally let out her laughter. Although her son lacked masculinity, he always sincere towards others. If there was a capable daughter-in-law to look after him, his future life wouldn’t be hard.

No, Cheng Min suddenly reacted: “What is eldest sister Jin and younger sister Mo? Aren’t they of the same age?”

Xu Zhixian scratched his head: “Oh, I forgot again.”

Not to mention Xu Zhixian, even Cheng Min reacted late. Both mother and son subconsciously thought that Cheng Yujin was an elder sister. Cheng Min pushed her son lightly and said: “Okay, go and wash your face now. I’ll go to rest at my former courtyard. I cannot watch you and your sisters tonight. All of you already grow up, don’t make trouble, understand?”

Cheng Min’s words were for Xu Zhixian to keep a distance from Cheng Yumo. Both of them already fourteen years old, no longer children. Cheng Min didn’t know whether Xu Zhixian understood her meaning. After nodded a bit, he simply urged his mother to leave.


At this time, the lights in Old Master Cheng’s courtyard were also burning brightly. Cheng Yuanjing and the Old Master sat under a lamp. The old man’s face was filled with shame: “Your highness, this old subject didn’t teach my sons well, offending you. This old subject begs your forgiveness.”

After apologizing, the Old Master was going to kneel down, but Cheng Yuanjing stopped him: “It’s alright. The ignorances weren’t guilty. Considering their position, it was normal for them to have that idea.”

The Old Master wasn’t really sincere when he wanted to kneel. After all, the Cheng family had a grace to the crown prince. When the Old Master kneeled down to beg for forgiveness, how could the crown prince still hold them accountable? Now Cheng Yuanjing really didn’t blame them. But somehow, his words made the Old Master felt even colder.

The Crown prince always saw everything clearly. It was too clear, even, which made old Master Cheng constantly feel that his petty thoughts were completely bare in front of his highness, who simply said nothing.

Old Master Cheng face had completely gone in front of Cheng Yuanjing. But he was going to die, and the next generation of Cheng family didn’t even have the ability to put on an appearance. If the old Master didn’t start planning now, after his death, the last link that tied the crown prince with the Cheng family would also be severed. What should this family do after that? So the old Master could only bear the shame and continued: “Today matter is really offending your highness. This old subject apologizes on behalf of that unfilial son. Your highness, this old subject has been negligent in paying attention to the eldest girl’s name, violating your taboo name. Should I change her name tomorrow?”

The young girl’s stunning and beautiful eyes emerged on Cheng Yuanjing’s mind. To suddenly change the name she used for fourteen years, even if it were to avoid her elder’s taboo name, would inevitably attract gossip from outsiders.

Cheng Yuanjing returned from his mind. He drooped his gaze and blinked a bit to cover the previous absent-mindedness before said: “It’s okay.”

“Your highness?”

“No need to change it. The names only coincided a little.”

Old Master Cheng didn’t quite understand. But the crown prince had spoken, could he act against his highness’ words? Old Master Cheng nodded and replied, “Yes.”


After leaving the old Master’s Fuli courtyard, Cheng Yuanjing walked slowly inside the dark night. As the night wind blew, the dry branches made a scratching sound. Since Cheng Yuanjing did not speak, his men did not dare disturb and silently followed behind their master. After a while, Cheng Yuanjing suddenly said, “Take out a bottle of wound ointment tomorrow.”

Liu Yi froze for a moment. “Your highness, are you injured?”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at him, and Liu Yi remembered that crown prince disliked nonsense the most, “Yes. This servant obeys.”


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  1. Huh, I guess he didn’t know that she wasn’t really injured either? Or an excuse to talk? Anyways thank you for the translation!

    With the two personalities or the leads it’ll be interesting to see how they act around the family dynamic.

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