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GNU Ch.33 Part 2 – Marriage (II)

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The madams glanced at Huo Xue-shi. Their eyebrows were raised silently. Huo Xue-shi’s complexion wasn’t pretty. The former daughter-in-law didn’t put her on the eye, and was now showing her ability in front of many guests. Huo Xue-shi secretly suspected that Cheng Yujin was deliberate.

In fact, Cheng Yujin was indeed deliberate. Spending just a few minutes to tidy up the messy courtyard, and at the same time, also showed off her worth and adding another damage to Huo Xue-shi, why should she let go of such a cost-effective business?

She left the courtyard happily and went back to entertain the female guests in the mourning hall. Not long after Cheng Yujin left, Cheng Yumo came.

When Ruan-shi was informed that Huo Xue-shi was here, she sent a message to Cheng Yumo, calling her to come and greet her future mother-in-law. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yujin showed up, but the person Cheng Yumo was still not arrived yet. Ruan-shi had a feeling of ‘the emperor was not in a hurry, but the eunuch was worry.’ She understood the hardship of being a daughter-in-law, and always tried to make her daughter’s future life easier. But Cheng Yumo didn’t seem to hurry, and even took her time on the road.

Ruan Shi could not help but sigh inwardly.

The madams had seen Cheng Yujin first. They initially thought that since Huo Xue-shi disdained such a good girl, then the Cheng family’s second young Miss must be a celestial fairy. Because the expectation was too high, after seeing Cheng Yumo in person, the madams were disappointed, and even judged her more harshly.

Huo Xue-shi’s posture was so high, always being proud of her ability. But in fact, her vision was just like this?

The madams were disdainful. Suppose it was just breaking off an engagement, then they wouldn’t say anything. But the break-off was done in order to exchange with an inferior product, which made people laugh. With such a thought in their hearts, the madams inevitably revealed more or less on their expressions. Huo Xue-shi has been widowed for many years and was the most sensitive about other people’s evaluations. She soon realized that those madams were laughing at her. Huo Xue-shi never thought that she was wrong, but instead blamed others bitterly. In her mind, it was Cheng Yumo’s fault. Cheng Yumo couldn’t hold up to the public and made her lose face.

Ruan-shi moved closer to speak with Huo Xue-shi, but found out that Huo Xue-shi’s expression became more and more ugly. Ruan-shi didn’t understand why, so she tried to think for a reason. Ruan-shi guessed that perhaps since Huo Xue-shi had long wanted to hug a grandson, she was dissatisfied that Cheng Yumo had to observe mourning, so her mood wasn’t good.

The more Ruan-shi thought, the more she felt it was making sense. Ruan-shi covered her mouth and coughed a few times. The madams turned at her and asked: “Second Madam Cheng, what’s wrong?”

Ruan-shi replied, “It’s an old illness. Every year around this season, I would get a cough. Last time, Madam Huo gave me some prescription, which was very effective. But my servant was negligent and couldn’t remember some of the ingredients. Can Madam Huo help me take a look?”

Huo Xue-shi knew that Ruan-shi has something to tell her alone. Huo Xue-shi’s chest was full of fire at this moment, and she was about to go out to get some fresh air, so she nodded and agreed. Seeing Ruan-shi and Huo Xue-shi were about to leave, Cheng Yumo still wasn’t that clueless, and followed behind.

After they left, the other madams sat inside the tea room and began to gossip: “Huo Xue-shi looked astute and powerful, and she was also very strong after being widowed. These years, she put much effort into raising his son, and cares about him so much. What kind of criteria does she use to choose a daughter-in-law that she even throws away watermelon to pick up a sesame seed?”

Other madams shook their heads. One of them chuckled lightly. She covered her mouth with a handkerchief and deliberately lowered her voice to say, “There is something else behind this matter. Regarding Huo family’s conduct of canceling the engagement, this second Miss is probably not as innocent and harmless as the surface.”

“What?” The other madams were in disbelief: “I thought my eyes are keen enough after many years of experience. What actually happened?”

The madam who spoke raised her eyebrows and smiled meaningfully: “Dragon has nine sons, each with different features. Even twins sisters might not be the same. Since the eldest sister learn how to manage the household, maybe the younger sister learn another skill?”

“You mean?”

