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GNU Ch.30 Part 3 – Previous Life (III)

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Cheng Yujin was trying to refuse unobtrusively when the door behind her suddenly opened. Cheng Yuanjing walked out of the door. He glanced at the two girls in stalemate and asked: “Why are you still here?”

This ‘you’ obviously referred to Cheng Yujin. Cheng Yujin immediately answered, “Ninth Uncle, greetings. This niece is just about to go back when I happened to ran into second sister here, so we exchanged a few words.”

Cheng Yuanjing nodded and walked towards them. Cheng Yumo couldn’t tell why she was a little afraid of this ninth uncle. Obviously, she never had any intersection with him in her previous life. This talented and promising ninth uncle never become a high official and died young. However, when Cheng Yumo saw Cheng Yuanjing walked towards them, she almost reflexively bowed her head and stepped aside.

Fortunately, Cheng Yujin also responded in the same way, which somewhat balanced Cheng Yumo’s mood. If she were alone and made such a reaction, it would be too shameful. Cheng Yumo thought that ninth uncle was about to leave after asking the question just now, but unexpectedly, he stopped two steps away and said to the manservant behind: “Go and bring the box for the eldest girl.”

Cheng Yujin’s expression immediately changed. She smiled and said: “No need. It is just an empty box. I can bring it myself.”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at her with a smile that didn’t like a smile: “I know. But there are so many men here, and there is no need for a little girl like you to bring things by yourself. Liu Yi, go and take it.”

“Yes.” Liu Yi bowed before saying to Cheng Yujin with a smile, “Eldest miss, please let this servant bring it for you.”

Cheng Yujin still hesitated. People like her, whose heart was pure black, always guessed other people’s intentions using a similar way. Cheng Yujin suspected that Cheng Yuanjing wanted to take the gold from her.

Seeing Cheng Yujin’s suspicious gaze, Cheng Yuanjing guessed her thoughts. He raised his eyebrows and said: “What? You want me to bring it personally?”

“This little girl doesn’t dare.” Cheng Yujin immediately handed the food box to Liu Yi. After letting go, she still added anxiously, “There is a porcelain bowl inside. Be careful not to drop it.”

Cheng Yuanjing chuckled lightly. His smiling gaze swept upon Cheng Yujin, obviously noticing her thought. Cheng Yujin didn’t care. Anyway, Cheng Yuanjing has seen too much of her real self. In front of the crown prince, she didn’t need to care too much about her image.

The noble crown prince didn’t have spare time to reveal a little girl’s small tricks.

When Liu Yi took over the food box, his expression did not change, as if it was really just an empty wooden box, and didn’t feel the weight at all. Liu Yi smiled and bowed to Cheng Yujin: “This servant has received the order. Eldest miss, please walk first.”

Since her gold was in someone else’s hand, Cheng Yujin didn’t dare to refute. She obediently walked behind Cheng Yuanjing. Du Ruo also followed from behind, and a group of people walked away grandiosely. From beginning to end, Cheng Yuanjing only talked to Cheng Yujin, and neither of them paid any attention to Cheng Yumo, who was standing on the side. It was as if she did not exist at all. Cheng Yumo was angry, but she consoled herself. Cheng Yuanjing was about to die, and Cheng Yujin’s engagement has broken once, the rest of her life was destined to be full of hardship. Cheng Yumo no longer cared about their disregard of herself.

After a few years, she would become an existence they couldn’t even look up to. Why should an elephant care about the offense made by small ants?

Cheng Yumo quickly let go of this matter.


Cheng Yujin followed Cheng Yuanjing obediently. Seeing that he was going to enter his courtyard, Cheng Yujin quickly said: “Ninth Uncle, thank you for your help. This little girl has to bid farewell now.”

Cheng Yuanjing stopped and motioned to Liu Yi: “Send the eldest girl back.”

Liu Yi bowed: “Yes.”

