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GNU Ch.3 Part 2 – Ninth Uncle (II)

Huo Xue-shi’s eyes turned disdainful. Their family’s second daughter dared to do such a shameful thing in secret, while the eldest daughter saw her younger sister merit and stole it. The children they brought up one after another was even more disgraceful. Where did old Madam Cheng still have the confidence to act like a respectful elder?

However, they were all women from a noble family, so she still needed to give them some face. Huo Xue-shi didn’t show the contempt on her face, but instead smiled and said to old Madam Cheng: “It’s been a while since we last meet. Old madam, how is your health these days?”

Old Madam Cheng calmly replied: “Thanks for old Madam Huo’s concern. My old body is still healthy.”

“The weather recently become cold and dry. Old madam should be careful of your body.”

“Thanks for Madam’s reminder.” Old Madam Cheng smiled, then she suddenly changed the subject. “My old body had become worse and worse every year. But thankfully, my granddaughters are all filial, especially the eldest girl. It’s not I’m bragging, but I watched the eldest girl grew up under my eyes. She always obeys the rules, and her female virtue is never lacking. All the madams that knew her, which of them that didn’t praise her? She is the child I love the most. In recent years my aging body started to crumble, and my last wish is only to see her lifelong event.”

Huo Xue-shi’s smile slightly dimmed, “Old Madam, your eldest granddaughter is indeed a good girl. After being widowed I rarely came out, but even so, I’ve still heard the reputation of eldest miss. Just, a marriage won’t be done if only the elders agreed. Yuan’er that boy, if he was unwilling, then… Even I, his mother, has no way to force him.”

Old Madam Cheng’s expression remained unchanged, “Willing, unwilling, why is it matter? Marriage’s partner shouldn’t be chosen only by fleeting emotion. Marriage is a good way to tie two clans, what’s important is to choose an appropriate match from the families with similar status. How can you make a decision based on like or dislike? Young people are full of energy, talking about love and emotion. Just take concubine for that kind of thing. But marrying a wife is different. Today Marquis Huo is also visiting,  let me talk to him personally.”

Old Madam Cheng has been managing the family’s affair for so many years. She strictly controlled her daughters-in-law and none of them dare to cross her. Once her face clouded with anger, everyone would suffer. Huo Xue-shi was also suppressed by her momentum. She could only relent and said, “Go and call the master.”

Huo Changyuan was indeed visiting Yichun marquis manor today. Yesterday he learned the truth about that snowy night incident and greatly shocked. After spending one sleepless night, he finally made up his mind to come to Yichun marquis manor to cancel the engagement, so that he could marry the snowy night goddess who really saved him.

Huo Changyuan went to Huo Xue-shi and talked about this matter. Although she felt that it wasn’t good to take back their own words, since her son wanted to cancel the engagement, then just do as his wish. Without further objection, she changed clothes and came to Yichun marquis manor with her son.

Huo Xue-shi went into the second gate to meet the family’s madams, while Huo Changyuan stayed at the outer courtyard and went directly to met his future father-in-law, the shizi of Yichun Marquis and the eldest master Cheng.

Early in the morning, Yichun marquis manor’s eldest master Cheng Yuanxian had just come out from his concubine’s room. While his mind still lingering in last night’s tender care from the beauty, he saw his future son-in-law came visiting. When he heard Huo Changyuan’s intention to cancel the engagement, one could imagine Cheng Yuanxian’s surprise and anger.

When Huo Changyuan and Cheng Yuanxian came into the hall, both had a dark expression.

The elders of both sides were here, and there was no need to avoid the taboo. The two men went directly into the inner room and sat together with the female relatives. After the women stood up and rearranged the seats once again, old Madam Cheng looked at Huo Changyuan and sternly asked, “Marquis Huo, although status wise you are on the same seniority as myself, I am much older than you. So this old woman, as the elder, would like to ask you something, is it alright?”

Huo Changyuan cupped his hands and said : “Marchioness, please.”

Old Madam Cheng saw Huo Changyuan neither humble nor overbearing, showing that he knew when to advance and when to retreat, this made her felt a pity. Such a good young man, she could foresee his unlimited future, but unfortunately couldn’t be bound to their side by marriage.

Old Madam Cheng asked: “Do you really want to withdraw your engagement with the eldest girl?”

Huo Changyuan paused, then firmly answered: “Yes.”

The firmness of his attitude made Cheng Yuanxian burned with rage. Old Madam Cheng signaled her son to stop, then once again asked, “Why?”

Huo Changyuan remembered that cold winter night. When he woke up from the burning cold, he saw a bright and beautiful woman smiled at him.

