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GNU Ch.23 Part 1 – Identity (I)

This imperial eunuch was the one close to the Emperor. And now, in front of all Yichun marquis manor’s people, he praised Cheng Yujin and sent the Emperor’s reward. Because the reward was given to Cheng Yujin, she knelt in the forefront, with other Cheng family members were kneeling behind on both sides. Even the gray-haired old Master and old Madam also knelt behind her.

Cheng Yujin kowtowed to show her gratitude and received the brocade box representing the Emperor’s grace. When others saw this scene, they all had different feelings. Among them, Cheng Yuanxian’s mood was the most complicated. He was the father, but didn’t receive the reward from the palace and instead had to see Cheng Yujin took the lead.

Old Master Cheng was very pleased that he became teary-eyes. He also didn’t miss how the yellow-clothes eunuch took a brief glance at Cheng Yuanjing before going out. This eunuch was an old servant by the Emperor’s side, and even senior cabinet ministers had to give him some face when they met him. He obviously knew the matter from more than a decade ago.

Old Master Cheng knew that the reason why the Emperor was so happy that he let his most trusted eunuch send rewards to the Cheng family was not because of the embroidery screen, but the calligraphy on it. Cheng Yujin’s double-sided embroidery was indeed excellent and wonderful, but the Emperor sat on the pinnacle of the world and had seen countless of exquisite embroidery. If it wasn’t for the person who wrote the calligraphy, no matter how exquisite the screen was, at most it would only made the Emperor took another glance and wasn’t enough for him to bestow any rewards.

But the Emperor saw it and sent a reward to the Cheng family under Cheng Yujin’s name, indicating that the Emperor recognized Cheng family’s credit. Directly rewarding Yichun marquis manor would only shake the cabinet. After all, no one could think of any of Cheng family men who may produce an appropiate merit, not even the Marquis himself. However, if the reward was bestowed to a woman….then the matter would be different altogether. Cabinet ministers were all busy people, so no one would have time to care about a young girl, and they probably wouldn’t even bother to listen.

This matter was indeed having the right time and the right place, and when all opportunities were accumulated to this point, Cheng Yujin got a ready-made bargain. Yet in this case, everyone was benefited. Since the Emperor had made his words, no one would dare to mention Cheng Yujin’s failed engagement in a bad light anymore.

Cheng Yujin also very satisfied. She did not know the complicated reasons behind, and simply thought that her embroidery had caught the eyes of those in power. Four bolts of brocades and eight bolts of silk were not expensive, and Cheng Yujin could get them by herself. What truly valuable was the golden embroidery tools bestowed by the Emperor and his words that designated her as the ‘women’s model.’

Those who had been maliciously gossiping that Cheng Yujin had her engagement broken because of her too boring and restricted personality now had their face being slapped fiercely. They immediately turned their tongue to skilfully praised this eldest miss, who is truly a model for her peers. After all, His Majesty had opened his mouth, who were they to dare to contradict it?

Lian Qiao endured all the way back to their courtyard before finally laughed out: “Miss, it’s so funny. You didn’t see the second Madam and old Madam’s face just now. Clearly feeling grieved, but still had to put on a bright smile! The corner of their mouths was twitching, and I almost die holding out my laughter!”

Du Ruo also smiled. She pushed Lian Qiao and lightly scolding: “Enough, don’t be too excessive. You may bring our miss trouble if not careful.”

“I know.” Lian Qiao had a sense of proportion, and she would never say such words outside this room. But Lian Qiao was so happy that she squeezed her eyes and said excitedly: “Miss, Huo family and second miss have just getting engaged a few days ago. If Madam Huo knows what happened today, would she feel so much regret that her intestines turned green?”

Cheng Yujin raised an eyebrow and glared at Lian Qiao: “Still laughing? Why don’t you go to properly put the imperial rewards?”

