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GNU Ch.30 Part 1 – Previous Life (I)

Cheng Yujin brought the food box and walked out. She had just stepped out of the building when she encountered Xheng Yumo on the corridor.

Seeing Cheng Yujin, Cheng Yumo was stunned. Since Jingyong Marquis manor came to propose her marriage, even if both sides said they didn’t care, the two sisters’ relationship still visibly went cold. Cheng Yumo said that she was doing it for Cheng Yujin’s own good. But when caught off guard, Cheng Yumo’s first reaction upon seeing Cheng Yujin was dislike.

Cheng Yumo couldn’t help thinking about her previous life, when she was forced to see her sister marry her beloved man. At that time, she was ill. Staying alone on her sickbed, she listened to the lively hustle and bustle outside, with firecrackers and the sound of people coming and going. However, she seemed to be forgotten by the world, staying alone in a lonely room. Because she was ill, she couldn’t even go out to mingle with the happy crowd.

That feeling, even after two lifetimes, Cheng Yumo would never forget.

Even if these things wouldn’t recur in this life, Cheng Yumo still didn’t feel relieved. She couldn’t help thinking: if only Cheng Yujin didn’t lie to replace her position, she and Huo Changyuan would not experience those ups and downs.

Heaven knew how painful Cheng Yumo felt when she saw her sister standing side by side with Huo Changyuan in her previous life. When Cheng Yujin and Huo Changyuan came to Yichun Marquis manor for the first visit after marriage, Cheng Yumo sat on the table with other family members and had to listen to everyone praising Cheng Yujin and Huo Changyuan’s legendary marriage tale, saying that the two were a fated couple. Cheng Yumo’s heart was as if being cut by a knife. Each and every word was stabbing her heart, piercing into her flesh and dipping it in blood. What utterly crushed Cheng Yumo was seeing Huo Changyuan smiling at her sister, carefully picking up Cheng Yujin’s favorite dishes.

At that time, Cheng Yumo couldn’t stand it anymore and almost rushed over to shout: you have got the wrong person, the one who saved you is me, is me! Perhaps, Cheng Yumo’s expression was too obvious and was seen by Old Madam Cheng. The Old Madam said nothing, but quickly ordered a Mama to take her away. After that, each time Cheng Yujin and Huo Changyuan came to visit, the Old Madam would separate Cheng Yumo for various reasons.

Cheng Yumo went through the most painful months of being misunderstood, betrayed, and forgotten. Her heart gradually died. She thought, maybe this was her fate. Her sister robbed her of nutrition when they were still in their mother’s stomach, resulting in her being born weak and sickly. Growing up, because her sister was adopted by an aunt with noble status, she had to pick her sister’s leftover every time. Yes, even her marriage was robbed and used for her sister’s stepping stone. Perhaps, heaven let her born just to make her a foil, allowing her sister sucked her blood and scraped her flesh.

Cheng Yumo was about to admit his fate when news came that Cheng Yujin was pregnant. Even after this long, they still refused to let her go, and stabbed another knife into her numbed heart. Cheng Yumo also heard that Huo Changyuan was very happy with Cheng Yujin’s pregnancy. Everyone in Jingyong Marquis manor had to concede to the pregnant Marchioness. Even when Cheng Yujin wanted to invite her family over to accompany her, Huo Changyuan quickly agreed.

When Cheng Yumo came to Jingyong Marquis manor, she saw Cheng Yujin clad in luxurious clothes and was provided with every best thing to raise her fetus. Everyone in the manor treated Cheng Yujin respectfully. Cheng Yumo listened to everyone complimenting the Marchioness for being smart, beautiful, and capable. She also saw how they were eagerly looking forward to the child in Cheng Yujin’s stomach. Several times, Cheng Yumo almost couldn’t bear it. These are obviously hers, and Cheng Yujin clearly was the impostor who seized her life-saving grace!

Cheng Yumo was in anguish, but had to force a smile. She told herself that she should accept her fate, but every time she saw Huo Changyuan, she still couldn’t control her feelings. She couldn’t help but took the initiative to talk to Huo Changyuan again and again, and couldn’t help staying behind to stay longer with him. Later, she finally couldn’t hold it anymore. After a cup of wine, she told Huo Changyuan the truth on that snowy night.

At that time, Cheng Yumo’s mind was blurred with alcohol. But when she spoke the long-hidden truth, she realized that she was completely sober. She knew exactly what she was doing; being drunk was just an excuse.

Cheng Yumo didn’t notice it herself and was looking forward to Huo Changyuan’s reaction. Huo Changyuan was stunned. He thought Cheng Yumo was blabbering nonsense in drunkenness and was going to call a servant girl to send her back. Cheng Yumo got angry. She deliberately fell on him and use the chance to tell him the details that only be known to them.

Cheng Yumo was satisfied. Now Huo Changyuan knew who was his real savior.

When Huo Changyuan heard Cheng Yumo saying that she took off her clothes to keep him warm, he closed his eyes in despair. He knew that his hunch had come true.

After Cheng Yumo sobered up the next day, she became nervous. She felt guilty for her sister and worried about Huo Changyuan’s attitude. After that day, Huo Changyuan seemed to be running away, saying that he was busy in the military barrack and didn’t come home for days. Cheng Yumo had an inexplicable feeling that he wasn’t hiding from herself, but from her sister.

