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GNU Ch.16 Part 2 – Fake Injury (II)

Benevolent? She used this word, really treated him as an elderly? The nineteen-year-old crown prince thought: a monarch indeed had to be kind, but he never heard people ever praising him for being benevolent. Cheng Yuanjing remembered that he and Cheng Yujin were nominally uncle and niece. Since he was her father’s generation, it wasn’t wrong for her to use the word ‘benevolent.’ 1

Perhaps it was Cheng Yujin’s last sentence ‘Thank you, ninth uncle’ that was too simple and too sweet. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t care about the offense the girl had made, and just walked towards the large bookshelf on the inner part of the room. When he saw Cheng Yujin still standing in the same place, he raised his eyebrows and said, “What are you doing there? Come here.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s courtyard also had a two-entry structure. There was a main building with five rooms in the front, and a separate back-side building in the inner part. Compared with other family members, his courtyard was comparably bigger. He has no wife nor concubines, so the residence was even more spacious. The two rooms on the east side were merged by him to make a study.

The study was elegantly furnished and arranged irregularly with a charming effect, showing that the owner had a good taste. However, contrary to the expectation, there was only one bookshelf inside.

Cheng Yuanjing was still standing in front of the tall bookshelf. Looking at his posture, was he going to teach her by guiding her hand?

Cheng Yujin thought that it was unacceptable for a man to touch a woman’s skin. Even if he was her uncle, towards an adult niece, it was still improper. If he personally held her hand when writing, their distance would be too close.

Cheng Yuanjing waited for a long time. Seeing Cheng Yujin was still slowly hesitating in front of the many treasure shelf, the expression on his face changed. Cheng Yuanjing put down his brush and said: “You lived in this manor for many years using this kind of attitude? Come and grind me ink.”

Cheng Yuanjing saw Cheng Yujin obviously startled and felt odd. He lowered his eyebrow and asked: “What are you thinking?”

Cheng Yujin smiled softly at Cheng Yuanjing, walked towards him, and started to grind the ink on the table very hard. In her heart, she couldn’t wait to throw this man on the ink slab to be crushed together.

Cheng Yuanjing’s brush moved swiftly, and a line of a magnificent character suddenly appeared on the paper. Cheng Yujin looked attentively and had to admit: “Ninth uncle’s writing is really good.”

No wonder he dared to laugh. He indeed had the ability to look down on people.

Cheng Yuanjing put down his brush, then signaled Cheng Yujin to come forward. Cheng Yujin took another brush, and when she turned around, her sleeve accidentally hit the brush holder. Cheng Yujin’s eyes were sharp. She quickly held the brush holder and moved it aside.

Cheng Yuanjing watched Cheng Yujin’s quick movement and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Just now, she used her left hand?

Would a person subconsciously use her injured hand to move things?

Cheng Yuanjing’s expression changed. He observed Cheng Yujin quietly. She was immersed in copying the writing and didn’t realize the gaze from behind.

Cheng Yuanjing only observed for a short while, and already had a firm conjecture that Cheng Yujin was not injured.

At noon, a servant girl came to call Cheng Yujin for meal. When Cheng Yujin was putting back her outer coat, Lian Qiao smoothly told her: “After Miss left this morning, the lady sent people to ask your situation twice.”

“Aunt sent people to ask?” Cheng Yujin’s spirit immediately rose. “Did they say for what?”

“The lady is worried about your injury and sent someone to ask.”

The voice gradually getting smaller. Cheng Yujin stood outside the room and curtsied towards Cheng Yuanjing: “Ninth Uncle, I’ll retreat first.”

Cheng Yuanjing’s expression didn’t saw any change. His eyes fell lightly on Cheng Yujin and immediately darkened after she went out.

It turned out that all her actions yesterday were a show for Cheng Min. The girl was really determined to get that Xu family’s cousin brother.

For a man, she cheated him and pretended to be injured. Very good.

Cheng Yuanjing especially let people made a trip to the palace last night to fetch a bottle of scar-removing cream. Unexpectedly, from the beginning, it all was just a performance by Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yuanjing looked at the word ‘jin’ on the pile of paper and coldly hooked his lips.

Cheng Min was still brooding over the commotion last night. Today, she specially ordered the kitchen to make the favorite dishes of the Old Master and Cheng Yuanxian. With some push and coax, she let the Old Master come for the noon meal, and deliberately made a lively mealtime.

Old Master Cheng’s face eased a lot. Although he hated his sons’ failure, he still wanted his children to be reunited. Cheng Min deliberately took the Old Master to talk with Cheng Yuanxian. In another room, the juniors also gathered to play together.

