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GNU Ch.27 Part 3 – Dowry (III)

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Without changing her tone, Cheng Yujin calmly continued: “Mother, I only have Bao’er, this one younger brother. Even if I married, my natal family would always be my lifelong backing and support. In the future, I will have to rely on Enbao. If I don’t support him, who else should I support? It’s a pity that my engagement has been broken, and my reputation is now blemished. Although I got the Emperor’s praise, in any case, it cannot be compared with tangible benefits. I’m afraid it no longer possible for me to marry into a prestigious family. But the second sister is different. She has a good marriage contract, and in the future, she can help pave the way for two younger brothers. The first and second brothers will have a much smoother career with her husband’s help. Just counting of this, grandmother will certainly be willing to prepare more dowry for the second sister. After all, the second branch has great future potential. Of course grandmother will favor them more.”

Qingfu Junzhu’s expression changed, and Cheng Yuanxian looked unhappy: “The second branch? How can it is possible!”

Cheng Yuanxian didn’t care being an idler in his whole life, doing nothing and strife for nothing. But he absolutely couldn’t accept if the second branch became better than himself. This was also true for Qingfu. Thinking that Ruan-shi might gain power made her uncomfortable.

“Of course.” Cheng Yujin smiled and said slowly, “Who let the second sister already engaged? Not counting anything, it is possible that grandfather will give more share for second uncle and second aunt for second sister’s marriage. Before, I heard from a servant girl in the grandmother’s courtyard that grandmother plans to allocate all my dowry to the second sister. When the time came, there would be the money grandmother take out from the public fund, the dowry that mother originally prepared for me, and also the sum that grandfather secretly provided. Isn’t this the second sister helping her parents and brothers to earn a lot of money back?”

Qingfu Junzhu stood up abruptly. Cheng Yuanxian also secretly cursed; why didn’t he think of this before! Seeing that Old Master Cheng was going to die soon, if the second branch secretly went to him with pitiful face to ask for subsidy for their daughter’s marriage, who knew how much money they would squeeze from the Old Master’s hand!

Once this thought reached Cheng Yuanxian, he could no longer sit still. Qingfu was also very angry, and walked around in circles while scolding: “Hateful! Obviously this is the eldest girl’s marriage, but now they want to take away all benefits. Even eldest girl’s next marriage talk will be delayed. How can this be allowed!”

“Muddle-headed!” Cheng Yuanxian scolded. “There is an order in seniority. When the older sister still not married yet, when is the younger sister’s turn? As long as eldest girl isn’t engaged, the second branch has to wait! Besides, even if eldest girl still doesn’t have a good fiance, her dowry can still be prepared in advance. While father is still alive, we can ask him to add dowry for his granddaughter. Maybe he will be happy, and his illness can be cured.”

The more Cheng Yuanxian talked, the more he felt that his idea was reasonable. Even Qingfu was immediately convinced. She praised again and again: “Eldest Master is right. Mother is indeed muddle-headed. Each has its own belonging. Just because eldest girl’s engagement was canceled, why does her dowry should be given to others? It must be that couple from the second branch who deliberately spouted nonsense to mother, coaxing her to give them what they want. As children, we shouldn’t criticize our parents. However, in this family, the one who has the final say is ultimately father. Why not go and talk to him about this?”

Cheng Yuanxian nodded in agreement and contemplated for a moment. The more he thought about it, the more impatient he was, and he immediately strode out. Qingfu didn’t think that he would walk away so fast. She hurriedly chased behind while shouting twice. QIngfu stopped at the door, supporting herself on the door frame anxiously and didn’t know what to do.

Cheng Yujin smiled and called to Qingfu Junzhu. She stretched out her hand, showing an embroidered pouch: “Mother, father walked out in a hurry and forgot his money pouch. You should go and return it to father.”

Qingfu didn’t know what reason should she use to follow Cheng Yuanxian, so this was exactly having someone sending a pillow when feeling sleepy. She let a servant girl took the pouch, but her expression was still a little hesitant. Cheng Yujin said again: “Mother, don’t worry. I’ll look after Enbao. But it’s not good if father didn’t have his money pouch on him. Mother should go and return it to father.”

Qingfu Junzhu’s expression immediately became relieved. She walked up and said to Cheng Yujin: “Look after your brother. I’ll go find the Eldest Master.”


