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GNU Ch.32 Part 2 – Mourning Period (II)

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After Cheng Yujin entered the main hall, Ruan-shi soon came out of the wing and looked to see who was coming. When she walked in and saw Cheng Yujin, her expression stiffened: “Eldest girl, why are you here?”

“I want to keep the night vigil for grandfather.”

“You are a girl. Didn’t the Old Madam feel distressed and tell that you and Mo’er don’t have to stay up late?”

“Grandmother distressed me. But as a junior, I still have to show my filial piety. Besides, third brother is still so young and already guarding the mourning hall. I’m already fourteen. This is not a big deal.”

Ruan-shi couldn’t say another word. At this moment, Qingfu and the Old Madam were in the middle of arranging a mourning hall in the front, so the servants were all in chaos. Seeing there was no one in the backyard, Ruan-shi hurriedly pulled Cheng Yuanhan to discuss Mo ‘er’s marriage. Unexpectedly, someone suddenly came, but it was Cheng Yujin. Ruan-shi couldn’t help being a little skeptical, but they stopped talking as soon as they heard the footsteps, so Cheng Yujin shouldn’t overhear their conversation. Ruan-shi observed Cheng Yujin’s expression. But the girl was no different than usual. She didn’t seem to be aware of anything and was busily preparing the night vigil with the servant girls. After standing for a while, Ruan-shi was completely relieved and left the main hall.

After Ruan turned around, Cheng Yujin glanced back, then silently retracted her gaze.

Holding a funeral was a very labor-intensive task. After one night, everyone in Cheng family looked tired. According to rules, children and grandchildren should keep vigil for seven days. However, after it got dark, many of them made some excuses and retired to the side rooms to rest.

Cheng Yujin didn’t sleep all night. At the moment, her face was pale, and her eyes were red. Wearing a mourning dress, she looked like a cold and elegant beauty. Du Ruo felt distressed for Cheng Yujin. When others were being lazy, Cheng Yujin actually knelt for a long time. Taking advantage of the moment when there were no other people in the mourning hall, Du Ruo quietly said to Cheng Yujin, “Miss, do you want to take a break?”

Cheng Yujin’s intention was to wait until dawn. That was the time when people started to come to offer condolences. When the guests saw her tired face, it would promote her filial reputation. But if too excessive, it would affect her appearance. Cheng family’s eldest Miss has always been perfect for more than ten years. She absolutely couldn’t accept making herself looked ugly, so Cheng Yujin hurriedly went to the tea room to rest for a bit.

Du Ruo poured a cup of hot ginger tea, and Cheng Yujin felt her body warm again. Lian Qiao served the pastries she brought from their courtyard. Lian Qiao busily put down the plates one by one while talking to Cheng Yujin: “Miss, why are your hands so cold? Even though it’s summer, the ground is still cold and damp at night. But you keep kneeling like that. How can your body bear it! At least, you should wear knee pads and make yourself more comfortable.”

Cheng Yujin’s face was hidden behind the steam, and her expression couldn’t be seen clearly. Du Ruo felt that Cheng Yujin seemed to be distracted. She asked cautiously: “Miss, are you still thinking about the Second Madam’s words?”

Lian Qiao did not know about this matter. What did the Second Madam say? It’s a pity that the other two didn’t have the time to explain to her now. Cheng Yujin put down the cup and sighed: “Huo Changyuan is indeed no longer young. It is normal for them to think this way.”

This was also the part that Du Ruo couldn’t comprehend: “Miss, observing mourning period for grandfather is a matter of course, and it can also build the reputation of being filial. But the Second Madam looked so anxious. Miss, what do you think the Second Madam wants to do?”

“What else?” Cheng Yujin covered her mouth and yawned lightly. “She is afraid that a long night invites bad dreams, and wants to marry Cheng Yumo during the mourning period.”

“Ah!” Du Ruo was very surprised. Lian Qiao heard Cheng Yujin’s words and guessed what happened. Old Master Cheng suddenly passed away last night, and Cheng Yumo had to mourn her grandfather for a year and couldn’t marry during this period. Ruan-shi thought the delay was too long. She was afraid that Jingyong Marquis manor couldn’t wait and took in concubines for Huo Changyuan. Therefore, she wanted to take advantage of the early mourning period and let Cheng Yumo marry in advance.

The mourning period for parents was three years, and for paternal grandparents, one year. But marriageable age was only so long. If people had to observe mourning every time, it would inevitably drag down unmarried children and grandchildren. If the delay were too long, it would be hard for them to find marriage partners, especially girls. Therefore, there was a saying among the folks: if there were unmarried children and grandchildren in the family, the departed elder wouldn’t be at ease, and their soul would linger in the living world. That’s why, for children and grandchildren to marry in the early mourning period, it was also a form of filial piety so that the elder could enter the reincarnation circle at ease.

Either getting married within three months, or wait for a year. What Ruan-shi wanted to do was to let Cheng Yumo marry earlier quickly.


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4 thoughts on “GNU Ch.32 Part 2 – Mourning Period (II)”

  1. I find Ruan more disgusting as a mother to Mc then her adopted one . CYJ adopted mom doesn’t have any responsibilities(as it wasn’t her choice) for her but Ruan shi gave her birth yet later on she did many things [Edited. No spoiler please!].
    Many said cym isn’t vicious like other side Fls but to me she is very vicious. Her intention to break off engagement before was to destroy Mc life as in that era it would be so hard for Mc to marry . She always cry that Mc “owes” her but never took into account that they indirectly killed Mc in previous life.
    [Edited. No spoiler please!] Her main goal to break off engagement and marry earlier than CYj was basically ending all good paths for Mc .
    Cym didnt do any mean things as in other novels but her two moves were practically ending Mc good life hope in that era.
    [Edited. No spoiler please!] What kind of so called “birth” mother is she.
    Cyn whole family is like blood suckers.

    Note from translator: no spoiler in this site. If you want to post/discuss/ask for spoiler, you can go to

  2. I wasn’t paying attention, in the first timeline, did the grandpa die before CYJ was married off? Or hasn’t it been mentioned so far?
    Nevertheless, I hope they get married during the mourning period. Shows everyone how desperate and disrespectful CYM is.

    1. In a previous chapter Yujin said in one of her monologues that that was the period she got married in “her previous life” so afterwards it doesn’t matter what happened in her natal family since she already wasn’t part of it anymore (though I find this fact kind of strange since in another chapter the old master was saying the twins had another year before their hairpin ceremony and in the earlier chapters we read that xiao Xue was waiting for said ceremony to enter the marquees manor, though in Yujin’s case the two familis were probably too anxious and speeded the process…) and my guess is that Yumo was still unmarried by the time Yujin got pregnant was because she was observing the mourning period (?) ’cause otherwise seeing the old madam’s character, no matter how much she may like Yumo better, she’s still just a granddaughter, and she would be anxious to get her married to get some profit out of it…

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