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GNU Ch.28 Part 1 – Younger Brother (I)

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 The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.27 Part 3.

Cheng Yujin leisurely sat in the side room, drinking tea and looking at a booklet with new summer patterns that the embroidery workshop had just sent. But not long after, a plump woman in a dark green short jacket came to the door and nervously glancing inside. Cheng Yujin saw her and called: “Is it third young master’s wetnurse? Come in.”

The wetnurse smiled and walked to the side room. She saluted Cheng Yujin: “This servant greets eldest young miss. May you be blessed. Eldest young miss’ complexion is really good today. If others wear the same white clothes with golden embroidery like you, they won’t look as good.”

Cheng Yujin didn’t bother to pay attention to this superficial fawn. She closed the booklet and glanced at the wetnurse: “What’s happen?”

The wetnurse smiled a bit embarrassedly: “It is the third young master. He refused to get off the bed. This servant comes to ask for Eldest Madam’s instruction.”

What time is it, he hasn’t get up yet? Cheng Yujin smiled faintly and asked: “Why does he refuse to get up?”

“Third young master saw the shizi from Cai Duke manor holding a very imposing greyhound yesterday. It has a pure dark coat without a single different hair. Third young master liked it so much and also wanted to raise one. He was asking for it yesterday, and still remember even today….”

Cheng Yujin laughed. It turned out that he made up a ruckus just because he wanted to raise a hound. Cheng Yujin beckoned Du Ruo to come over. She pointed to a few patterns on the booklet and instructed: “Tell the embroidery workshop to sew the crimson silk into four mamian skirts lined with carmine silk. For the top, uses the white fabric woven with golden thread and make it with pipa sleeve and straight collar. The waist size is smaller by one cun1. The neckline is embroidered with branches and leaves motif. Use a lighter color.”

Cheng Yujin pointed to a few more patterns, each was different. Du Ruo carefully noted them one by one. The wetnurse was standing on the side and couldn’t help feeling awkward. Being ignored, she tried to interrupt several times, but found no chance. After receiving Cheng Yujin’s instructions, Du Ruo walked out with the booklet and lightly glanced at the wetnurse on her way out.

The wetnurse finally got a chance to speak: “Eldest miss, third young master…”

“Sun has risen so high, yet he still stays on the bed. Does he not feel ashamed?” Cheng Yujin continued, “He doesn’t want to get up, then let him stay on the bed. Today father is here. If he doesn’t feel afraid of being scolded by father, just let him do as he like.”

The wetnurse’s face turned bitter. If the one sitting here at this moment was Qingfu Junzhu, she would already go to coax Enbao long ago. On the contrary, Cheng Yujin didn’t even change her tone and lightly said to let him stay on the bed.

The wetnurse still tried to persuade: “However, the third young master is very angry now. If Madam knew, she would blame us when she back.”

“If mother wants to blame, she will blame me. Just do it.” Cheng Yujin narrowed her eyes and said coldly: “Go back and tell him my exact words. Also, tell him that mother went to take care of grandfather. If he still doesn’t want to get up, I’ll personally go.”

The wetnurse nodded and slumped out. After a while, Du Ruo, returning from outside, was hit hard by somebody. Du Ruo rubbed her waist painfully and turned back to see Cheng Enbao, wearing a gold-inlaid forehead strap, rushed into the main building, colliding with people all the way.

As soon as he entered the door, Cheng Enbao started to yelled and made a ruckus. Cheng Enbao was a son Qingfu Junzhu got in her middle age. He was Qingfu’s only child and was spoiled rotten by his mother. No one in the first branch dared to say anything about this small tyrant. Cheng Enbao relied on his father’s uncaring attitude and his mother’s bottomless spoil to make troubles every day. Like today. Seeing the little shizi of Cai Duke manor raising a hound, he also wanted one and started throwing a temper tantrum.

Cheng Enbao screamed loudly: “Mother, Zhai Qing raises a dog. I also want one!”

Qingfu Junzhu’s servant girls saw Cheng Enbao and hurriedly came forward to coax the boy. Qingfu’s dowry mama shouted distressedly: “Third young master, you haven’t put on a coat, what if you catch a cold! Go and fetch the coat for the third young master!”

Cheng Enbao kept throwing tantrums at his mother’s servants. He yelled for a long time, but didn’t hear his mother’s familiar coax. When turning his head, he saw Cheng Yujin stood at the inner door, staring at him coldly.

Cheng Yujin coldly watched Cheng Enbao’s tantrum, but didn’t have the slightest intention to do anything. Seeing the boy has calmed down, she said indifferently: “Enough?”

Seeing that it was Cheng Yujin, Cheng Enbao’s spirit instantly dampened. He looked at the inner room: “Where’s my mother?”

“Mother and father have gone to take care of grandfather. Counting the time, they will probably be back soon.” Cheng Yujin gave Cheng Enbao a glance and said: “Mother hates pets like cats and dogs. Moreover, greyhounds are hunting dogs. It’s impossible to raise one in the manor. You should put down your thought now. But if you aren’t afraid to let father see, you can make trouble as much as you want. You all, let the third young master go. Just let him lie on the ground.”


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I hate spoiled brats. Not that children (brats or angels) like me either. All my cousins’ babies crying when I hug them, and according to my mother, I have a record of making all my maternal cousins cry when we were children.

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  1. Chun: a unit of measurement, around the length of a thumb.

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  1. That brat isn’t going to have a good end when he grows up if he keeps being spoiled too much. Spoiling a little is fine, but piling on so much they rot inside is harming your child.

    1. His parents are definitely doing him a disservice by letting him to get away with all kinds of atrocious behaviour. The father is a good-for-nothing and the son is shaping up to be a stupid and entitled good-for-nothing

  2. Bookworm_Sueweetie

    Hopefully, this spoiled brat will change for the sake of Cheng family with no smart and reliable heir. He’s still 4 yo and got time to change

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