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GNU Ch.18 Part 2 – Guests (II)

When the calendar entered the third month, the weather gradually became gentle, new greens sprouted in the garden, and colorful flowers started to bloom everywhere. The womenfolks in the inner courtyard also started to put on light spring clothes.

In the Jinning courtyard, Cheng Yujin was wearing a white top shirt, with a line of golden begonias embroidered at its edge. As if the flowers were growing until they spread into her skirt, the skirt was made from the same color, with dark golden lines decoration. Cheng Yujin sat in her embroidery room, puncturing a needle vertically without damaging the thread on the opposite side. Each of her stitches was well-proportioned, carefully taking into account the pattern of both sides. She embroidered another character, making several short stitches in a row to hide the thread ends without showing it on either side.

Lian Qiao was watching from the side, holding her breath in astonishment. Cheng Yujin’s embroideries were scarce, but each of them was so exquisite that they instantly stole everyone’s attention. It was significantly different from ordinary embroidery. Especially the double-sided embroidery, it was absolutely amazing. Lian Qiao admired it very much. Eldest miss has never done anything less than perfect. As long as she made her mind to do something, she must do the best. Even the movement of her needle was smooth and beautiful.

Lian Qiao saw Cheng Yujin put down the needle, and quickly came up to massage her shoulders: “Miss, you have embroidered for a while, rest your eyes.”

“Mm.” Cheng Yujin responded. She asked suddenly, “Is ninth uncle entertaining guests today?”

“Yes, in the outer courtyard’s banquet hall. I heard that second young master Xu is also coming.”

Cheng Yujin thought for a while and asked: “When did it start?”

Lian Qiao frowned and recalled. She had an agile mouth, and among Cheng Yujin’s personal servants, she was usually in charge of inquiring news. After a while, Lian Qiao answered, “It should have been started for some time now. Probably an hour ago.”

Cheng Yujin nodded. She stood up and said: “Let’s go. There is a character that I’m not sure about. I should go to the ninth uncle’s study to see if he is there and ask for some guidance.”

Lian Qiao froze for a moment: “Miss, there is no one in ninth master’s courtyard now, are you still going?”

“Of course.” Cheng Yujin’s expression was solemn. “How important is the Emperor’s birthday gift? I shouldn’t delay it. If I didn’t see ninth uncle, then I have to figure it out myself. Alright, go and prepare some snacks, maybe ninth uncle drank some wine, it will help him sober up.”

Lian Qiao was a little puzzled, but Du Ruo lightly hit her with one elbow. She immediately gathered her mind and went to prepare the snacks. Du Ruo could see clearly that the eldest miss had other intentions. Although her heart was clear, Du Ruo didn’t say anything. She swiftly collected the needles on the table and asked: “Miss, do you want to change clothes?”

“No, I’m going to visit ninth uncle. “Cheng Yujin adjusted her skirt and said with satisfaction: “Let’s go.”

As expected, Cheng Yuanjing’s yard was empty. Cheng Yujin came to the study every day around this hour, so Chen Yuanjing’s people were familiar with her. One servant boy asked if he should go to ask Cheng Yuanjing to come back. Cheng Yujin refused. She sat in the east room, took a brush and paper, then started to copied Cheng Yuanjing’s handwriting.

After a while, a sound of footsteps came from outside. Cheng Yuanjing has returned. But from the sound, he clearly brought other people.

The servant boy ran over and reported to Cheng Yuanjing: “Ninth master, the eldest miss is inside. She has been waiting for a while.”

Right after, Cheng Yujin appeared from beside the many treasure shelves, and greeted Cheng Yuanjing with a smile: “Ninth Uncle, you are back.”

For a while, Cheng Yuanjing was a bit stunned, as if Cheng Yujin was originally belonged to this room, and had been waiting for his return. Cheng Yuanjing quickly calmed down and asked, “Why are you here? Why are you sitting alone?”

“There is a word that I have some difficulty with, so I came to ask ninth uncle some guidance. But you weren’t here, so I sit down and wait.” Cheng Yujin spoke as she walked out of the room. When she saw the people behind, she froze for a moment and glanced at Cheng Yuanjing hesitantly: “Ninth uncle, they are…”

Cheng Yuanjing’s confused brain cleared instantly. He took a glance at the people behind him. They were the young talents he took a liking. After the banquet at the front yard ended, he brought several acquaintances to his courtyard for further gathering. Those who could enter Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes were all promising and talented youths.

