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GNU Ch.33 Part 3 – Marriage (III)

The madams were gossiping in a low voice. Cheng Yujin’s looks and temperament were in line with their preferences, and now she had become a poor victim in their eyes. And for Huo Changyuan, who had done all the things the madams were afraid their sons might do, he naturally became the target of all kinds of criticisms.

Behind every man who had a change of heart, there was a shameless vixen. The madams couldn’t say for sure whether second Miss Cheng was indeed in the wrong or not, so they just talked about Huo Changyuan.

“Marquis Jingyong looks respectable and heroic, has a proper vision and strong method, how can he do this kind of thing?”

“Who knows. People’s heart might not be the same as their outer appearance. Alas, men do as he like, but it is women who suffer the consequences. Eldest Miss Cheng is such a good girl, what should she do in the future.”

The words spread among the madams were getting further and further from the truth. Every time it passed a hand, the speaker would add oil and vinegar. The victim became more pitiful; the villain became more hateful. At this point, Cheng Yujin had become an innocent and pitiful woman. After spreading the gossip, the madams’ eyes were full of sympathy for Cheng Yujin.

If Huo Changyuan heard these words, he probably would vomit blood in anger. Cheng Yujin was innocent and pitiful? When she slapped him, he couldn’t see her needing any pity at all.

These madams were all seasoned veterans. When they were busy gossiping, they had their servants guarding nearby. Ruan-shi totally had no idea about the conversation that happened after she left. She immediately asked Huo Xue-shi about letting Cheng Yumo married during the early mourning period. Huo Xue-shi only considered for a while before agreeing.

Anyway, they were bound to be in law. Since Cheng Yumo was so anxious to marry in, Huo Xue-shi had no objection.

After Ruan-shi and Huo Xue-shi reached an agreement, they went to see Old Madam Cheng. The Old Master has passed away. Cheng Min, as a married daughter, also rushed back to her natal family early this morning. When Ruan-shi and Huo Xue-shi came in, Cheng Min was sitting in the room comforting the Old Madam. Since Cheng Min was the Old Madam’s daughter, naturally there was no reason to keep things from her, so she also listened to Ruan-shi’s idea.

This was a family’s matter, so Cheng Min couldn’t interfere easily. But inwardly, she sighed and shook her head.

The most taboo for a woman was to rush. It wasn’t like that Cheng Yumo couldn’t get married, so why should they be this anxious? When a woman married into her husband’s family, she should give birth to children and take care of the household. Now Cheng Yumo was so impatient, her husband’s family might look her down.

But Ruan-shi, as the mother, was willing, and Old Madam Cheng also agreed. An aunt like Cheng Min had no room to intervene. Cheng Min pursed her lips slightly, but said nothing.

For some reason, she remembered the idea that she had put on hold before. In fact, after returning from her visit before, she had thought about it for a long time. Afterward, she heard that Cheng Yujin embroidered a pair of double-sided embroidery on behalf of Yichun Marquis manor and was even praised by the Emperor. This made Cheng Min stopped considering the idea. Cheng Min knew what level her son was. Cheng Yujin was too talented. It wouldn’t be easy for Xu Zhixian to support her.

But today, this idea emerged again. Any reputable family would marry their children by seniority order. Men might be more flexible, but women couldn’t. If the younger sister was married when the elder sister was still at home, what would others think of Cheng Yujin? Those who understood the ins and outs would know that Huo family was at fault, Cheng Yujin wanted to observe the mourning, and it was Ruan-shi and Huo Xue-shi who were too impatient. But the capital was so large. How many knew the inside story?

They wouldn’t understand Cheng Yujin’s difficulties. They would only think that Cheng Yujin had some hidden illness, so she couldn’t get married.

Cheng Min sighed. She saw Ruan-shi and Madam Cheng had something to talk. She couldn’t stay here any longer and took the initiative to leave. As soon as she left the room, Cheng Min immediately asked: “Where is second young master?”

“Second young master is in the outer courtyard, helping with the guests.”

Cheng family weren’t blessed with many members, and the third generation was even smaller. The two boys from the second branch, Cheng Enci and Cheng Enbei, were not of age yet. The first branch’s eldest di son Cheng Enbao was still a child. Cheng Yuanxian couldn’t personally receive the young male guests, so Xu Zhixian rushed back to his maternal grandparents’ home to help with the guests.

Cheng Min immediately went to find Xu Zhixian. The young man was busy outside when a servant came to say that his mother was looking for him. Xu Zhixian hurriedly went to a room. As soon as he pushed the door in, he asked: “Mother, are you looking for me?”

Cheng Min was startled. She glared angrily: “You kid, where is your manner?”

“Mother, didn’t you tell me to come over? What do you want to talk about? I’m still busy, so please be hurry.”

Xu Zhixian’s mind was inherently simple. Cheng Min knew his son’s personality, so she didn’t brood over this small discourtesy either. She pulled Xu Zhixian closer and carefully looked at his son from top to bottom. Under his mother’s gaze, Xu Zhixian inevitably felt a goosebump. He couldn’t help rubbing his arms and asked: “Mother, what do you want to talk about?”

Cheng Min smiled: “Zhixian, be honest to mother. What do you think about your biao younger sister Yujin?”

“Elder sister Jin? Of course she is very good.”

This was true. Xu Zhixian grew up under Cheng Yujin’s shadow, and he was used at Cheng Yujin being better in manners, being better in study, being more diligent in calligraphy…she even knew the contents of imperial examination, which was reserved for men, but Xu Zhixian had no clue about. As long as Cheng Yujin did something, she would be the best. Over time, Xu Zhixian has gotten used to it.

Because she was Cheng Yujin.

Xu Zhixian thought that her mother would use Cheng Yujin’s example to educate him again. But Cheng Min’s next sentence was: “Then what do you think if Yujin becomes your wife?”


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