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GNU Ch.32 Part 3 – Mourning Period (III)

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Lian Qiao didn’t quite understand why Cheng Yujin looked gloomy. She put down the pastry tray and said: “Miss, Huo family’s matter has nothing to do with you. Why do you care about the second branch? Although marrying during the early mourning period is acceptable, but it is not praiseworthy either. Anyone who pays attention to courtesy and rules will never let their daughters to get married before the mourning ended. When people talk about it in the future, they will also point out how the second Miss was very impatient to get married that she didn’t even want to observe the mourning for her grandfather. In the end, the second branch will have to bear the ill reputation, so why Miss has to care about them?”

Cheng Yujin shook her head: “If Cheng Yumo is my elder sister, I don’t care when she gets married. Even if she wants to marry in the mourning period, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Miss, you mean…”

Cheng Yujin sighed deeply: “There is an order in seniority. If Second Madam persuades the Old Madam to let Cheng Yumo marry before me, what should I do? The younger sister is married before her elder sister. Isn’t this just telling others that I was abandoned by my family.”

Du Ruo and Lian Qiao finally understood the severity of this matter. When they looked at each other, they could see anxiousness in each other’s eyes: “Miss, then what should we do?”

Cheng Yujin remained silent. She thought about it all night and realized that there was no way to do both. She couldn’t sacrifice her reputation, and she couldn’t make Ruan-shi get rid of her thoughts either. For the current plan, she could only quickly capture her future husband. As long as she found her future home and got engaged verbally before this matter was known to the public, no matter what other people gossiped during this one year, it would no longer affect her.

There was no time to lose. She must close the net as soon as possible. Cheng Yujin’s eyes gradually became firm. Lin Qingyuan, this man, she was bound to win.

After tidying up a bit, Cheng Yujin went back to guard the mourning hall. The places to received guests were separated by genders. The news of the funeral has been sent out at dawn. Now, every household should have received the news. From today, female family members would come to offer condolences one after another.

Unlike weddings, people who attended funerals were those who hold the commanding power in the family. How could Cheng Yujin let go of such a perfect chance to show her face. Although she already regarded Lin Qingyuan as her future fiancé, she had no reason to refuse if a better option appeared.

With such a plan in mind, Cheng Yujin knelt in the mourning hall. Her posture was perfect, but her face was as white as paper. She was full of filial piety, and her expression was sad but serene. Cheng Yujin was still beautiful in her paleness. People who came and went couldn’t help but take a look at her.

As the sun rose high, more people came to express their condolences. Cheng Yujin accompanied Old Madam Cheng. The Old Madam’s body wasn’t good, so Cheng Yujin assumed the task of receiving and sending off female guests. The madams who came to comfort the Old Madam saw Cheng Yujin, and inevitably spoke more to her.

Cheng Yujin was very satisfied with this result. She replaced Old Madam Cheng to send a group of female guests off. When she came back, she ran into a group of very familiar people.

Huo Xue-shi was sitting with Ruan-shi and a few more madams. When Huo Xue-shi heard the sound, she turned her head subconsciously, only to see a girl in white clothes covered in sunlight, clasping her hands and stood at the door.

The sunlight of the sixth month was just right, and a golden light gleamed from the door. Basked in the light, the girl stood quietly, and she was so beautiful that people almost mistook her for an illusion.

A woman in mourning should remove all beautiful jewelry and bright colors. The girl wore pure white clothes, her hair was black, and her lips were red. Her cheek was as fair as snow, and her eyebrows were picturesque.

Huo Xue’s was a little lost when she saw this picture. At this time, the madam next to her saw it and asked curiously: “This is Madam Huo’s daughter-in-law? Good looks, good bearings, Madam Huo is really lucky.”

On the side, Ruan-shi heard the madam’s remark. The smile on her face instantly stiffened. Ruan-shi heard that Huo Xue-shi was here, and came to entertain Huo Xue-shi and a few other madams, but didn’t expect to hear such words.

Ruan-shi couldn’t even maintain her smile, and Huo Xue-shi’s expression couldn’t be said to be good either. Before the two even had the time to take control of the situation, Cheng Yujin had walked in. Her posture was natural and elegant, and she saluted the madams with a calm look that was better than Ruan-shi and Huo Xue-shi: “Madam overpraises. Thank you for your compliment, but madam got the wrong person.”

The madams’ eyes slightly widened. Cheng Yujin smiled and nodded politely: “I am Cheng family’s eldest granddaughter, Cheng Yujin, who has broken the engagement with Huo family. I am not the fiancee of Marquis Jingyong.”


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