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GNU Ch.28 Part 2 – Younger Brother (II)

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Cheng Enbao was rolling and screaming on the ground. The servant girls were kneeling to hold him, afraid that this little ancestor might get a cold. Hearing Cheng Yujin’s command, the servant girls looked at each other in hesitation. But their fear towards Cheng Yujin was greater, so they slowly let go of their hands on Cheng Enbao.

Cheng Enbao was in an embarrassing state. He couldn’t continue his tantrum but couldn’t stop now either. He immediately yelled: “I want to raise a hound. Mother loves me the most. If you scold me, I’ll tell my mother when she comes back!”

Cheng Yujin smiled indifferently, too lazy to even spare a glance. She turned her body and went back to the side room. The servants left on the main hall quickly persuading: “Third young master, eldest young miss is doing that for your own good. Please get up quickly!”

Cheng Enbao was used being a tyrant, how could he bear this kind of treatment. He immediately lying down on the floor, rolling and kicking around with all his might: “I don’t care. Zhai Qing has a hound. I also want one!”

The servants helplessly tried to stop Cheng Enbao. Qingfu’s dowry mama even cried in distress: “Eldest young miss, since young master likes it, perhaps you can talk to madam. Madam maybe will agree.”

Cheng Yujin stopped and slowly glanced at the crowd. The noisy hall suddenly quieted down. The servants knelt on the ground; no one dared to speak. Cheng Yujin retracted her gaze and looked at Cheng Enbao: “If Zhai shizi raises a hound, that is their Cai Duke manor’s matter. It has nothing to do with our Yichun Marquis manor. Either you get up now and change your clothes, or continue to lie on the ground. No one will stop you.”

Cheng Yujin moved her gaze to the group of servants: “Do you have nothing to do?”

The servants glanced at Cheng Enbao hesitantly. But after a while, they quietly bowed their head and slowly dispersed. With no one cared, Cheng Enbao couldn’t continue making a fuss, so his wetnurse took the opportunity and picked him up to change his clothes.

Lian Qiao exchanged a glance with another servant girl. Cheng Enbao has always been unruly and arrogant. But Qingfu Junzhu just kept pampering him blindly. Regarding this, the servants had nothing to say. But eldest miss was the only one who didn’t cater to his willfulness. Look, didn’t he behave so obediently?

According to Lian Qiao, kids became unruly because of adults’ indulgence. Changed to eldest miss, just see if they still dare.

After entering the side room, Cheng Yujin asked Du Ruo: “Are you alright?”

Du Ruo nodded quickly: “It’s alright. This servant often does miscellaneous work and has a thick skin and strong bones. Third young master is still small. Even if he accidentally bumped in, it didn’t hurt.”

Cheng Yujin saw Du Ruo’s intention and didn’t reveal her lie. She instead ordered: “Go back now. Later, take a bottle of ointment and put it on. These two days, you don’t have to do heavy work.”

Du Ruo was touched. She knew that it was useless to say more and bowed in grateful: “Thank you, Miss.”


Around noontime, Qingfu Junzhu came back in anger. Not long after, Cheng Yuanxian was also back. As soon as he entered the door, he started cursing: “Taking benefits but stabbing in the back, ungrateful! Dare to stare at other people’s things. After more than ten years working, he is still a small official, yet so pretentious. He kept saying that his career is delayed because the family refused to spend money. On what basis? His ability? Bah! Why doesn’t he look properly on the mirror?!”

Cheng Yuanxian became angrier and angrier. When he came to ask for more property share from the Old Master, the second branch somehow got the news and hurriedly came over. Even now, Cheng Yuanxian’s anger still hasn’t subsided. “I’ve tolerated them for so long. But look at their usual behavior! Always putting on a pitiful act, as if being bullied! Do they think I owe them? If they don’t want their child to be adopted, then just refuse! To whom are they showing their aggrieved face now? Bah, did I ask for it?!”

The servants didn’t dare to move and kept their heads down in silence. Qingfu Junzhu frowned. She gently pulled Cheng Yuanxian’s sleeve and tried to give him an eye signal. “Eldest Master, please calm down. Sit down and have a cup of tea.”

“No need!” Cheng Yuanxian impatiently threw off Qingfu Junzhu’s hand and shouted, “Why should I cover the second branch’s despicable means? Rats can only give birth to rats. Cheng Yuanhan’s heart is so dark. Their whole family isn’t a good thing either!”

After Cheng Yuanxian finished ranting, the room fell silent for a long time. He finally began to notice the awkward mood when a soft knock came from the door. Turning his head, Cheng Yuanxian saw Cheng Yujin standing on the side room’s entrance. She smiled and greeted the couple: “Father, Mother, you are back.”

When Cheng Yuanxian saw the beautiful girl standing at the door, he finally realized: Cheng Yujin was also Cheng Yuanhan’s child. His scoldings towards the second branch just now were completely fell on Cheng Yujin’s ears.

Cheng Yuanxian somewhat felt awkward, but Cheng Yujin’s smile was the same as usual, as if she had heard nothing. Cheng Yuanxian couldn’t lose his face either, so he hurriedly dismissed the girl: “There is nothing for you to do here. Go back now.”

“Yes.” Cheng Yujin saluted Cheng Yuanxian and Qingfu Junzhu, “This daughter retires.”


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  1. Just previous chapter we saw FL scheming and being malicious, but this chapter we see her being kind to her maid.

    I am a big fan of MC who are kind to their servants. Some stories have cruel MC that’s said to be ‘ruthless’ as if it was a crown of glory. Happy with face slapping towards villains, but I lost interest on MC who cares not whether servants, commoners, and in general other people become side victims of their revenge.

    1. Agreed. To gather power to fight power with is one thing, as well as to scourge those who tries to trample you. But to wield power heedless of who gets hurt and how many people die…that just shows that the person is no different from the other human-shaped monsters called nobles. That sort of person is just as mad with power as the villains.

  2. I can’t believe there isn’t a single decent person in that household. It’s so depressing. I wish there was just one other person Yujin could rely on, but it’s only herself.

  3. Really… Main branch and second branch arw brothers from the same womb, but grow up so estranged like this. How did the parent raise them?
    They are all spoiled rotten to become useless, and all have the cheek to be jealous at others.
    A bunch of Good for nothing…

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