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GNU Ch. 37 Part 3 – Currying Favor (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.36 Part 2.

Cheng Yujin returned to her room. After being awakened in the middle of the night yesterday, she hadn’t been asleep. Last night, she spent all night in the deserted mourning hall. This morning, she was so busy welcoming and seeing off the guests that she didn’t even have the time to sit down and took a breath.

After spinning around all morning, she has been beaten up at noon. Her body was totally exhausted, and her legs felt so heavy. Cheng Yujin solely relied on her utter perseverance to not show her fatigue on the outside. But after all, she wasn’t made of iron. Her body couldn’t stand being tossed around all day and night. Under Cheng Yuanjing’s words, Cheng Yujin went back to her courtyard to take a rest. If the Old Madam inquired later, she could push Cheng Yuanjing out as a shield.

As soon as she returned to her room, Cheng Yujin fell asleep. Her sleep was deep and lasted all afternoon. Only after the sun went down that Cheng Yujin slowly woke up, feeling hungry.

Hearing the movement inside the babu bed, Lian Qiao hurriedly came over. She opened the curtains on both sides of the bed frame, quickly took out a jacket, and helped Cheng Yujin dressed. Cheng Yujin changed into the soft-sole shoes for indoors, casually put on the blue and white long jacket, and asked: “What time is now?”

“Replying to Miss, it’s in the middle of the rooster hour (6 pm).”

Cheng Yujin nodded. It seemed that her sleep was pretty long. She had just waking up and felt a little cold. Cheng Yujin tightened her jacket, yawned, and sat on the luohan couch: “Did anyone come here to ask for me in the afternoon?”

“The Lady sent a person. After hearing that Miss was sleeping, the messenger immediately went back.”

“I see.” Cheng Yujin nodded. She has been missing all afternoon, and the only one who came to ask was Cheng Min. There was a reason why Cheng Yujin gladly went back to rest. First, people with high status wouldn’t come to offer condolences in the afternoon. Second, her body was her biggest asset; Cheng Yujin would never damage her body for others. So, taking advantage of Cheng Yuanjing’s words, she went back to sleep.

Although she understood that people in the Cheng family was busy in the afternoon and that even if she were missing, there would be no trouble at all, when Cheng Yujin heard that the only person who noticed she was missing and sent a servant to inquire was her married paternal aunt, she still had mixed feelings.

However, the thought only flashed by quickly before she put it aside. Since Ruan-shi and Cheng Yuanhan only loved the children who grew up by their side, and Qingfu and Cheng Yuanxian never treated her as their child, she would treat herself freely, and all her efforts were only for her own sake. They should never talk to her about blood relationships and grace repayment.

Cheng Yujin leaned against the luohan couch leisurely and sipped the hot tea, gradually recovering her spirit. She raised her hand and ordered: “Go to fetch my sewing basket.”

Lian Qiao was surprised: “Miss, you have been so tired today. Are you still going to do needlework?”

“Yes. Anyway, there won’t be any more guests, and people outside have not noticed that I am away. Even if I go out to perform my filial piety, to whom I will show it for? Better sit inside the room comfortably so that I can recover my energy. Let’s wait until guests come tomorrow before we go out.”

Lian Qiao felt this was reasonable. Although saying it loud seemed to be heartless and unfilial, their Miss has always been firm, sensible, and decisive. She knew what she wanted and how to achieve it. Anything she did was always based on careful consideration, and she would never do something that put her at a disadvantage.

Including her attitude towards her family members.

Lian Qiao said: “Miss, you have been tossing around all day, and you just woke up. Your eyes should still be tired. Why must you do needlework now? Or, how about changing to other things to relax?”

“No.” Cheng Yujin stretched her wrists. The strength in her body has been restored. “I should embroider a few stitches when I can. Maybe I won’t have the time later.”

Cheng Yujin would never let her decision be affected by others. Lian Qiao knew that it was useless to persuade further, so she went to the east wing to fetch the sewing basket. Lian Qiao stood by the side, watching Cheng Yujin moved the needle skillfully. She sighed: “Miss’ embroidery is truly amazing. If those young madams and misses outside see your embroidery, who would dare to brag about their needlework? I’m afraid that those embroidery workshops would be out of business. It’s just a pity that Miss’ embroidery works are so few that outsiders don’t know how good you are.”

Cheng Yujin smiled softly, “Because I am so good, that’s why I should make less.”

“Huh?” Lian Qiao was surprised, “No, shouldn’t it be the opposite? Why does Miss should make less?”

Cheng Yujin moved her hands nimbly and skillfully. Her wrist turned, puncturing another stitch while she answered: “Something available in a large quantity will have its value decreased. Precisely because the embroidery I made are so few, that people who get them feel precious. Gradually, even five points of excellence would be bragged up into seven points.”

Lian Qiao pondered for a bit. So, it turned out to be so. Lian Qiao looked at Cheng Yujin in admiration. If any other girls had Cheng Yujin’s embroidery skills, they would be so busy embroidering all kinds of clothes and handkerchiefs and such, and gifted them out to please her elders and build her reputation. But Cheng Yujin didn’t. Instead, she pursued long-term benefits while forgoing the short-term ones.

Lian Qiao was thoroughly convinced. She watched Cheng Yujin for a while without blinking, and gradually felt her eyes sore. Lian Qiao rubbed her eyes and asked curiously: “Miss, who are you going to give this embroidery to?”

Cheng Yujin usually gifted her embroidery to others, and generally only for a large-scale or necessary occasion. Lian Qiao tried hard to remember, but couldn’t recall anything important that would happen near days. Hearing the question, Cheng Yujin sighed heavily: “This is for a great ancestor.”


Cheng Yuanjing looked at the white-dressed Cheng Yujin, then to the embroidered pouch before him. He instinctively became vigilant: “What are you doing?”

Cheng Yujin smiled. She arranged the pastries she personally made on the small table one by one. Inward, she thought she never been this filial to her grandparents, but now using them all to the crown prince. She hoped that His Highness would appreciate her efforts and bring more talented young men back. It would be even better if he could give her a marriage directly.


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  1. Lol she’s just straight up bribing him while he’s enjoying being treated as someone he’s got his eye on.

  2. “Cheng Yuanjing instantly becomes vigilant.. ” He suspects her right away haha.. For good reason, if I may add.

  3. Oh yeah also that small line about her being sad for a second cuz no one noticed she was gone ….. I get it, no matter how mature, logical, and detached from her family is at the end of the day she’s still only 14, maybe a small part of her still wants to believe with her efforts someone might still recognize her …. Cuz that’s what she wants, love, recognition, and safety so it’s all the sadder seeing a line like that, I just hope she stays true to her word and never helps them out when she leaves.

    Now that made me remember that one like that while the sister always got the love of her mother for whatever she always had to do her absolute best just for a small smile from her adoptive mother …. How sad.

    I want her to leave this place already I hate everyone.

  4. I’m binging and I’m really enjoying this novel! Thank you for translating!
    I think it’s funny how she’s buttering him up in expectation that he might introduce her to other outstanding men but the most outstanding man is the one she’s buttering up xD

  5. She’s got great leadership qualities. As an employer/team lead she can take you far as long as you can keep up. Too bad this is an ancient setting and can’t let her character and ambition shine.

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