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GNU Ch. 38 Part 1 – Opinion (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.36 Part 2.

Cheng Yujin arranged the pastries on the small table one by one, then smiled at Cheng Yuanjing: “Ninth Uncle has worked hard these days. This niece especially prepared some snacks for you. My hand is clumsy. I hope Ninth Uncle won’t dislike.”

Cheng Yuanjing narrowed his eyes and stared at Cheng Yujin with an inquiring gaze. The smile on her face was unfazed, and her whole appearance looked gentle and harmless.

What a perfect example of niece’s filial piety.

Cheng Yujin kept smiling. She actually has long suspected that Cheng Yuanjing had a prejudice against her.

When her engagement with Huo Changyuan was broken, Cheng Yuanjing happened to witness the scene, and his prejudice seemed to begin here. When Xu Zhixian visited Yichun Marquis manor last time, Cheng Yuanjing sent her back to practice calligraphy whenever he saw her having free time. After she met Lin Qingyuan, he also turned her away whenever she had a conversation with the young man.

If not prejudice, then what?

Being targeted by the crown prince, Cheng Yujin didn’t dare to have any objections. However, her path of catching a golden husband couldn’t be delayed, even if the stone blocking in the way was the crown prince himself.

Cheng Yujin secretly calculating, planning to take advantage of this period when Cheng Yuanjing nominally has to observe mourning and stayed at home. She changed her tactics and would try to please this great ancestor instead. She didn’t ask him to change his opinion about her, but at least wanted him not to hinder her pursuing Lin Qingyuan.

Cheng Yujin contemplated this problem for a long time, and finally guessed that Cheng Yuanjing greatly valued Lin Qingyuan’s talent, so he naturally couldn’t sit back and watch Lin Qingyuan fell into the hands of a woman with an impure motive. Unfortunately, the so-called ‘woman with an impure motive’ happened to be herself.

It is a pity that even if Cheng Yujin’s self-assertion result was the same, she still refused to give up Lin Qingyuan, this excellent stock. Therefore, she could only make Cheng Yuanjing change his attitude.

Cheng Yujin’s smile deepened: “Ninth Uncle, you have been working hard these days. These are the pastries I prepared for you. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it suits your preference. Why don’t you try a bite?”

Cheng Yuanjing lowered his gaze and looked at the pastries Cheng Yujin brought out. A plate of plum cake, a plate of osmanthus cake, and finally a plate of green tea cake, which was also the most elaborate one. The small green tea cakes were shaped into leaf, and he could faintly smell the refreshing tea fragrance. Their color was elegant green, and it was so detailedly shaped that he could even see thin leaf veins carved on its surface. They looked like small pieces of green jade; fresh and exquisite. Too impressive that people almost held their breath in awe.

Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes were on the pastries, while Cheng Yujin looked at him eagerly. Her eyes shone brightly, waiting for him to have a taste. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t like eating snacks, but under Cheng Yujin’s eager eyes, he casually picked up a piece of green tea cake.

Cheng Yuanjing originally merely wanted to take a bite to give Cheng Yujin some face. Unexpectedly, once he bit into the cake, it actually suited his appetite. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t like sweet and greasy food, and preferred lighter taste. Those requirements were hard to found in desserts, but Cheng Yujin did it. For example, this plate of green tea cakes was so exquisitely made, with a hint of tea leaf’s fresh fragrance. The sweetness wasn’t high, and there was a faint bitterness of green tea. Even people who didn’t like sweet dessert wouldn’t dislike this taste.

When Cheng Yuanjing tasted the cake, Cheng Yujin kept watching him without blinking and almost rushed to ask for his evaluation. Under such a gaze, it was difficult for anyone to say something negative. Cheng Yuanjing originally wanted to say “Not bad,” but when he met with the shining pair of eyes, he inexplicably changed it into “Very good.”

A bright light suddenly burst from Cheng Yujin’s eyes. The corner of her eyes subconsciously bend. It was as if a starry sky fell into her eyes: bright and dazzling. For a moment, Cheng Yuanjing was stunned. He remembered at the gathering after the last banquet, Cheng Yujin paid special attention to Xu Zhixian’s food and beverages. The tea and pastries for Huo Changyuan and the others were prepared in batches. Only Xu Zhixian’s portion was clearly made separately and also with greater care. Although Cheng Yuanjing’s portion wasn’t part of the common batch, he didn’t get any special treatment either. This time, he finally tasted the things Cheng Yujin personally prepared according to his preference.

Cheng Yuanjing couldn’t describe his current emotion well. But his expression softened visibly, and a slight smile appeared in his eyes. Cheng Yujin personally poured a cup of tea for Cheng Yuanjing and put it next to him. She then stood with a smile: “Ninth Uncle, many things have to be tabooed during the mourning period. Last time, I saw the pouch where you put your official seal is golden colored. Now that we have to mourn for grandfather, it has to be changed into a plainer one. I know that Ninth Uncle is in charge of half of grandfather’s funeral arrangements. I think you may not have the time to mind this kind of trivial matter, so I took the liberty to prepare a new seal pouch for you.”

Cheng Yujin put a pouch on the table and smiled: “My needlework is still clumsy. I hope Ninth Uncle won’t dislike.”


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8 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 38 Part 1 – Opinion (I)”

  1. I love how Yujin knows what she wants and goes for it. With the environment she grew up in, she could have turned into a very black-hearted person. Yes, she’s a bit scheming, but anyone would be if they had to survive without backing a family like the Cheng family.

    1. Exactly! Cheng Yujin is doing her best to get a good husband, but she’s actually prepared to keep her end of the bargain up – to run the household, to please the husband, to bear children, in short, to be an excellent wife.

  2. I really like how practical she is and how much of a realist she is when she makes her plans. She’s fast creeping up my list of favourite FLs, especially in these historical settings.

  3. I’m seconding the good words on Yujin. Yeah, she’s scheming…but she just wants to secure her position/save herself from her messy family, and she’s not doing that by harming anyone else (I’m looking at you, Yumo). She’s fully prepared to be the best wife she could be to anyone who married her. She doesn’t even sell false love/affection to do that, and it’s actually normal because affection wasn’t something that’s expected to be built before marriage, anyway. She’s actually straightforward in her intentions, even if her methods are complex.

  4. Hahaha I’m also gonna have to agree with the other, but you see it’s not just that while she’s scheming she’s prepared to be a good wife but that even with all that’s happened to her she’s just a good person, which is amazing considering the scum she’s around and what she’s had to endure, as she said even if her heart is small and mostly filled out by just her she has space for some good people, like how she’s always so nice to her two maids.

    And even if she’s always scheming and planning she does so in a way where no one gets hurt or anyone loses out, in fact I may have a problem with how good of a person she is now and kind of want her to just drag her family to the depths of hell when she leaves.

    Such a good girl really, anyone would be lucky to have such a girl.

    Anyone with sufficient money and power to catch her fancy of course lol.

  5. Adding to all the praises above, she’s also very self aware. Most people would delude themselves and others of their inappropriate actions and deeds. Both MC and ML know of this, yet she’s there to placate him to go easy on her.
    Sadly there’s no other ‘career’ path other than a noble’s wife. Her entire future lies in the hands of a man, it’s smarter to choose herself than let idiots like her birth or adoptive parents do it who’d sell her for the next best opportunity after HCY like she’s an item in the supermarket near expiration date and has been put on discount.

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