“Have you not heard before? It’s said that the matter of breaking off one engagement to make another one isn’t Huo Xue-shi’s idea, but young Marquis Huo’s. According to Madam Zhou, when Huo Xue-shi came to propose marriage to the second Miss, she was stunned on the spot by the eldest Miss. That’s why Huo family didn’t dare to make much fanfare. After a few days, they even sent gifts to make amends.”

Since the source was Madam Zhou, the other madams immediately believed. Madam Zhou was a famous matchmaker. When Huo Xue-shi came to propose marriage, she indeed invited Madam Zhou with her.

Seeing that others still didn’t know, the speaking madam became more excited. She shared even more gossips with a low voice: “According to Madam Zhou, it was indeed eldest Miss Cheng who found the wounded Marquis Huo and called for the servants to bring him back to Qingfu Junzhu’s estate villa. However, the Marquis took a fancy to the younger sister who came to visit when he recuperated. He thought that eldest Miss Cheng is too reserved and boring, so he asked the family to replace the eldest Miss with the second Miss.”

“Ah, so there is such a thing!” The other madams were extremely surprised. Parents gave orders, and the matchmaker brought the words. Which family’s children dared to ask for a change as they liked? These madams were all people with husbands and sons, so they understood the men’s virtues. However, even taking ten thousand steps back, Huo Changyuan disliked the elder sister for being too prim and proper, thinking that she wasn’t lively enough. But not only did he broke off with the elder sister, but he actually came to propose to the younger sister! What kind of behavior was this.

The madam who shared the gossip shook her head and sighed, “Do you understand now? No wonder eldest Miss Cheng treated Huo Xue-shi so coldly today, but Huo Xue-shi, as an older generation, dared not to say a word. She must feel ashamed! The most pitiful one is the eldest Miss Cheng. She is such a good girl, but was implicated by Huo family. Her fiancee was robbed by her younger sister. Now her engagement has broken, her future marriage prospect is dark. What an excellent girl. She has a good appearance, good embroidery skills, good temperament. Even though she is too dignified, but this is just perfect for managing the household! Marrying a wife isn’t taking a concubine. What use is it to choose an enchanting woman? Oh, what a pity.”

The other madams felt the same way. What a madam saw from a girl was completely different than what a young man saw. Young men liked lively and delicate girls who knew how to cry and act coquettish. The madams, however, as a mother-in-law, liked someone dignified and able to support one’s husband and family. In this aspect, Cheng Yujin was just perfect.


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  1. Cheng Yujin’s really good at multitasking, effortlessly achieving several goals at once. And looks like Cheng Yumo’s going to get grief from her future mother-in-law for being too tardy. Though even if she had been quick on her feet, I doubt Huo Xue-shi would appreciate her more.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Thank you Lala for sponsoring these chapters. As someone who can’t afford to I can only be thankful for people like you.
    Thank you for amazing translation as always Koffean!

  3. I guess in both lifetimes, Yumo and Changyuan are not meant to live good lives. Why does Yumo think that marrying Changyuan earlier would make her life better this time around? ugh. that girl. This is why you don’t coddle children.
    Thanks for translating! 🙂

  4. Are we sure they didn’t somehow swap out babies when they had Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yumo. Cheng Yujin is too amazing to be from this family. The girl doesn’t do mediocre at all. Subtly and constantly fighting for herself.

    1. I can’t tell whether it’s lucky or not that our Yujin got under the eldest family.. at least she got knowledge and some great social skills. Her biological mother, Ruan-shi couldn’t even tell people were ridiculing her daughter and Huo Xue-shi right in front of her.. no wonder her daughter turns ignorant to the point even being reborn couldn’t fix her brain😑

    2. The main difference between her and the rest of her relatives is that she wasn’t raised pampered and spoilt rotten. The siblings and cousins of her age are either all too childish, lazy or downright tyrannical like her younger 4yr old brother. Growing up in a harsher environment had its benefits.

  5. Different creations and incentives lead to different results. Yujin is not perfect, as they say if a person is good at everything it means that she has no one to help her. So she has no choice but to fight with everything she has. I think the ninth uncle will interfere with the girl’s plans, but if he does without compensating her …Thanks for the translation, Koffean, and for the sponsorship, Lala

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