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GNU Ch.22 Part 2 – Marriage Proposal (II)

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Huo Xue-shi was unwilling, and her attitude clearly showed so. Old Madam Cheng was determined to continue the marriage talk between the two families. However, she had to hold her granddaughters’ value. Huo Changyuan tossed away the elder sister and now wanted to marry the younger sister, this kind of behavior was enough to let the old Madam took the initiative, and she indeed couldn’t let herself lose face.

Old Madam Cheng initially thought that if Huo Xue-shi were more courteous and showed a pleasant attitude in every way, she would be able to yield after making a show of resistance. Unexpectedly, Huo Xue-shi was too disdainful for even showing some amiable face, and thus old Madam Cheng was stuck in an awkward situation.

The atmosphere instantly froze. The good fortune madam initially took this job after considering the Emperor’s attitude towards Huo Changyuan. Unexpectedly, the two families didn’t show any enthusiasm, and didn’t look like they wanted to continue the marriage talk.

Prestigious families much cared for appearance and reputation, and thus paid meticulous attention to many aspects. Before making a formal marriage proposal, both parties had always made confirmation and finished talking about crucial parts before sending a matchmaker to the bride’s house with great fanfare. Only when the imperial family was taking a consort would they directly dispatch people to the gate. However, it was easy for other people to notice when the bridegroom parents came to visit, so they would always bring a good fortune person in tow. In the future, even if the marriage talk was unsuccessful, they could still make some excuses.

The good fortune madam mused secretly. When talking about marriage and engagement, the woman’s side had to put on a shelf. So, old Madam Cheng’s cold face could barely be explained. However, what happened with Huo Xue-shi? Her expression was like facing an enemy. The good fortune madam was puzzled. Inside the room, only her talking voice, that she deliberately made louder than usual, could be heard.

The atmosphere gradually froze. At this time, a shout suddenly came from outside: “Eldest miss, you can’t, eldest miss…”

Old Madam Cheng suddenly startled, her expression quickly receded. She turned her back sullenly, and saw Cheng Yujin stepping into the threshold with a solemn face. Two servant women who were guarding the door was anxious and ashamed. They tried to pull Cheng Yujin back several times, but was stopped by Cheng Yujin’s servant girls. Seeing the old Madam’s gaze, they hurriedly knelt on the ground: “Old madam, this servant has tried to stop the eldest miss. But eldest miss won’t listen to us.”

Old Madam Cheng’s expression was so dark that it almost dripped ink. The good fortune madam didn’t expect this development and turned to look: “What’s wrong?”

What else could old Madam Cheng say. She could only pretend that there was nothing wrong, and ask: “Eldest girl, I’m entertaining guests. What are you doing here?” Her tone was full of hidden coercion. Even at this time, she still wanted to hold the pretense.

Cheng Yujin also smiled docilely and respectfully before saying: “I know grandmother is entertaining guests. So I came to greet our distinguished guests.” She said, “Hello, Madam Zhou.”

The good fortune madam was surnamed Zhou. She mused in her heart: the eldest miss Cheng’s reputation was truly well-deserved. Her appearance and manner are excellent. However….

The good fortune madam glanced at Huo Xue-shi, a little embarrassed. The two women were sitting side by side, but Cheng Yujin only greeted one of them. Huo Xue-shi’s face obviously didn’t look good. She glanced at old Madam Cheng and sneered: “Is this Cheng family’s teaching?”

Before old Madam Cheng could speak, Cheng Yujin hurriedly intervened: “Of course our Cheng family’s teaching is excellent. From the old madam to the madams, the young misses, and the servant girls, everyone knew their etiquette well. However, a respectable person always based their behavior on reciprocity. When our virtues were paid back with grievances, should we still show the same virtues? Huo family did injustice towards our Cheng family, and we don’t want to abide by the saint’s rules. Madam Zhou, we let you see some jokes. Please forgive us.”

Madam Zhou looked at Cheng Yujin, then at Huo Xue-shi again. She folded her sleeves with some curiosity and shut her mouth to watch the play.

Huo Xue-shi was already angry enough, and couldn’t help but point at Cheng Yujin and curse: “Nonsense! Is your current behavior in line with female’s virtue?”

“Then Madam Huo might as well told us what I did wrong??” Cheng Yujin stared at Huo Xue-shi fearlessly. After a while, Huo Xue-shi became timid and avoided Cheng Yunjin’s gaze.

Cheng Yujin coldly retracted her gaze, then smiled politely at Madam Zhou: “Let Madam Zhou laugh. You probably have heard about the cancelation of my engagement with Marquis Jingyong. Madam Zhou is a neutral party. Today, in front of Madam, I will explain the full story clearly. On the twelfth month last year, I found Marquis Jingyong unconscious on the snowy mountain. I then let my people evacuated the Marquis to my mother’s estate villa. Since I was a child, I was taught by my grandmother and mother to do good deeds and accumulate virtues; to pity the poor and cherish the weak. After rescuing Marquis Jingyong, I never expected anything in return. Our Cheng family also never asked Huo family in the slightest. Unexpectedly, at the end of last year, Madam Huo came to our manor, saying that Huo family wanted to tie a marriage in return for my life-saving grace. My grandmother loves me and wanted me to marry a good family, and agreed to my marriage with Marquis Huo. Just two months later, however, when my elder was still ill, Madam Huo came to our manor, saying that Marquis Huo was suddenly dissatisfied with me and wanted to cancel our engagement. Madam Zhou has witnessed many marriages, and surely can tell who did wrong in this matter?”

Madam Zhou fell silent. A while ago, she had heard about the withdrawal of the marriage contract between Marquis Jingyong and Cheng family’s eldest miss. When the engagement was first formalized, many people were envious. Now that the couple suddenly broke up, the surprise was no less. Some people were stirring the muddy water and spreading malicious speculations around. The woman has always been disadvantaged in this kind of thing, and these days, outsiders’ speculations about eldest miss Cheng was indeed not good.

Madam Zhou initially only wanted to see the excitement, but today she finally understood why eldest miss Cheng was famous in the capital. This girl was indeed very smart. Although her words were long, they were well-organized and clearly displayed the cause and effect. Madam Zhou was an outsider, a bystander. But after listening to Cheng Yujin, she thought that Huo family was too excessive.


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  1. Wow! What a pleasant surprise – 8 updates in one go! Lovely~ & so nice to see this Xue-shi getting her comeuppance, she’s far too arrogant for a widowed Marquess (?) I wonder if Huo Changyuan is hanging around the manor somewhere like last time? & will Ninth Uncle get involved in the show?

  2. I love Cheng Yujin and how she refuses to swallow a wrong. I am so over her family tho. I don’t know how the dynamics of her relationship with Cheng Yuanjing is going to work because if he is crown prince and to be Emperor, doesn’t that mean concubines. We want no concubines whether he likes them or not.

  3. Many thanks for the updates!
    I think I’m experiencing 2nd Male Lead Syndrome. Lin-Ge isn’t the 2nd ML but I feel like he’s a better match if Yujin wants to live a good life. I also just want her to live a good life.

    Uncles’ path is too dangerous and even when he sits on his proper place, he has to have concubines, only in novels and tales would allow a king to not have one.

    I just want Yujin to have a good future, a good husband, and a safe place to go home to. I’m sure Lin-ge won’t belittle her since she’s incredibly smart and he’s from a family of scholars.

  4. Thank you and thanks to the sponsors for the 8 chapters! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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