Qingfu finally went out as she wished. She immediately chased Cheng Yuanxian to the Old Master’s courtyard to ask for the property. After they left, Cheng Yujin was the only master there. Qingfu Junzhu’s servants were very respectful to her.

Cheng Yujin arranged some works for them, then sat down satisfied. Seeing that they were left alone, Lian Qiao asked in a low voice: “Miss, are you not going to take a look?”

“No.” Cheng Yujin calmly replied. “They are going to ask money from a sick elder. Such an ugly thing, how can I go with them? Don’t worry, the excuse of preparing my dowry is easy to use and convenient. They will certainly fight enough even without my presence.”

Lian Qiao said in admiration: “Miss’ calculation is so good.”

“This kind of thing, there is no need for me to strain my effort. Their brain is just so, and I know them too well.” Cheng Yujin sipped the tea leisurely, enjoying the rich aroma and taste. The sun was so warm and nice. Cheng Yujin stayed in the room and only needed to watch others fight among themselves, but she could sit back and enjoy the fruit of their effort in the form of a huge dowry.

Quarreling was an ugly matter and only a waste of energy. Why should she do it herself?


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Honestly, this is one scene I dislike from Cheng Yujin…. even though I have to admit that I am overly biased towards her (all Cheng family members+Huo mother and son should become her stepping stone for all I care) but I don’t like her criticize people in one breath, then doing the same thing the next second.

On the happier side, today we have seven chapters! Only nine more for GNU, and THDP+MWFV has been tackled down completely (THDP will come a bit later today). There are still some leftover ($3) here and there, plus some unspecified donation, but at least I can start rebuild my stockpile now *dance in joy*

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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch.27 Part 3 – Dowry (III)”

  1. Cheng Yujin has provided a much wanted excuse for her adoptive parents to go and pester the Old Master. Though she did it purely out of self-interest, ironically, the family will indeed benefit if she marries well.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Claws out… A little. This is just a preview of her fighting ability, I mean her malicious style.

    If this was other stories, she is definitely the villain type. However this stems from her legit and honest efforts being trampled. Actually many though not all villains also formed through the same process…

  3. You see she doesn’t enjoy this type of life, I really hope that she doesn’t end up as part of some harem she has to manage. ….. That’d seriously suck balls.

    I think she really just wants a quiet, sweet life, hell maybe even finding someone to take her broken cold heart and pour some love into it, but she really just feels like she wants peace of mind and security, she’s not sicking glory or anything, just wealth and power to protect herself.

  4. I see it like this: she needs to escape from hell, and none of these people gave her any sincerity, including her blood grandfather who wanted to change her own name. I feel like her level of desperation and care excuses her and these people are worse than she is.


    1. I mean, she did endure them fir all her life. It would be weird if she didn’t criticize them

  5. It’s hard to be graceful and full of integrity when you’re just trying survive. Her entire family is disgusting, and she herself recognizes it’s disgusting, but she has to do the same thing in order to get optimal benefits. Nothing will fall into her lap.

    1. How on earth is it the same thing for adults to neglect and exploit a dependent child and for a dependent child hardened by their neglect to make use of their personalities.

  6. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Ruan-shi will definitely take advantage of it since she always thinks that YCM is at a disadvantage and deserves equal or better than YYJ. She’s already been through so much because of her family and former husband’s family in both lifetimes.
    It’s not unrealistic to say if she stays quiet and obedient, Ruan-shi would bite off a chunk of her dowry.
    She herself has said she has no parents to fight for what’s rightfully hers. So what if the means are a bit dirty?
    Can’t let people take cheap shots at you like that, virtues aren’t worth a dime.

  7. hahaha she will be a great queen. Imagine being this cunning inside os the palace? She already has the brains to pull it off.

  8. I think her attitude was more of, “They’re going to find an excuse to do this anyway, so why not benefit from it?” than being the same as theirs. It wasn’t that she wanted them to do it; she just knew that sooner or later they would come up with an excuse to do it, so she decided to make sure that she got something out of it as well. Since trying to convince them not to do it would have only gotten her attacked and scolded, she just wanted to make sure that if they were going to do it whether she said anything or not, she might as well secure a decent dowry for herself; since her “mother” didn’t care enough not to be perfunctory about preparing one for her.

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