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Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch. 36 Part 2 – Uncle (II)

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Cheng Yuanjing glanced down at Cheng Yujin, who lowered her head even more, revealing only the top of her head. Cheng Yuanjing smiled slightly and said, “It depends on people. For some, it might be very hard to find the way here.”

Cheng Yujin shut up her mouth completely. Neither rebutting or explaining, or admitting her mistake. Lin Qingyuan finally realized something was wrong. He asked curiously: “Eldest Miss Cheng is still very lively just now. Why do you suddenly fell silent? Did my remarks perhaps offend you?”

“No.” Cheng Yujin quickly rebut. She quietly glanced at Cheng Yuanjing before smiling guiltily: “Brother Zhizhi originally came to find Ninth Uncle. Now that Ninth Uncle is here, I shouldn’t disturb your talk.”

Lin Qingyuan waved his hand and smiled: “Of course not. Eldest Miss Cheng is too cautious. A girl of your age should be carefree and take good care of yourself. Seeing you being too sensible make me distressed.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yujin was stunned. Doubts arose in her heart: What did Lin Qingyuan mean? Could it be that he also liked a naive and cute girl like Cheng Yumo?

Cheng Yujin’s heartbeat leaped. At this moment, Cheng Yuanjing suddenly asked slowly, “Brother Zhizhi?”

His voice was calm and unhurried, but containing inexplicable heaviness. “Oh!” Lin Qingyuan explained to Cheng Yuanjing enthusiastically: “Eldest Miss Cheng said that her address to me is too distant. Since she is about the same age as my younger sister, it’s just right for her to call me ‘Brother.'”

Cheng Yujin closed her eyes in despair. Embarrassing, too embarrassing!! She couldn’t bear to look anymore. Which god did she offend today? First, she came to deliver some snacks but accidentally bumped into the scene when Xu Zhixian resolutely refused to marry her. Then Lin Qingyuan overheard her conversation with Xu Zhixian. And now, the crown prince caught her nonsense in the act.

In order to catch Lin Qingyuan, she indeed exaggerated and even changed some parts of her story appropriately. But she merely wanted to marry a rich and powerful man. What did she do wrong? If she knew that she would meet the crown prince here, she would never distort even the smallest truth and instead would act with the utmost virtue.

Cheng Yujin felt despair. Why was her luck too bad?

After Lin Qingyuan finished speaking, Cheng Yujin obviously felt Cheng Yuanjing’s gaze swept through her direction. Cheng Yujin lowered her head in embarrassment and pretended to be non-exist, silently begged the crown prince to bestow his benevolence, so that she could preserve some of her face. The cards in her hand weren’t many, and so did her time. She couldn’t afford to lose even one.

Seemingly smiling, Cheng Yuanjing said: “She is right. Calling a person by his official title is indeed pretty distant. But calling Lin Qingyuan ‘Brother’ is also wrong.”

Cheng Yujin was stunned. She subconsciously asked, “Why is it wrong?”

“He is my friend. If you want to use a closer address, you should call him uncle.”

This time, Cheng Yujin was truly shocked. After some time, she forced herself to ask: “Call him….uncle?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yuanjing nodded slightly, glancing at Cheng Yujin. “In the future, you should adhere to the etiquette and call him ‘Uncle Lin.'”

Cheng Yujin couldn’t accept it. If she called Lin Qingyuan ‘Uncle Lin,’ how could she make him wanted to marry her? Even if there were a fifty percent chance before, once she started to call him ‘Uncle Lin,’ the possibility would be zero.

Hearing the word ‘uncle,’ Lin Qingyuan was also equally shocked. He rubbed his arms, feeling goosebumps. He then said to Cheng Yuanjing, “Jingxing, we shouldn’t be that rigid, okay? I’m not much older than eldest Miss Cheng…”

“Courtesy cannot be disregarded.” Cheng Yuanjing said calmly. “She shouldn’t put seniority in disorder. Since you are my peers, she must call you uncle. Jade wouldn’t shine without being polished. Equally, the education of young people shouldn’t be lax.”

Lin Qingyuan suddenly felt a deep veneration: “Jingxing’s words are reasonable. No wonder eldest Miss Cheng so sensible and smart at this age. It turns out that your family education is so strict. You enlighten me.”

Cheng Yujin wanted to curse: The hell with your enlightenment! Could that provide her a good marriage? Cheng Yujin kept scolding harshly in her heart. Seemingly sensed the girl’s resentment, Cheng Yuanjing lowered his gaze. He calmly looked at Cheng Yujin and asked: “Niece, what do you say?”

Cheng Yujin’s expression was blank. This great ancestor was the crown prince. Did she dare to say the crown prince was wrong? Cheng Yuanjing patiently waited for her reply. Cheng Yujin ultimately had no choice but to gritted her teeth and said word by word: “Yes, Ninth Uncle’s words are reasonable. This niece is enlightened.”

“Just now, you called Lin Qingyuan ‘Brother.’ Shouldn’t you apologize to him?”

Cheng Yujin was so miserable. Although she was very unwilling, she opened her mouth and said: “Un-unc…Compiler Lin, This little girl was rude. Please forgive me.”

Cheng Yujin really couldn’t make herself calling ‘Uncle Lin,’ so she could only change back to the previous address. Fortunately, Cheng Yuanjing didn’t force her. Lin Qingyuan, of course replied that she didn’t need to, and thus the matter was passed.

Hearing Cheng Yujin calling ‘Compiler Lin,’ Cheng Yuanjing felt more comfortable. For a moment, Cheng Yujin walked in despair, but she quickly cheered herself up. Victory and defeat were common in battle. Although in this matter of addressing she has regressed into the initial state, she would continue to work hard for her future wealthy life.

Cheng Yujin prepared for a new comeback. She walked with Lin Qingyuan, talking about some light topics with the man and subtly inquiring about his preferences, habits, and hobbies. Cheng Yujin had just asked Lin Qingyuan about the things he does to pass the time in private and was waiting for his answer when she heard the person behind called her name slowly: “Cheng Yujin.”

Cheng Yujin straightened her back subconsciously: “Ninth Uncle.”

“You have been keeping vigil overnight. Didn’t the Marchioness tell you to go back and rest? Why haven’t you go?”

“Eh?” Cheng Yujin frowned. The Old Madam told her to rest? When did this happen?

Lin Qingyuan also looked at her. Cheng Yujin didn’t have much time to think, so she could only put the matter aside for the time being, and tactfully said, “I’m actually not that tired…”


Cheng Yujin’s eyebrows twitched several times. In the end, she bowed her head in defeat and said, “Many thanks for Ninth Uncle’s reminder. I’m indeed tired. This little girl will retire first. Please forgive my discourtesy.”


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Being called ‘uncle’ can make it impossible for two people to marry? Really? Why do I doubt it somehow 😂

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Greetings, Ninth Uncle
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