In fact, Liu Yi was secretly surprised. His Highness has never liked to meddle in other people’s business, not to mention pitying a woman. Why did he repeatedly help eldest Miss Cheng today? Even if His Highness was in a pleasant mood today and had a sudden whim to do a good deed, he should have dismissed eldest miss Cheng after leaving the Old Master’s courtyard. Why did he bring her all the way?

Liu Yi didn’t understand, nor did Cheng Yujin. Liu Yi knew what kind of person his master was, so he was extremely puzzled. But Cheng Yujin only thought that a great personage was indeed a great personage. Just look at his unpredictable actions and unfathomable temperament. Indeed deserved to be a ruler.

If he was so easy to understand, how could he accomplish great causes?

Liu Yi escorted Cheng Yujin to her courtyard, then saluted politely before going back. Cheng Yujin silently watched Liu Yi’s back. When Lian Qiao came in, she happened to meet Liu Yi. As she entered the room, she asked: “Miss, is that Ninth Master’s person?”


Lian Qiao couldn’t help but glance back once again and said, “Where did Ninth Master buy him? His manners and movements are so excellent.”

Cheng Yujin inwardly said: You are right. Every field has experts, and they are the most professional in serving people.

Cheng Yujin coughed lightly to take Lian Qiao’s attention back and said solemnly: “In the future, Ninth Uncle will rise high. We must not offend him, not even the people around him. Understand?”

Lian Qiao was startled by Cheng Yujin’s sudden warning and nodded quickly. Afterward, Cheng Yujin found an excuse to drive everyone out of the main building before opening the food box gently.

Heaven, this whole box of gold is all hers?

After opening the lid, Cheng Yujin suddenly narrowed her eyes. She leaned closer, pinched the edge with her fingers, and slowly pulled a paper out from the box. She opened it up and found that it was a land deed, with an official seal that said ‘Jinling.’

So it was the 1000 mu land in Jinling. One thousand mu, did Cheng Yuanjing really give her this?

Cheng Yujin’s first reaction was to quickly count the number of gold ingots. Cheng Yuanjing’s subordinate could stuff the land deed into the box without anyone’s notice. Who knew if they also took out a piece of gold in passing?


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17 thoughts on “GNU Ch.30 Part 3 – Previous Life (III)”

  1. Finally free of Yumo’s clutches! XDDDD
    Btw, there seems to be a typo: “Cheng Yuanjing was about to die, and Chen Yumo’s engagement has broken once” – shouldn’t it be “Cheng Yujin’s engagement”?
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. ahhhhhh. I kinda wish the reveal could have been later. She is all scheme, scheme scheme, which is fine, but if she really thought 9th uncle was going to die, maybe she would give a heartfelt plea for him not to go? She wouldn’t realise he is faking his death, and even though she is using him, she opens up and maybe makes sacrifices to image to try to keep him safe.

    Anyway, I’m sure she will show her heart eventually, her interactions with him are still cute regardless

  3. Her thoughts are quite funny sometimes, someone just gave her land deed, and she worried that person pinched her one piece of gold. What a greedy girl, but adorable lol.

  4. Lol arrogant child, you’re not even an ant in the eyes of a dragon & Phoenix pair. Ninth Uncle continue being in a good mood and feed me dog food

  5. “Why should an elephant care about the offense made by small ants?” said the audacious ant pretending to be an elephant

  6. Normally I would hate her kind of character but knowing her background, I don’t. She has said it before, if she didn’t take care of/love herself, who will? She has no one to do that for her (disregarding how the ML will later).

  7. Not gonna lie, if I was in her place I would have done the same thing. Being petty for a gold coin is quite normal 🤣

  8. One of my fave scenes in Chinese stories (manhua, dramas, webnovels, etc) is when a subordinate’s like “wow the ML never behaves that way with other people!!1!1” when the ML is nice to the FL >:) it’s so satisfying hehe

  9. She is really funny. She knew he is the crown prince and she still worries that he would steal her gold hahahahha

  10. She’s not black hearted at all, not in her previous life and certainly not now. Not once has she worked to hurt others, she’s only trying to secure her future, poor girl.

  11. There’s a fine line between just being cautious and being ungrateful, she is slowly crossing it hope she stops

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