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GNU Ch.2 Part 2 – Cancelling the Engagement (II)

Cheng Yujin stayed in bed for a long time until the sky was getting brighter outside. The sound of people moving around came out from outside the bed curtain.

She thought a lot, partly about dreams, partly about her present situation.

In the empty gaps when the dream disintegrating, she vaguely saw the words ‘《The Twins Fate: The Domineering Marquis Charming Wife》 – The End’. For a long time she lost in thought before finally laughed at herself. The spectators enjoyed the performance, ignorant with the fact that they were the actors. It turned out that in other people’s story, she was a hypocritical sister and vicious ex-wife.

Huo Changyuan and Cheng Yumo resented that she took her sister’s credit, but Cheng Yujin really felt that she indeed saved Huo Changyuan.

When she found Huo Changyuan in the cave, there were no other people around, and Huo Changyuan’s clothes were properly worn. Of course she would think that Huo Changyuan was fainted there and happened to be found by her. How could she guess that just a moment ago, someone had spent the night with Huo Changyuan, and even had an intimate skin contact?

She saved Huo Changyuan’s life and he repaid the grace with the position of his wife, it was completely reasonable. She was confident that she would be a perfect wife. After she married in, she would honor her mother-in-law, managed the household, support her husband and raised his children. From the perfect marquis manor’s young miss, she would transformed into a perfect marchioness.

Cheng Yujin was given away as soon as she was born. Others envied her having two mothers. Her birth mother was gentle and delicate, her adoptive mother born noble and had a royal title. When Cheng Yujin was taken under Qingfu Junzhu, she was moving from a silver nest into a golden nest. Enjoying endless wealth and endless blessing.

However, although Ruan-shi still loved her, but she loved the daughter she personally raised even more. Qingfu Junzhu lived extravagantly, but didn’t spend those money on her. Outsiders envied Cheng Yujin’s luck, but only she herself knew that she actually had nothing.

She had no mother, no father, not even her own dowry.

She was just a beautiful decoration. Her only asset was her reputation, and the marriage with Huo Changyuan was her best way out on the scope of her ability. So when she just married him, she really wanted to be a good wife.

She recalled that yesterday Cheng Yumo suddenly rushed into her room without any regard on courtesy. Cheng Yujin, with her usual flawless smile, asked : “Second sister, what’s happen with you?”

Without any rhyme or reason Cheng Yumo suddenly said, “Sister, are you happy with what you have done?”

What? At that time Cheng Yujin was confused. What did she meant?

Cheng Yumo finally spit out this sentence “It’s not yours after all,” and ran out.

Yesterday Cheng Yujin still didn’t know the truth. She was immersed in the joy of getting married, so she thought nothing of her sister’s nonsense. She just shook her head and laughed. Unexpectedly, after Cheng Yumo left, at the same night Cheng Yujin had a nightmare. Dreaming of that snowy night, and of the book’s plot.

Now when she carefully contemplating this matter, the girl who in her previous life stubbornly refused to tell the truth before her marriage now suddenly blew her temper. There should be only one reason for this change, that is, Cheng Yumo also had knowledge about the plot. Or maybe she was the Cheng Yumo from previous life.

It seemed that after Cheng Yumo ran out yesterday, she told the truth to Huo Changyuan. Thus making him visiting her family today to cancel their engagement.

Granny Zeng looked at the eldest young miss, who was as calm as new year’s picture. Cheng Yujin smiled and then stood up. Her long skirt, made from Yun brocade embroidered with gold thread, fluttered like flowing water. As if the stars in the sky fell on the corner of her skirt, full of brilliant colors and unmatched in its beauty.

Like a floating cloud, her embroidered shoes lightly touched the floor. But the hem of her skirt didn’t shake at all. At her each step, her clothes didn’t wrinkled even a bit. The boudoir woman’s perfect walking etiquette, that countless affluent family’s girls practiced in tears, turned to be so easily done by Cheng Yujin.

While granny Zeng still stunned, Cheng Yujin had already walked out. Du Ruo quickly put on Cheng Yujin’s red cloak and asked in low voice, “Miss, where are you going?”

“Go to meet my fiance.”


“What are you afraid of?” Cheng Yujin smiled, “I, Cheng Yujin, am the Marquis Yichun’s eldest granddaughter, Qingfu Junzhu’s eldest di daughter, Ning Wang’s granddaughter. For fourteen years, I’ve grown up being praised as the model for all capital city’s young miss. What kind of family I cannot marry, so that I have to accept his insult?”

Du Ruo, when she heard that Cheng Yujin wanted to go to front yard, thought that she was extremely aggrieved. But if a girl went to cry and make ruckus in front of her ex-fiance after her engagement cancelled, it would only make her lost even more face.

Lian Qiao hurriedly said, “Miss, you really are smart. You are beautiful and noble, any family who married you in will be very fortunate. Marquis Jingyong must be bewitched by someone, that he dare to do this thing. Now the news still hasn’t spread, so it’s still not too late. You can go and ask the old madam to suppress the situation. Although the groom side decide to cancel the engagement, if he do this without a good reason it would still cost his reputation. If old madam quickly rectify the situation, this marriage will definitely still can be saved.”

“Right, it was better to demolish ten temples than to destroy one marriage. Miss, you should go to madam’s courtyard first and asked her to take you to Shou’an hall. Madam is a Junzhu, if she spoke, Marquis Jingyong wouldn’t dare to bully you.”

Cheng Yujin smiled: “Who tells you that I’m going to save my engagement?”

The servant girls were all stunned: “Eh?”

“I’m going to cancel this engagement.”


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