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GNU Ch.2 Part 1 – Canceling the Engagement (I)

After dying in her dream, Cheng Yujin saw the whole story from another angle.

To be precise, this was the story of Cheng Yumo and Huo Changyuan.

The second miss of Yichun marquis manor was naive and lively, and very much loved by her parents. One winter, she went to a trip to the estate owned by her eldest aunt. One night there was a heavy snow. She went out for a walk, but blinded by snowfall, she accidentally missed her path. When she noticed, she already lost.

She found a man by the side of the road. After turned him over, she found out that it was an extremely heroic and handsome youth. Second young miss blushed and saw that the man was injured, so she dragged him into the cave and for the whole night carefully tended for him.

By midnight, the snowstorm subsided a little, but the man had a fever. Suddenly he shivered all over the body and in delirious murmured that he felt cold. The kind female lead had no choice but to untie her clothes, removing the man’s cold armor and warmed his body with her skin.

When the weather finally cleared, the female lead hurriedly returned to the estate to call for help. But when she came back, she found out that her twin sister had taken the lead and saved the injured man.

Since then, the man mistakenly thought that her sister was his life-saving benefactor. He felt very grateful and even offered to marry the sister. Everyone loudly celebrated their engagement, but the poor female lead curled up in bed, coughing again and again.

Cheng Yujin saw this in her dream and spit in contempt.

No wonder when Huo Changyuan woke up he said ‘it’s you’ to her, no wonder Huo Changyuan insisted on marrying her, no wonder when Huo Xue-shi came to make the marriage proposal, although she was smiling, her eyes looking at Cheng Yujin was unconcerned.

It turned out that Cheng Yumo had skin relationship with Huo Changyuan. An unmarried woman and single man spent a night together, and she even holding Huo Changyuan to warm him with her body!

Without her knowledge, Cheng Yujin became a vicious elder sister who stole her sister merit and was inexplicably thought to have lost her innocence. When preparing the wedding, how did Huo family people looked at her?

It’s no wonder, even though she believed that she had done her everything she could do and that there was no other daughter-in-law in capital who was more qualified than herself, but Huo Xue-shi still humiliated her like that.

From her family’s point of view, Cheng Yujin was an ingrateful white-eyed wolf who took advantage of her own sister’s credit; in Huo Changyuan’s view she was a liar who was greedy for wealth and fame, and deliberately humiliated his white moonlight, truly a poisonous woman; in the eyes of her mother-in-law Huo Xue-shi, Cheng Yujin looked pure on outside, but actually seduced her son before married, a slut who pretended to be dignified.

Cheng Yujin’s death was the best outcome for many people, and everyone were relieved. When Cheng Yumo came to accompany Cheng Yujin nurtured her pregnancy, she couldn’t bear the pain in her heart and painfully told everything to her brother-in-law. After learning the truth, Huo Changyuan was shocked and heartbroken. But now that Cheng Yujin, a poisonous woman who occupied the magpie’s nest, was finally dead, Huo Changyan was free to propose to marry Cheng Yumo and corrected all mistakes.

But this was the story of ‘you chase me and I run away’ and ‘heartbreaking, tearjerking drama’. Cheng Yumo who learned that her sister was dead, was overwhelmed with guilt, and refused to marry Huo Changyuan. She wanted to cut her hair and became a nun. Of course, Huo Changyuan didn’t give up. He chased, she hide. He became forceful, she cried and refused. Finally, Huo Xue-shi saw his son’s affection for another woman, became possessive, and wanted to marry her distant niece to him. Huo Changyuan was so miserable that he forced himself to accept a new woman. But at this moment, Cheng Yumo suddenly figured out her feeling. She decided to marry Huo Changyuan to take care of his sister’s son.

At this point, Cheng Yujin was utterly disgusted. She looked at her good husband, her good sister. Even after her death, they still didn’t let her rest in peace.

Afterwards, Huo Changyuan and Cheng Yumo experienced many ups and downs of tearjerking dramatic plot, abusing both mind and body, before finally they broke through all barriers, heart and soul merged into one. In the end, Cheng Yujin was just a stepping stone, the vicious sister and ex-wife in their love story, used to promote the emotional development of male lead and female lead and contrasting the true goodness of the female lead’s heart.

Later, her son also grew into a hedonistic waste, in stark contrast to Cheng Yumo’s biological son. In the past few years, Huo Changyuan’s power has expanded dramatically. Because of his merits, Huo Changyuan was reused by the new emperor, the former crown prince, and became the prominent figure in the court. At the same time, the shizi of Jingyong marquis manor was notoriously ignorant and incompetent. Instead it was the second young master who was smart and diligent, self-motivated and filial.

When Cheng Yujin’s son was sixteen, Huo Changyuan who felt resentful that his eldest son failed to meet his expectation, abolished his shizi position and let him to self-destruct. Later, her son got drunk at night and accidentally fell into the river, ending his life.

With that, the last trace of Cheng Yujin’s existence in this world has disappeared.

With the death of her son, the dream gradually disintegrated, and Cheng Yujin suddenly woke up. Soaked in cold sweat, she raised her hand and found that it was still twenty-two years of Jianwu, and the sickly crown prince who had been missing for fourteen years was yet to be found.

She was still 14 years old and had just got engaged to Huo Changyuan.


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T/N : Hello, everyone! This is my new project, a historical romance novel focused with inner courtyard drama with political spice. I like the MC, she was rational by nature and seemed to be overly calculating, but it was easy to see why she had to act like she did. The upload schedule is the same as THDP, tuesday and thursday, and since now I had three active projects, for the time being I won’t add another one. See you later!

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  1. Hello !! This one looks good. A green tea biatch younger twin sister. Look forward for the update 🙏

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  3. “At this point, Cheng Yujin was utterly disgusted. She looked at her good husband, her good sister. Even after her death, they still didn’t let her rest in peace.” I laughed so much. Thanks for this novel. ✌️

  4. I hope the mc is smart and keeps her card close and gives everyone what they deserve.

    Damn what a sad end to her life …. And c’mon the sister did that in ancient China? Uhh weeee, that’s a surefire way to lose all your reputation.

    Either way the mother in law is a piece of trash, no matter what her son was saved and she acted like that …..

    The sister is pure scum and the husband is a retard like … Wtf man. …..

  5. ‘the vicious sister and ex-wife in their love story’.
    To refer to Yujin as an ex-wife would mean that she and her husband divorced, which isn’t the case, so you should use ‘late wife’ which means that she died.

    Thanks for bringing this story to us!

      1. Basically they’re twins from one woman, but because of seniority the eldest twin girl was given to the eldest daughter in law to raise as a “luck daughter “ (aka a child from another woman to raise because she has no children.)

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