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GNU Ch.35 Part 1 – Zhuangyuan (I)

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Cheng Yujin didn’t expect Xu Zhixian to say this kind of thing, so she was a little surprised.

Cheng Yujin has always felt that Xu Zhixian was just a child. His likes and dislikes were clearly written on his face, and he always follows his preferences freely. Such a person was certainly not Cheng Yujin’s type. But for marriage, it was nothing. She only needed money and status.

So, in the beginning, Cheng Yujin did consider Xu Zhixian. He was gentle and affectionate, frank and sincere, and wasn’t arrogant by nature. Cheng Yujin could easily adjust herself to him. If Cheng Yujin really married Xu Zhixian, she had the utmost confidence to control him on her palm, and her future marriage life would be very comfortable.

But this kind of comfort came at the expense of future prospects. Moreover, Cheng Yujin has always thought that Xu Zhixian preferred Cheng Yumo. Even the servant girls who played with him were cute and lively. But Cheng Yujin was different.

Every time she stood on the side with her ‘elder sister’ aura, she was incompatible with her cousins of the same age. So Cheng Yujin never thought that Xu Zhixian would have a feeling for her.

From the perspective of a man, towards a woman.

Now that she heard Xu Zhixian’s words, she was stunned. After a while, Cheng Yujin smiled lightly. She still didn’t believe Xu Zhixian. But he was willing to do this, and Cheng Yujin was very satisfied.

The green foliages rustled, and the breeze passed by. The sunlight that shone from between the leaves also swayed, as if being blown by the wind. Cheng Yujin slightly widened her eyes and looked at Xu Zhixian, then couldn’t help but smile.

Xu Zhixian was surprised. In the past, Cheng Yujin smiled a lot, but her smiles always perfectly adhered to etiquette. Her smile was so perfect that it ever had a sense of distance. But at this moment, Cheng Yujin’s smile was like the first sunshine after the rain or the first blossom in the spring. She was genuinely smiling from the bottom of her heart.

It turns out that she looked so beautiful when smiling.

With a light smile on her face, Cheng Yujin said, “Second biao elder brother, you are willing to say this to me, and I am very touched. But marriage is different from other things. If you don’t like a cat or dog, it isn’t hard to bear their presence. But the same won’t do for marriage. I know that you are worried about my situation. My engagement has been canceled, and the second sister will soon marry Marquis Jingyong. Aunt is worried that I won’t be able to find a marriage partner. So you took a pity and are thinking of helping me at the expense of your own marriage.”

“I appreciate your intention, but it’s unnecessary. You don’t owe me anything, and nor does aunt. There is no need to wrong yourself for me. After getting married, we have to get along for the rest of our life. I know you don’t like a woman with a temperament like me. A person can endure an unlikable cat or dog, but how can you endure spending forty or fifty years with someone you don’t like?” Cheng Yujin bowed to Xu Zhixian and said, “Thanks for biao brother’s kindness, but I don’t need it. The words you just said are related to the reputation of Cheng and Xu, so I hope you won’t say it again in the future.”

After speaking, Cheng Yujin turned her back and left. Light shone from between the foliage, reflecting both shadow and greenish light on her body. Soon, she disappeared from view. Xu Zhixian stood alone in the corridor, staring at the direction Cheng Yujin had just left, and didn’t move for a long time.

In fact, that wasn’t the direction Cheng Yujin initially wanted to go. But with Xu Zhixian behind, in order to avoid him, Cheng Yujin had to walk forward, planning to turn roundabout in the outer courtyard first before taking another path back to the inner courtyard.

After Cheng Yujin walked down from the roofed corridor, she suddenly saw a person standing at the moon gate. She paused her steps. Her expression was surprised: “Compiler Lin? Why are you here?”

Lin Qingyuan was embarrassed. He and Cheng Yuanjing had a good relationship, so he naturally had to offer condolences for the Old Master Cheng. He actually came to find Cheng Yuanjing, but unexpectedly heard such a dramatic conversation between two cousins.

Cheng family’s situation seemed a little more complicated than he thought. Lin Qingyuan had a good impression of Cheng family’s eldest Miss, but didn’t expect that such a smart, beautiful, and talented woman actually had such a hardship. Lin Qingyuan felt awkward and embarrassed. He quickly explained: “Eldest Miss Cheng, I’m sorry for eavesdropping, but I didn’t mean it. I just come here to….”

“I know.” Cheng Yujin interrupted Lin Qingyuan with a smile. “Of course I believe in Lin Zhuangyuan’s character. Don’t worry, I don’t mind.”

Of course she didn’t mind. Why should she? On the contrary, this was a perfect chance to brush up Lin Qingyuan’s good impression and sympathy.

“I’m glad.” Lin Qingyuan smiled at Cheng Yujin, and thoughtfully refrained himself from asking a young woman’s private affairs. He didn’t see the people who spoke just now, but from their voice and dialogue, he could surmise some of the ins and outs of the matter. It was nothing more than the eldest Miss Cheng had her engagement canceled, and now she couldn’t find another suitable marriage candidate, delaying her future. However, a prestigious family had many offsprings. If the eldest sister were delayed, it inevitably would hinder the siblings below. Based on the conversation he happened to overheard just now, eldest Miss Cheng’s younger sister was about to get married. The mother of the younger sister’s fiance was dissatisfied with the eldest Miss’ obstructing the way. Cheng family was anxious, so eldest Miss’ paternal aunt wanted her son to marry her eldest niece.

Lin Qingyuan didn’t know what happened before that, but he could guess that the adults didn’t properly inform the concerning parties when making this decision, which caused a misunderstanding. As a man, Lin Qingyuan could hear that the cousin brother was sincere when he said that he wanted to marry eldest Miss Cheng, but the girl didn’t believe, and in turn, reprimanded him.

King Xiang has the feeling, but the goddess rejected it1. When the woman didn’t believe the man’s feelings, it was simply too miserable. Lin Qingyuan couldn’t help but sympathize with the cousin brother. Although he didn’t see the other party, Lin Qingyuan could almost imagine how gloomy that young man was after being explicitly rejected by a girl like Cheng Yujin.


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  1. King Xiang has the feeling, but the goddess rejected it: A man’s unrequited love.

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    1. I don’t think so. Lin may pity the cousin, but he expressed it as ‘how gloomy’ the cousin is for being rejected ‘by a girl like CJ’. I think we have the first guy who views her as a desirable wife and may force our ML to make up his mind.

  1. Another likely suitor delivers himself to Cheng Yujin’s door! XDDDD Well, he doesn’t know yet he’s a potential suitor, but I guess he’ll start thinking in this direction pretty soon. Your highness the crown prince, you should keep your guard up 😉
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Once Lin Qingyuan discusses this with Cheng Yuanjing, I suspect our crown prince will feel a bit hurried to protect his future consort. At least I hope so.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  3. No matter how I think about it, how would Chen Yuanjing and Yujin get together? Even if they got together, he hasn’t revealed his identity yet and them being together might hinder that (like, Chen Yuanjing cant just “disappear” then the Crown Prince suddenly comes back). I really want them to get together soon since their chemistry is good, but I can’t predict how this story will go at all…

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