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GNU Ch.17 Part 2 – Displeased (II)

The next day, Cheng Yujin went for another calligraphy lesson. Her gaze at Cheng Yuanjing was full of inquiry. Cheng Yuanjing usually didn’t talk much, and Cheng Yujin also didn’t like to speak uselessly. The two people often spent the whole afternoon in the same room, doing their own thing, without disturbing each other.

Cheng Yujin thought that this man was quiet and self-disciplined, and was comfortable to get along. However, every night, his action made Cheng Yujin felt helpless.

For a few days, as soon as she was free, Cheng Yuanjing would immediately call her and let her go back to practice calligraphy. In the few days that Cheng Min stayed in the manor, Cheng Yujin never found the opportunity to get along with Xu Zhixian.

Cheng Yujin simply suspected that Cheng Yuanjing was deliberately obstructing her plan. But then she thought again. She never offended Cheng Yuanjing, and there was no conflict of interest between them. He wouldn’t be so bored to bully her, right? Maybe he was anxious about the embroidery screen and thus urged her to practice well. After all, it would be presented to the Emperor.

Perhaps it was she who gauged a gentleman’s intention with the mind of a villain.


Today, Cheng Yumo, Xu Zhixian, and several other cousins were gathering and playing together. Cheng Yujin self-consciously stood at the door and waited for Cheng Yuanjing.

No need to wait for him to call; she would come by herself.

Xu Zhixian played for a while and saw Cheng Yujin, who was standing away. He shouted from across the room: “Elder sister Jin, where are you going?”

Cheng Yujin had already put on her cloak and deerskin boots. She answered back. “It’s already this hour. I have to go back to practice calligraphy.”

“Oh.” Xu Zhixian responded blankly. At this time, Cheng Yuanjing had come out. Cheng Yujin hurriedly greeted Xu Zhixian and followed Cheng Yuanjing out.

Xu Zhixian watched the two leave one after the other. After a long time, he scratched his head and muttered: “Elder sister Jin is truly diligent. Since I’m leaving tomorrow, I thought I could talk to her tonight.”


The next day, Cheng Min and her children returned home. The servants from Chang duke manor went inside the second gate to pick them up. Cheng Yujin stood behind the festoon gate with her grandmother, watching the carriages from the duke manor went further.

Having money and power was indeed very great. Even Cheng Min’s carriage had a better style than a marquis manor’s carriage. Cheng Yujin’s goal to marry into a high family became firmer. Counting the one before her reborn, this would be her second marriage. Since she couldn’t choose her parents, she could only find a highest-level husband as possible. She had fed up living under someone’s charity, and no one could stop her from climbing higher.

Cheng Min, this married lady, finally returned home. Although old Madam Cheng was unwilling, the rest of the Cheng family were collectively sighing in relief. When Cheng Min was here, other family members must be careful no matter what they did, and had to carefully attend this sister in law and her pair of Xu family’s children.

Ruan-shi returned to her yard and sat on the couch with a long sigh of relief.

“Finally, they are gone. It’s really exhausting having to entertain her these days. The old Madam only has to move her mouth; their mother and daughter are happy. It is us who are affected.”

Cheng Yumo climbed onto the couch to give Ruan-shi shoulder massage: “Mother, you worked hard, daughter will help loosen your muscle.”

Ruan-shi’s eyes were sore because of her daughter’s care: “My daughter has grown up and knows how to care for others. Mother truly didn’t raise you in vain.”

The servant girl on the side also said: “Daughter is a caring little cotton-padded jacket. Second miss is already fourteen. Later, she will only be more filial to madam.”

Ruan Shi nodded: “Yes, Mo-er will soon marry a good husband. You are filial to your parents, and can also take care of your brothers. Really no need to worry.”

Cheng Yumo’s face completely flushed. She shook her body coquettishly and said, “Mother, I give you a good massage, but you say these things. If you keep talking about this, I will ignore you.”

Both Ruan-shi and her dowry servants laughed. Cheng Yumo blushed, crawled down, and ran out, inciting even more laughter. Cheng Yumo let the wind cool down her burning face. Although embarrassed, she couldn’t help but think. It was already over one month. Why hasn’t brother Changyuan come to propose yet?

That day, he clearly told her, that he would come to marry her after canceling the engagement with her sister.

Even if Cheng Yumo had the utmost trust in Huo Changyuan, she was a little worried now. Both grandmother and mother were looking for husband candidates for her. The most important thing was that she heard Xu Nianchun said that someone was asking Huo family about Huo Changyuan’s marriage. If they didn’t rush to make an engagement, did it mean she and Huo Changyuan had to take the old road of the previous life?


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8 thoughts on “GNU Ch.17 Part 2 – Displeased (II)”

  1. It’s so strange – when I’m reading about Cheng Yujin, her thoughts and emotions, I believe that she’s an older woman who’s got reborn as her younger self. But Cheng Yumo totally doesn’t make this impression – she behaves and thinks like a teenager! Well, at least this is the feeling I get when reading.
    Thank you for the translation <3

    1. I think its because Cheng Yujin was never given a chance to be a child. He has been raised or raised herself as an adult. She doesn’t have the luxury to be spoiled or embrace romantic pursuits when her entire life is at stake. She has no backing whatsoever therefore she needs to think of ways to back herself up.
      I always feel sad for her and just want to hug her and take on a trip for fun.

    2. You are right, if a grown up person get reborn again they ,mostly won’t have the patience to play with children…

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Even with the memories of her past life, I think Yujin has always had to be mature. With parents like hers, she has never been able to be an innocent and carefree child. Her memories from her past life have taken away her naivety and left her more scheming, but not in a nasty vengeful way. She just wants to avoid the pain from the previous life and have a happy family of her own. Yumo was always a brainless, sheltered, self-centred white lotus type… like her mother, everything revolves around her and her wants, in her own small world, driven by her own emotional desires. But because she isn’t vicious or malicious enough to deliberately work to harm others, she will always wait to for others to make moves on her behalf, and let them take the negative heat. Then nothing is her own fault… even if she was the deliberate or inadvertent catalyst.

    1. What a good way to put it man, totally agree.

      It’s so sad seeing Yujin already have that mentality of not relying on anyone but herself along with always thinking through things logically and forgoing her emotions, it’d be one thing on an adult but she’s been living like that for years and she’s still barely 14 now.

      Worst thing for me is that just as you said shes not malicious, and I actually wish she was, hell I’d be pleased if she just looked out for herself more, but no she’s still too much if a good person and is always putting herself down so that her scum family can feel good about themselves, I’m pretty sure if she wanted she could turn them against each other and live a more relaxed life, but no she’s still always trying to keep up a harmony even at her own cost, and I just find that extremely sad.

      Sigh I really hope that she leaves and never looks back, that when she has the backing and security she’s always wanted in her heart she forgets this scum and there’s none of that filial piety where she takes care of them even if they been such horrible guardians.

  3. crown prince has been sabotaging her plan. His ego is irked. This act served well, cos he has been preserving her for himself in the future, he had to make her wait till the right time comes LOL

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