But, before Cheng Yumo could clear up her mood, Du Ruo came to her: “Second Miss, Madam is calling you.”

Even after a long time, Cheng Yumo still remembered Du Ruo’s look that day. She knew that Du Ruo was her sister’s highest-ranking servant girl, and also the most trusted confidante. Du Ruo just looked at Cheng Yumo silently. Although Du Ruo’s face was devoid of emotion, she seemed to examined Cheng Yumo with a shred of pity.

Cheng Yumo was immediately irritated by that look. After arriving at the main courtyard, Cheng Yujin said a few words before suddenly talking about an ancient story with a joking tone. She talked about Ehuang and Nvying1 and inadvertently asked Cheng Yumo what was her thought about sisters who married the same man.

At that time, Cheng Yujin’s eyes looking at Cheng Yumo were full of meaning, exactly the same as Du Ruo’s. Cheng Yumo didn’t know whether it was out of embarrassment or anger, but she instantly stood up and ran away. After she ran back to her room, she cried and packed her luggage, wanted to go home immediately.


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Sorry for the late post. Blame Cheng Yumo, it’s really hard to translate her ‘miserable’ life, I almost rage-quit several times. And for those who thought that Huo Changyuan cannot be even scummier (drinking intimately with his sister-in-law when his wife is pregnant? Really? Even in modern times he will get scorned), this is still a warm-up.

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  1. Ehuang and Nvying, beautiful and bright, were daughters of King Yao (a king in China 4,000 years ago), who, in his late years, wanted to leave his throne to a dependable young man. He chose Shun, who had both ability and virtue, to inherit the crown and married his two daughters to him, Ehuang as the queen, Nvying the concubine. (source:

14 thoughts on “GNU Ch.30 Part 1 – Previous Life (I)”

  1. Cheng Yumo is soooo self-absorbed, it’s crazy! I lay the blame for it on her mother, though the seeds of envy and discontent planted by Ruan-shi must have found fertile ground.
    Thank you for the translation <3

    1. As expected of a self-centered person. And that scum of man. OMG… when will they get face-slapped again? I want to vomit everytime she felt miserable.

  2. This whole “my sister stole my life” made me sneer. She’s lived a life and a quarter now and she’s none the wiser. Who will she blame later when they’re both respectively married? 🙄😒

    Thanks for the update ☺️!

  3. Kitten who changed to Face-con

    Wow so you could not just tell everyone that it was you who saved him ?
    Why are blaming everyone ? You are just a bish and homewrecker, and you got a guts to blame everyone ?

  4. Wow, what a warm-up, when I already dislike Huo Changyuan to death.

    Yumo has some victim complex. It burns me up inside that she got a originally got a happy ending and now has the gall to complain about the process. She was a coward who chose silence. She ruined her sister’s marriage and then destroyed her own nephew. Everyone else was run over by her, but she’s mad that her feet got dirty.

    1. Couldn’t have explained better. As someone who have met similar personality and is one sometimes, I get the root of this victim playing but seeing it ruining people’s life like she actually treated herself as the main character and everyone has to yield for her make me so mad, her mindset is totally crooked. I don’t expect for a development as human nature is the hardest to change if you ask me, idc if they stay the same until the end but pls let the author take mc away from them. If the series has to change titles it’ll be surrounded by fools (except for ml, the only one who can equal her ofc)

  5. Wow looking at her thoughts, reincarnation was wasted on her. She doesn’t learn at all, still acting like a 14yo with puberty issues despite her having lived 2 lifetimes 😑

  6. She is really a self-centered woman, always think the world revolves around her and all her misfortune is other people’s fault.
    She is the one who didn’t speak a word before but then blame it to other people.
    Since she decided to not speak, why did she speak up when her sister is going to give birth?
    She is the one stealing the brother in law, she is immoral, and has no kinship feeling at all.
    She was the one killing her sister and instead of feeling guilty, she even resented her.
    She didn’T even care to nurture her nephew properly after driving her sister to her death.
    And now when she get a second opportunity to correct everything, she didn’t correct the wrong at all, but only strive to fulfill her obsession and still resent others for everything.
    Her rebirth is useless.

  7. Everything about CYM everybody else have already voiced it beautifully and accurately.
    Though I still doubt that she loved HCY. The jealousy she feels towards her sister in regards of HCY are like the things she couldn’t get, maybe didn’t even want, but just because her older sister got to choose first. He’s merely an item that she can finally manipulate back to her own court.
    And to think back, when their aunt was visiting, the children were crowding around CYM. When CYJ asked, the cousin said that CYM doesn’t want them to bother her.
    I feel like this wasn’t the 1st incident. CYM puts in elbow grease to rob whatever she can, mainly people from the parents, the siblings, and lastly the husband.
    If she couldn’t have the fancy cloth or beautiful accessories, the people had to be ‘rightfully’ hers in CYM’s mind.

  8. Cheng Yumo is such a pos, Yujin never lied, she did save him from the cave, just because you also did doesn’t mean the other person lied. Ungrateful scum.

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