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GNU Ch.25 Part 2 – Your Highness (II)

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Several people were guarding on the entrance. Both inside and outside the courtyard, Cheng Yujin saw at least three layers of guards. When Cheng Yuanjing’s people saw their master brought Cheng Yujin out, they were genuinely startled.

When did eldest miss Cheng went in?

Cheng Yujin kept her head down when she walked closely behind Cheng Yuanjing. They straightly went to Chengmin Courtyard. All the way, both of them were silent. When they arrived, two servant boys opened the door and bowed in a perfect manner to welcome Cheng Yuanjing. Although Cheng Yujin’s gaze was still lowered, her lips tightened.

Before, she never paid attention and only felt that Cheng Yuanjing’s servants seemed exceptionally well-trained and well-regulated. Now that she looked more carefully, she found that their manners were too neat and perfect. Their each and every movement were swift but perfectly ordered.

These servants’ quality was certainly too high for a mere marquis manor. Moreover, there were no women among Cheng Yuanjing’s people. Only a group of clean-faced servant boys without any facial hair. But were they really servant boys?1

Cheng Yujin didn’t dare to think more, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get out of this door if she touched too deeply. Cheng Yujin followed Cheng Yuanjing in. The servants who opened the door glanced at her without changing their expression. Seeing that their master didn’t say anything, they quietly closed the door and went back to their post.

When the door closed with a soft ‘click,’ Cheng Yujin’s legs softened, and she almost knelt down on the floor. She felt that the one that had just closed wasn’t the door, but her short life.

Cheng Yuanjing walked into the study and put back some of the things he carried on the many treasure shelves. After that, he turned around and saw Cheng Yujin’s face. He couldn’t help but smile: “Now you know how to be afraid? Weren’t you very courageous earlier?”

Just now, she talked nonsense without even batting her eyelids and lied to him so daringly. In her heart, he was that easy to fool?

Cheng Yujin knelt down silently. She hated that she couldn’t swear in the name of heaven. “Your Highness, I truly didn’t hear anything, and also won’t say anything about today. I’m just a little girl. My biggest wish is to marry a rich and powerful man and life without lacking anything for the rest of my life. Your Highness is magnanimous. Please let me go.”

The corner of Cheng Yuanjing’s lips arched in a slight smile. He asked with his usual calm tone: “Didn’t you say that you were fell asleep? Why do you know my conversation with the Marquis?”

Cheng Yujin carefully chose her words, “This subject daughter did fall asleep accidentally. Although I heard the voice vaguely, the words weren’t clear….”

Cheng Yuanjing kept smiling while watching her: “Still dare to lie?”

Cheng Yujin finally understood. So this great ancestor kept attacking her because he was annoyed with her lies? If he already knew the truth, then say it from the beginning! Cheng Yujin swallowed her dissatisfaction and immediately changed her words: “I wasn’t completely asleep either…”


“Actually, this subject daughter is afraid that Your Highness will punish me and can only make an excuse for falling asleep, so Your Highness can feel assured. This subject daughter is alone and helpless. Although this subject daughter is the eldest branch’s daughter, but adoptive mother is indifferent, and birth mother is only eyeing for the benefit I can give. Even if something happens to this subject daughter, no one will intercede on my behalf. This subject daughter is terrified, and can only make this move, but didn’t deliberately want to deceive Your Highness….!”

Cheng Yujin’s eyes flashed in tears as she looked at Cheng Yuanjing helplessly. Cheng Yuanjing’s personality was cold and indifferent. Hearing Cheng Yujin’s pitiful plea, he thought that she was acting to gain sympathy. But when he turned around and met the girl’s teary eyes, he was startled.

Why is she crying? He just wanted to give Cheng Yujin a lesson, so she would no longer dare to deceive him, but never intended to really punish her. Was his tone too cold and scared her?

Seeing Cheng Yujin sobbed in a low voice, Cheng Yuanjing felt uncomfortable. His fingers tightened in a grip, and he finally sighed: “Get up, I am not going to do anything to you, but I never like others lying to me.”

Cheng Yujin quickly nodded, still in tears: “Your Highness is noble and high. Of course you cannot bear when others tried to deceive you. This subject daughter is ashamed. This subject daughter has made a mistake and deserved to be punished.”

Cheng Yuanjing was used to seeing Cheng Yujin bared her fangs and brandished her claws; she always put on airs and either scheming or scolding people. But he never saw her showing such a weak appearance. A little girl who has always been so prideful now cried pitifully. Even Cheng Yuanjing’s cold heart couldn’t bear it. He unconsciously softened his tone and said: “I said I’m not going to punish you. It’s my bad for scaring you. Get up.”


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  1. Clean-faced without facial hair: Cheng Yujin basically suspected that they are eunuchs. Eunuchs aren’t considered male, and due to hormone imbalance, they tend to lack secondary puberty signs such as facial hairs.

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  1. Oops! Uncle you scared her and worst made her cry… How are you gonna make her marry you if she get traumatized and avoid you now ah!

  2. untl now, 9th uncle never learnes his lesson, “a beautiful woman is decietful”. he got gas lit again hahahaha
    girl can act remember?

    1. It’s not just “a beautfiul woman” it’s the woman he likes, this is thedifference between having feelings for the other and not having any, other women would have just gotten the good ol’ throat slit into “She died from falling in the pond” of something like that

  3. Why do the authors always make the FL into an idiotic bumbling piece of trash when she meets the royal ML? Such cringe-worthy embarrassing behavior. Annoying AF.

    1. @ShannonL I don’t agree. Of course she’s scared witless. He can easily kill her and no one will say anything. Scheming the crown prince would be courting death. Luckily for her they already have a friendly relationship otherwise hé probably would have gotten rid of her.

    2. Well, if you are living in a true monarchy where your head can roll just by one word spoken up out of whim from the royals, then I bet you wouldn’t even dare to raise your head either let alone speak this loudly.
      She just discovered the top secret of a royal family and you must have heard the saying that only dead people won’t tell tales.
      Her reaction is not at all stupid.
      She is nothing in front of him at this point,at least in her knowing.
      Who could guess his hidden affection towards her afterall. He can silence her anytime to keep his secret hidden, allright?!

    3. Well, it’s honestly justifiable as she is still a 14 year old girl striving hard to live a good life. Though, I think that she is crying on purpose to soften the ml’s heart. It’s a common manipulation tactic. Maybe it’s cause I had a similar thought lmao.

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