He clearly heard his heart jumped. He thought she was the woman who last night warmed him up with her skin. The tender and sweet touch seemed to linger in his fingertips.

At that moment, a feeling raised in his heart, he thought that if he was able to marry her as his wife, it would be the greatest luck in his life.

But Huo Changyuan didn’t expect that the woman lied to him! Such a beautiful woman, who thought that she has a vicious heart?

Huo Changyuan’s mind returned to the present reality. He looked at old Madam Cheng, who was looking at him with a hopeful glance from the main seat, Qingfu Junzhu, who looked completely unconcerned, and Cheng Yuanxian, who was about to stand up and beat him. Without hesitation, Huo Changyuan said, “No particular reason. Your family’s young miss may be very good, but she is unsuitable for me.”

This time, Cheng Yuanxian really wanted to roll his sleeves. Qingfu Junzhu quickly pulled her husband. Huo Xue-shi also stood up and shouted, “What are you going to do?”

In this chaos, a clear, beautiful voice came from the door, “Marquis Jingyong, excuse me to not agree with you.”

Everyone turned their heads in surprise. Old Madam Cheng saw that Cheng Yujin has come, she stood up and slammed her cane, “Eldest girl, why are you here?”

Huo Changyuan thought that Cheng Yujin ‘to not agree’ was about their engagement cancellation. Greatly fed up, he said, “I’ve made my mind. Marriage cannot be forced. Since eldest miss and I engaged peacefully, we should also part peacefully. Hope you can let both sides to retain our face.”

Cheng Yujin’s expression was dignified and elegant. With a flawless smile and light steps, she gracefully walked into the hall. Without paying any attention to Huo Changyuan, she first greeted the elders, “Yujin greets grandmother, father, and mother.”


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I wonder if Huo Xue-shi prefers the sisters to never ‘seduce’ his son at all, so he would be left wounded, alone, in the wild, for one whole snowy night (which I’m pretty sure Cheng Yujin would do if only she got the dream before the incident).

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9 thoughts on “GNU Ch.3 Part 2 – Ninth Uncle (II)”

  1. Thank you

    Not very wise to anger his future las if he really plan to marry the youngest sister…

    1. It seems that Huo Shi is prefer to have her son to be left frozen to death. Such an ungrateful ingrate. If Cheng Yumo didn’t do that, she wouldn’t probably even have been able to find his corpse, let alone having him alive and kicking by now and she dared to look down on her future daughter in law.

  2. Cheng Yujin really comes across as an idiot and an a-hole here. Yes, the sister who just stumbled upon him lied to him when she just stated she’d found him. Not like he has any fault for being vague with statements or asking for clarification about anything.

  3. ‘Their family’s second daughter dared to do such a shameful thing in secret, while the eldest daughter saw her younger sister merit and stole it.’
    These people are so dumb. It should occur to them that there should have been no way for Yujin to know that anyone had gotten to Huo Changyuan before her.

    1. Unfortunately for mc, this side of the world has completely abnormal thinking. As expected of ‘the originals’ they never fail to embarrass people

  4. Huo Xue-shi’s karma will the death of his son, or his son lose all of his achievements. The fact that she called her son’s saviour a slut, karma better bit her ass hard!

  5. I am so sorry but I need to vent before I can continue with the story. I know it’s for the convenience of the plot however it feels so incredibly stupid. Why, on earth, would Og FL assume Yujin was lying? Is she supposed to be some wandering spirit with omnipresence that can see what’s happening in the forest in the middle of a snowstorm? And how did og ML get his military accolades with this sort of elementary grade reasoning skills? Which conversation did he have with FL that was enough to have her deceive him? Was it his deathbed grumblings? How was she supposed to infer from the ramblings of a dying man that he had encountered another lady prior? During the time he spent recuperating in the manor, did she ever come to meet him and he explicitly thanked her for sheltering him overnight during the snowstorm? Did she go knocking on his door asking for marriage? Why didn’t he pause for a second to wonder if simply was a misunderstanding and then take actions to confirm? What did og FL say to him to make him so convinced he was deceived? Doesn’t he have reasoning skills? Maybe I’m impatient and it’s better established in the later chapters but so far, it feels so painfully contrived. Like we, the audience, and the characters are playing a game of pretending we can’t see how insanely dumb this misunderstanding is. I know sometimes writers come up with a plot but find that they don’t know how to execute it so their next course of action is to muddle terribly through it. Now, they give me the extremely hard task of removing most of my brain cells to be able to read it.
    Had to rant cause this is like the umpteenth LN with a painfully contrived narrative.
    Thank you for the translation.

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