The original purpose was actually here. Just now, he had a momentary confusion, and even thought that she was waiting for him.

Cheng Yujin finally got her goal and turned her eyes to the guests behind Cheng Yuanjing. He got the title of jinshi at a young age of sixteen. Every year, there was only a handful of jinshi. As long they were on the same batch, there would be a closeness among the jinshi that was unique to their circle. Cheng Yuanjing had been stationed in the outside post for so many years. But now he had come back and was getting a promotion, there should be many jinshi of his batch who come to visit him today. After the banquet, they might want to find another place to talk. With this anticipation, Cheng Yujin came to Cheng Yuanjing’s yard.

Cheng Yujin saw the two young men on the lead. One was smiling brightly, and the other was reticent. Even more behind, there was Xu Zhixian, and finally, Huo Changyuan. Seeing this man made her bright mood dimmed.

Xu Zhixian saw Cheng Yujin and asked: “Elder sister Jin, why are you here?”

Cheng Yujin’s eyes moved from Huo Changyuan. She was too lazy even to give some fake smile. Cheng Yujin turned at Xu Zhixian, smiling with a perfect courtesy: “Second biao elder brother.”

The elegant and bright young man smiled: “Hey, your family is so interesting. Why is one called ‘elder sister’ and the other ‘elder brother’? Who is the elder one?”

Cheng Yujin just waited for this sentence. She looked at Cheng Yuanjing and asked, “Ninth Uncle, this person is?”

Cheng Yuanjing stared at Cheng Yujin quietly. Did she treat him like a fool? She wanted to weigh the pork but made him brought the load?


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14 thoughts on “GNU Ch.18 Part 2 – Guests (II)”

  1. I’m pretty sure every comment I’ve left so far equates to ‘Gods, I love this FL!’

    So much calculation going on behind her every action, yet our ML sees through it. I can’t wait until they can start working together as a couple, hope it’s not too far off.

  2. Hey! UNCLE COME ON!! STOP BEING STINGY AND HELP OUR YUJIN-JIE GET A HUSBAND! You’re not going to step in any time soon anyway hmp!

    1. Anyway, many thanks for the chapter. I really like Yujin. She reminds me of “The Villainess lives twice” where she’s a total tactician from the beginning and never lost her edge even in the face of the ML.

      She doesn’t want to do anything rash and I like that about her. She just wants to live a proper life, be with a good partner in the future. If she was really ambitious then I don’t know how they can stop her tbh haha

  3. The last part really made me laugh so much.. Yujin’s scheme isn’t really that evil unlike other’s. Her scheme is more like for her survival and finding a decent husband to marry. She doesn’t even scheme and take revenge on her sister and ex bastard husband.

  4. Looking at how smart, conscientious, and brilliant this FL is, her (potential) enemies should pray hard that she found her perfect husband soon, then settle down happily raising kids in a bright peaceful courtyard, let her be content in her own small world that she forgets outside world. This FL could be a scary opponent should she be given reason or forced to scheme maliciously.

  5. Heheh really want to keep giggling. Ninth Uncle did your heart warm or skip a beat seeing her there waiting for you? Make her continue it during married life 🙊

  6. I think I figured out why everyone likes the FL. It’s because despite being so smart and cunning, she still has an innocent side.

    Even though she schemes, her goal is ultimately harmless to other people. She schemes only to get a good husband for herself, not to hurt anybody else. The single-mindedness with which she pursues this goal is endearing.

    It’s like watching a child scheme to steal cookies from the cookie jar. It’s cute.

  7. Damn I love. She so freaking smart. Unlike those terrible Villains who were so malicious, they’ll drag everyone down to elevate themselves, these MC was so much more endearing. Yes, she wanted a husband. Yes, she’ll do anything for it. But she never put herself down for them. She have this pride and self love on her own way.

  8. If this happens to be a revenge story and mc had to put everything on the line, no one could win against her, in terms of scheming. Ml might figure it out but everything will be implemented before that

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