Cheng Yujin spent half a day learning calligraphy, and only now finally had the chance to get close with Xu Zhixian. She was calculating the boundary between friendly and being restrained, when suddenly she saw Cheng Yuanjing went out and walked towards the green gauzed cabinet.

Somehow, Cheng Yujin had an inexplicable hunch. She unconsciously stopped talking, eyes focused on Cheng Yuanjing.

Cheng Yuanjing walked to the door. When Cheng Yujin thought she was simply overthinking, she suddenly heard a familiar voice: “Cheng Yujin.”

Cheng Yujin stood up in reflex: “Yes, ninth uncle.”

Cheng Yuanjing looked at her, smiling very kindly: “Don’t you still have to go back to learn calligraphy?”

Cheng Yujin’s whole body was in rejection. What time was now? Everyone was staying here, but she had to go to learn calligraphy?

Old Master Cheng heard the movement and asked, “Ninth boy, what’s wrong?”

Cheng Yuanjing still looked at Cheng Yujin and smiled: “The longevity feast is approaching. His majesty’s present should be the very best. Niece, don’t you think so?”

Old Master Cheng felt strange, and let people help him walked to see the situation. Cheng Yujin sighed and secretly consoled herself. She would definitely brush up Xu Zhixian’s favorability tomorrow.

Cheng Yujin straightened up and bowed her head in response: “Ninth uncle is right.”

“Let’s go.”

Cheng Yuanjing seemed to want her to go with him. Cheng Yujin could only grit her teeth, say goodbye to everyone, and chased Cheng Yuanjing out.

After going out, Cheng Yuanjing did not deliberately wait for her, and Cheng Yujin had to walk very fast to keep up with Cheng Yuanjing’s pace. She looked at the back of the man walking in front of her. She wondered what was going on; why did she feel that Cheng Yuanjing was not right today?

He seemed to be a little angry.


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  1. A bit unclear here, but basically, Cheng Yujin used the word ‘benevolent’ that usually only used to the elderly.

17 thoughts on “GNU Ch.16 Part 2 – Fake Injury (II)”

  1. No love yet, but a faint stirring of jealousy can already be detected 😉
    Thank you for the translation! <3

    1. Hehehe vinegar jar. Don’t worry the cabbage is for you, no one else. It’s only this chapter that I’m realizing that this gift will be a considered the first gift from this couple to his father 😂

  2. Fufufuf How petty, ninth uncle. Although you’re not as benevolent as you’d like to be. Is it really fair to come in between a maiden’s pursuit of love?

    Orrrr is there jealousy in there somewhere? Fufufu

  3. Anry Otsen Juasanta

    he just mad coz he got gas lit

    “For a man, she cheated him and pretended to be injured. Very good.”

    FL was like, “syke!”

  4. There’s not even any remotely romantic feeling yet you’re already chugging vinegar, eh, Crown Prince? XD

  5. This jealousy comes from being fooled into pitying her just because she is calculating another man. It smells of under-appreciation and self-esteem being wounded a little. Also, she’s already aroused his curiosity from the very beginning, so I guess we’ll have to keep watching him bomb any of her attempts to approach any posible marriage candidate she can think of.

  6. I know ML’s attitude is like the running joke in the story but holysht I hate his guts. She honestly expressed what marriage means to her, pity her situation as if understanding, and yet he sabotage her? Dude wtf

    1. ML’s just mad he can’t pity party himself any more, because while he has a sob story, he has backing that was handed to him, but Cheng Yujin really has no backing except what she can get by her own wits 😛 He’s not jealous because she’s after another guy, he’s jealous because she’s actually much smarter and more self-made than him.

  7. Yujin’s situation reminds me a lot of the FL from the cdrama ‘The Autumn Ballad’. The ML in the drama also believes the FL to be scheming (and even says it to her face several times). But the FL rightly pointed out that the same skill (scheming) would be applauded if it was done by a man. And honestly, Yujin’s skills would make her a fish in water in politics.

    If you care to watch it, the drama is a fun watch, but the ending (HE) was so rushed, it made me mad.

    1. If you like scheming FMC, ‘I was the Ex-fiance of the Hero’ is also a really good one. It’s more martial arts based but I just loved her green tea bitch ways.

  8. One question: would the old Marquis allow the close contact between the two of them, knowing full well that they are not real uncle and niece? To me it looks more loke he would probably avoid it due to the suspicion that he’s trying to push his grand daughter onto the Crown prince.

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