Lian Qiao responded quickly. The bolts of fabric were easy, but she wasn’t sure what to do with the golden embroidery tools. “Miss, where to put this one?”

“Place it on the table that directly facing the main door. Yes, put away the vases, paintings, and other decorations. Just this set of embroidery tools is enough. Properly polish it every day and let everyone who enters the main door to see it at the first glance.”

Lian Qiao and Du Ruo held back their smile and said in unison: “Yes.”

Inside her heart, Cheng Yujin breathed out in relief. She had always felt that she was living on the cloud and might fall down at any time. But now, she finally had some sense of stability. Monarchs never took back their words. With the Emperor’s rewards, who would dare to speak ill of her? Why couldn’t she marry a good man?

Because of the reward, the atmosphere inside the Cheng family was a bit abnormal for several days. The Jinning courtyard was gloating with a happy mood, and everyone there was walking with a smile. But it wasn’t necessarily true for the other courtyards.

Cheng Yuanxian seemed to suddenly realize that he still had a daughter, and said to Qingfu: “Towards Jin jie’er1, you are too negligent. Although she is not born from you, since she was adopted under my knees, she is no different than my biological daughter. As a mother, why you don’t care about your own daughter, and even push her around to other people?”

Qingfu Junzhu inwardly scolded: why she never heard he said these kinds of things before? She had to worry about the family’s affair by herself, and even raising other women for Cheng Yuanxian. Now he saw that Cheng Yujin was profitable, he suddenly wanted to be a good father.

But in Cheng Yuanxian’s presence, Qingfu restrained her temper and said pleasantly: “I am too busy and neglected her before. But although I don’t see her frequently, my care as a mother never lack. Her food, clothing, and other necessities, which one is not the best?”

Cheng Yuanxian was in the wrong after all, so he simply accepted Qingfu’s words: “Alright. The inner courtyard is all in your hands. Even though I am her father, it is not easy for me to intervene. If you know how to treat Jin jie’er well, then that’s good.”

Thus, Cheng Yujin realized that her food, clothing, and other necessities suddenly became grades higher than before, and the mama who served next to Qingfu came to talk to her more frequently.


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  1. Jie’er: Literally written with the character means ‘elder sister’, this is an affectionate way to call a family’s daughter.

7 thoughts on “GNU Ch.23 Part 1 – Identity (I)”

  1. Thank you for the translation!
    I don’t get why the Old Madam was unhappy. Did she think it would’ve been more appropriate for the emperor to reward one of her sons? But the Cheng family still benefited in the end – isn’t it an honour to have a marrigeable daughter commended by the emperor? The relationships in this household are definitely unhealthy…

    1. My interpretation. The old madam is unhappy because she miscalculated the usefulness of Cheng Yujin. She sacrificed her reputation and future marriage prospects to protect Cheng Yumo’s thinking Yujin wouldn’t be able to after the cancellation. But now that her reputation is even higher than before, and knowing how intelligent Yujin is, she probably regrets putting herself in a situation where she “owes” her and won’t be able to control her as much.

      1. That’s quite the thing. Remember that in previous chapters, after Yujin has broken her engagement, the grandmother is already discarding her as a chess piece, regretting losing such well nurtured pawn. She hasn’t even scolded Yumo for ruining Yujin’s chances and reputation out of her foolishness and stupidity, even disregarded the face-slapping that supposed accepting the second proposal from the Marquees. But now, turns out, Yujin was able to turn her luck around, because she is more capable than any of her elders ever thought.

  2. Her parents’ reaction really disgusts me. Now they’re all hypocritical, pretending they care about her with surface love because she’s been valued by the emperor. I hope she can be freed from that family soon.

    Thanks very much for the update 💕!

  3. Lol I didn’t realize this book and I Became the Stepmother of My Ex-Husband was written by the same author. No wonder the story was quite similar, characters and plot-wise. I recently finished the stepmother book and had been looking for something similar. That’s how I found this. Makes me want to reread the other one.

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