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GNU Ch. 40 Part 2 – Niece (II)

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There was no way the shop attendant could hide his surprise. Cheng Yujin noticed his expression and frowned suspiciously: “Ninth Uncle, what’s happen?”

Cheng Yuanjing glanced at the shop attendant again, who quickly lowered his head. Cheng Yuanjing retracted his gaze and said lightly, “Nothing. Did you find any fabrics you like?”

With Cheng Yuanjing’s question, Cheng Yujin’s attention was immediately diverted. She put aside her curiosity and said: “The fabrics are good. I heard from the shopkeeper that they also sell ready-made clothes, so I asked him to show me two pieces.”

Cheng Yuanjing nodded. These were for Cheng Yujin to amuse herself with, so she could do whatever she wanted. When they talked, the shopkeeper brought out the two pieces of ready-made clothes. Cheng Yujin stepped forward and looked at the clothes for a while, and then she fell silent.

The shopkeeper gradually realized that something was wrong. Although Cheng Yujin looked at many fabrics, the questions she asked didn’t seem to be someone who wanted to buy, but more like…coming to inspect. The shopkeeper gradually became suspicious, worried about which of his business rival was trying to spy out his shop. However, looking at the beautiful couple, it was hard to believe that they came under such a reason.

Cheng Yuanjing saw Cheng Yujin put down the clothes in her hand. He asked, “Is it good?”


“Wrap them all.”

“Ah!” Cheng Yujin quickly stopped the shopkeeper and said to Cheng Yuanjing: “Ninth Uncle, why are you buying it? ”

This shop was owned by her. Wasn’t it silly for a family member to buy things here?

The shopkeeper was standing on the side nervously. When he heard Cheng Yujin’s words, he hardly could maintain the smile on his face.

What does she mean? Looking down on him?

In the end, Cheng Yujin was too ashamed to let Cheng Yuanjing buy the clothes for her. Of course she knew that Cheng Yuanjing didn’t care about this money, and simply gave it away for her. However, Cheng Yujin more or less still needed some face, and didn’t dare to accept it.

After that, Cheng Yujin went to the other two shops. The jewelry shop was called Linlang Pavilion, not far from Yunyi Shop, but the last one, a glaze shop, was a little far away. After visiting all three shops, Cheng Yujin was very embarrassed. Unlike her, Cheng Yuanjing was very busy and had so many things to deal with, but he still spent a whole day accompanying her. After returning to the manor, Cheng Yujin bowed politely: “Ninth Uncle, thank you so much.”

This time she was sincere. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t care much, and said: “After we left the three shops today, I sent them Yichun Marquis manor nameplate. Now, they already know that you are the new owner. If you want to send a message or want to visit the shops, come directly to Liu Yi.”

Cheng Yujin’s lips moved slightly, but in the end, she could only bow deeply: “Thank you, Ninth Uncle.”

Cheng Yujin didn’t like to trouble others, and equally disliked being troubled by others, but this time she couldn’t even consider refusing. Because she really needed her own personnel. She lived in the inner house surrounded by female servants, who couldn’t leave the second gate. Besides, many of them were also Old Madam Cheng or Qingfu’s people. It was too difficult for Cheng Yujin to avoid their eyes and ears to manage her shops.

Cheng Yuanjing’s words were tantamount to giving charcoal during the snow. Cheng Yujin couldn’t refuse. She could only remember Cheng Yuanjing’s kindness in her heart.

That evening, after returning to the room, Lian Qiao brought hot tea to Cheng Yujin: “Miss, you have been walking outside all day today. You should take a good rest.”

After spending all day outside, Cheng Yujin didn’t rest immediately after returning. She instead took the brush and started to draw patterns. Both Yunyi Shop and Linlang Pavilion made a good income. However, Cheng Yujin thought that they could do even better. Considering its excellent location, the two shops’ businesses were still not good enough.

Old Master Cheng had many properties, and he couldn’t take care of every single one of them. However, Cheng Yujin was different. She only had three shops under her name, but had to spend money everywhere. She must maximize her income. She didn’t understand ceramic glaze, so she could only put the last shop temporarily aside. But for the other two, Cheng Yujin had many ideas to put into practice.

After all, she has been a marquis manor’s young miss for fourteen years, and her mother was Qingfu Junzhu. All these years, she has seen countless beautiful and precious items. It wasn’t hard for her to put down some ideas for jewelry and clothing shops.

Cheng Yujin finally put down her brush and sighed in melancholy: “Ninth Uncle truly helped me so much this time. I don’t know how to repay him.”

Lian Qiao didn’t know Cheng Yuanjing’s secret, so she said quickly: “Miss, Ninth Master is your uncle, your blood-related family. Why should you worry too much?”

Cheng Yujin shook her head. If Cheng Yuanjing were her real Ninth Uncle, Cheng Yujin would brazenly accept his help. The identity as a junior allowed her to do that. At most, she would deliver some more pastries in the future.

However, it wasn’t the case, and this favor was too big.

Lian Qiao didn’t understand why Cheng Yujin was so worried. Cheng Yujin shook her head and refused to say more. She sighed. For the first time, she realized that as a dignified daughter of a noble family, although she had lived for more than one decade being talented and prideful, she didn’t have much when it came to the actual value.

Cheng Yujin made up her mind. The only thing she could do was to visit Cheng Yuanjing more frequently and deliver more pastries and other trinkets. Although these things were not worth mentioning in front of the crown prince, apart from these, Cheng Yujin truly didn’t know what else she could offer.

Cheng Yujin pondered for a while, and finally sighed from the bottom of her heart: “Ninth Uncle is truly a good person.”


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  1. It’s such a pleasure to read about a person who actually reflects on herself, can learn her lesson and be all the better for it.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. “Ninth Uncle is truly a good person.”
    Yes, of course he is. It can’t be that he’s only fattening the lamb before eating it right? Lol😆
    But seriously I have really missed their interactions. Rereading earlier chapters is really the way to go while waiting for new ones. Thanks a lot for the updates.

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