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Translating Web Novel

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch.23 Part 2 – Identity (II)

Cheng Yujin realized that her food, clothing and other necessities suddenly became grades higher than before, and the mama who served next to Qingfu came to talk to her more frequently.

Cheng Yujin smiled, but her heart was perfectly calm without any ripples. She wasn’t stupid. Of course she could distinguish who was sincere and who was simply seeking for profit. Her heart was so small. After putting herself in, at most it could only contain a few more sincere people, and no place for others.

However, not only Qingfu, even the old Madam also sent people to call her over, and kept pouring words after words into her ears: “You are Cheng family’s daughter. Your natal family has put so much effort to raise you until this big, give you education, teach you four scholarly arts, and provide you with the best of everything. Without our marquis manor, there would be no you today. Now that you have grown up, it’s time for you to pay back your family and clan.”

Cheng Yujin was tired, but she still had patiently endured. She bowed her head gently: “Grandmother is right. I always remember the kindness this family give to me. A grace owed is like a dripping water, and has to be paid back in a gushing spring. This granddaughter understand this.”

Old Madam Cheng nodded in satisfaction. But before she could say anything else, they suddenly heard a chaotic footsteps from outside.

Both Cheng Yujin and old Madam Cheng paused. A servant boy ran in a panic and yelled, “Old Madam, the Marquis suddenly fainted! Please hurry up and go!”

Old Madam Cheng was startled, she got up so suddenly that she was momentarily shaking. Cheng Yujin and the servant girls hurriedly supported her. Old Madam Cheng forcefully calmed herself down and said in a grave tone: “Go, follow me to see the Marquis.”


In Fuli courtyard, the old Master’s condition was really bad. Masters and servants filled one room. Both the couple from the eldest and second branch had been here, staring at the inner room from time to time. Old Madam Cheng sat on an armchair, her lips were tightly pressed in a solemn look.

Cheng Yumo was sitting next to Ruan-shi, and old Master’s young grandsons were also gathered here. Even the youngest Cheng Enbao knew that something was wrong at this moment and obediently cuddled into his wetnurse’s arms. Cheng Yujin sat next to the old Madam and stared at the closed door.

Suddenly there was a voice from inside, and all Cheng family members stood up. Carrying a medical case, the imperial physician walked out while talking to Cheng Yuanjing.

Cheng Yuanxian couldn’t help but stepped forward and asked: “Imperial physician, how is my father’s condition?”

The imperial physician shook his head and said: “The Marquis’s condition was originally not good, and he also caught a cold the other day. These few days, his emotion has been violently ups and downs, his heart was attacked by excess internal heat, and thus he fell ill.”

Cheng Yuanxian didn’t understand these medical jargons and only cared about one thing: “Can my father be cured?”

The imperial physician slowly shook his head, looked at the Cheng family members, and sighed: “To be born, grow old, get sick and die are natural events. If you have any words to say to the Marquis, please do it quickly while his consciousness still lasted.”

Old Madam Cheng was shaking greatly and had to lean against the table to stand properly. She didn’t want to give up, and asked: “Is there really no way? It’s just a cold. How can it be fatal?”

The old Madam’s meaning was that she didn’t believe in this imperial physician’s words and wanted to look for a better physician. Cheng Yuanjing frowned and stepped forward to intercept Cheng family’s words: “Imperial physician Chen, the Marchioness is overwhelmed with grief, and momentarily speak some harsh words. Please be tolerant.”

“I understand.” Imperial physician Chen was pretty amiable, and walked with Cheng Yuanjing who was sending him out. People in the room only watched Cheng Yuanjing and the imperial physician talked and went away. Cheng Yujin glanced at Cheng Yuanxian silently. This person’s age was already more than 30, but couldn’t even handle this kind of interpersonal relationship. Ninth uncle was the youngest brother, but he still the one who sent the physician out.

Sometimes Cheng Yujin felt wonder: given the IQ of this family’s two oldest masters and their wives, how did someone like her was born?

At this time, a feeble voice came from inside, shouting: “Ninth boy…”

When old Madam Cheng heard this, her face instantly sank down. Even at this time, he still thought about that illegitimate child! The old Madam held a servant girl’s hand walked slowly into the old Master’s inner room: “You are still calling the ninth boy. Why don’t you look, at the end, who will send you off.”

Old Master Cheng strenously opened his eyes. He was looking for Cheng Yuanjing’s figure among the crowd, but unfortunately didn’t find the young man. His sickbed was surrounded by his two sons and young grandsons: “Dad, do you have something to say?”

Something to say? Of course there were. His eyes swept over the room again, and Cheng Yujin subconsciously felt that he was looking for ninth uncle.

After two failed attempt, the old Master was utterly exhausted and looked dazedly into the space. His front teeth has fallen off, and his speech was a bit hard to infer: “I am tired. I want to rest alone. All of you go out.”

Cheng Yuanxian was dissatisfied: “Dad?”

The old Master still has not explained how to divide the family property.

Old Master Cheng closed his eyes and looked like he didn’t want to talk anymore. The old Madam couldn’t do anything and consoled herself. Even people at their last strength sometimes were able to persist for more than one day. Old Master Cheng wouldn’t kick the bucket in one or two days. If today was useless, then just come again tomorrow.

Old Madam Cheng finally said, “Alright, since the Marquis is tired, let him rest. We all come out.”

Cheng Yujin also walked out with the crowd , but took some times to close the door and windows. When she was at it, she deliberately left some trick at one window.

After all the commotion, old Madam Cheng was also tired. She waved her hand and dismissed everyone. After that, she rode a small sedan chair and hurried back to take a rest.

Cheng Yujin followed the crowds for a while. When no one noticed, she turned back abruptly.

Lian Qiao was taken aback: “Miss!”

“Hush!” Cheng Yujin gestured at her to be quiet. She quickly glanced right and left and said, “You hide here and be my watch. Do it smartly and don’t get discovered.”

Lian Qiao was so scared that she couldn’t speak coherently, “Then miss, what about you?”

“I left a window intentionally opened. After a while, I will climb in. You stay outside and don’t let anyone see me.”

“Miss, what are you doing?”

Cheng Yujin gave her a stern look and said, “Quiet, I have my own reason. Be careful of ninth uncle’s men, they have sharp eyes.”

Lian Qiao heart thumped. She instinctively knew that her miss was going to do something outrageous, and even had to guard against the ninth master! Lian Qiao watched Cheng Yujin pushed a window in. The window silently opened. Cheng Yujin climbed in and soon disappeared from her sight.

Lian Qiao couldn’t help but praying to Buddha. She didn’t dare to think about what Cheng Yujin was going to do by sneaking into the seriously ill old Master Cheng’s room. She could only bow her head and prayed hard: “Buddha please give your bless, don’t let anything happen to my miss.”


Cheng Yujin silently jumped into the room. She quickly ran into the cabinet that she had surveyed before, closed the wooden door, and quietly listened to the movement outside. Slowly, a sound of footsteps was approaching.

Cheng Yuanjing came in.

Cheng Yujin couldn’t see outside, and the person who came in also didn’t utter any voice. But Cheng Yujin just knows it was him. Cheng Yuanjing’s footsteps were very regular, neither hurried or slow, and stepping on the floor in a firm yet leisure rhythm.

Hearing the movement, old Master Cheng raised his head struggly: “Your royal highness the crown prince.”

Inside the cabinet, Cheng Yujin’s eyes suddenly widened.


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Greetings, Ninth Uncle
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