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GNU Ch. 42 Part 2 – Biological Mother (II)

Cheng Yujin was not surprised at all, let alone feeling sad. But she didn’t want to let the Old Madam and Ruan-shi go so easily. They wanted to step on her marriage tragedy to make a tie with those in power, yet still wished her to keep being filial, have no complaints, and sacrificed everything for Cheng family. How could there be such a good thing in this world? Cheng Yujin smiled and asked gently: “Second aunt, why are you still not talking? There are no outsiders here. Since you want to talk to grandmother, please do. I won’t disturb you.”

Sure enough, right after Cheng Yujin’s words fell, Ruan-shi dodged her gaze, too embarrassed to look at Cheng Yujin. Cheng Yujin chuckled a little, then she looked back and forth between the Old Madam and Ruan-shi, before asking in a confused tone: “Grandmother, second aunt, what’s the matter? Could it be that I can’t listen to your conversation?”

Ruan-shi was feeling so guilty that she couldn’t utter a single word. Both the palm and the back of her hand was her own flesh. They were equally precious. Cheng Yujin was also her daughter. Although Cheng Yujin didn’t grow up by her side, this child was still her flesh and blood that she carried in her stomach for ten months. Ruan-shi felt sorry for Cheng Yujin. But what could she do? Mo’er has been weak since she was a child. For so many years, any good things had to be given to Cheng Yujin first. Should Mo’er even have to sacrifice her marriage for her elder sister? The matter of Cheng Yujin’s engagement being canceled was not Mo ‘er’s fault.

In the end, Old Madam Cheng sighed and said, “Alright. It’s cruel to keep hiding this matter from her. Second child’s wife, tell eldest girl what you said to me earlier.”

Inward, Ruan-shi cursed Old Madam Cheng’s shrewdness. The Old Madam clearly wanted to keep a good face on both sides, but let her be the villain! This way, Old Madam Cheng was still a kind grandmother. If Cheng Yujin ever got a good marriage in the future, the Old Madam could still stand up and let Cheng Yujin respect her.

Ruan-shi scolded fiercely, but she didn’t dare to go against the Old Madam, so she could only smile stiffly and said: “Actually, it’s not a big deal…Your sister already made a marriage contract with Huo family. Seeing that Marquis Huo is no longer young, Old Madam Huo is anxious to hold a grandson and wants Mo’er to marry in advance. Although this isn’t conforming with the etiquette, Old Madam Huo is Mo’er’s mother-in-law after all. If we don’t give her a face, she may make things difficult for Mo’er in the future. So, your grandmother and I have talked about it, and think it would be better for Mo’er to get married during the mourning period. This way, your grandfather can also rest in peace…But, this matter is still in the middle of discussion, and we have yet to make a decision…”

Ruan-shi added two last sentences, but saying it only made her feel more guilty. Cheng Yujin had foreseen this situation a long time ago. When she heard Ruan-shi’s words, there was no ripple in her heart.

However, this didn’t mean that she wouldn’t take this opportunity to get something for herself.

Cheng Yujin stared at Ruan-shi in a daze. Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise. After a long time, she finally began to react. A layer of mist suddenly appeared in her eyes, and she hurriedly blinked it down. Cheng Yujin quickly lowered her head so others couldn’t see her expression, but the trembling in her voice couldn’t be concealed: “What does second aunt mean by this? Are you going to let second sister marry before me?”

Cheng Yujin has always been dignified and proper. Seeing her suddenly showed such a heavy emotion, both Old Madam Cheng and Ruan-shi were caught off guard. If Cheng Yumo cried, Old Madam Cheng wouldn’t feel pity, but when the person was changed to Cheng Yujin, the hard-hearted Old Madam felt a rare pang of guilt.

After all, it was they the elders who have wronged her. This marriage was originally Cheng Yujin’s, but was changed to Cheng Yumo in the end. Now, for the sake of Cheng Yumo’s future married life, Cheng Yujin was once again put in a difficult situation.

Speaking of which, Cheng Yujin’s luck was indeed terrible. She was originally born as the eldest of auspicious twins, but was adopted as soon as she was born; when she reached the marriageable age, she saved a person on the snow-capped mountain, and only after being formally engaged did the other party said that he had mistaken her for another person; after many twists and turns, and breaking previous marriage contract, Huo Changyuan finally engaged with his beloved woman. Cheng Yujin herself also received praise from His Majesty, and her situation began to improve. With this development, it was possible for her to find a good husband. As a result, the Old Master passed away during this critical juncture.

Cheng Yumo was able to marry during the mourning period, but Cheng Yujin was bound to be delayed for a full year. People’s memory was selective, and it was so easy for them to forget one thing but remember the other. One year later, the golden embroidery tools bestowed by the Emperor would have been forgotten by others, but Cheng Yujin would still be burdened by her failed first engagement, was getting older, and having a younger sister married before her. Under such conditions, it would be impossible for her to find a decent marriage.

And among those reasons, many were caused by the Old Madam.

Cheng Yujin’s still lowered her head. She refused to let others see her face, but her shaking shoulders couldn’t deceive anyone. Old Madam Cheng sighed: “Eldest girl, don’t cry. Your second sister’s marriage cannot be delayed. You are the eldest. You should give way to your younger siblings.”

How many times had Cheng Yujin heard these words since childhood? You are an older sister, so you have to be tolerant to your brothers and sisters; you are the eldest, so when your siblings made a mistake, it is your fault for being negligence; you are an older sister, so it is natural for your parents to love your younger siblings more; you have to be sensible, and never make mistakes.

Cheng Yujin secretly thought: Alright, then she really would care no longer. She wouldn’t long for her parents’ attention nor the love of her relatives. She only needed money and benefits.


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15 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 42 Part 2 – Biological Mother (II)”

  1. Goodness, that’s so sad! It’s a miracle Cheng Yujin didn’t grow up crooked with such elders (her strong self-interest doesn’t count, because first, it’s for self-preservation, and second, her scheming doesn’t actually do harm to anybody in the family). I’d say the Old Madam and both sets of parents let the children in the residence down – either mollycoddling them or being unfair and indifferent to them. Can’t wait for Yujin to leave that household.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Aww
    So sad. She isn’t even the oldest child and yet she has to act as the older sister for everyone
    Many thanks

    1. Actually she is the oldest child and grandchild. It mentioned previously during the funeral that all of her brothers (qinfu’s son & ruo’s two sons) that lived in the were too young, so her cousin brother Xu had to take the role of greeting guests. Although that being said, she’s only a few minutes older than Yumo, her twin.

  3. I can’t wait until she marries the Crown Prince and for them to come crawling back to her. I hope she doesn’t give them the time of day for all of the things they’ve done to wrong her.

  4. Damn. This family is cold-hearted. They know how important a marriage is to a girl but instead of speaking to the “male,” they would rather make things difficult for the eldest miss. They deserve their comeuppance in the future :/.

    Thank you translator!

  5. Ohhh I so much hate this family!!

    It hurts more when you focus towards the narration. The narration tells us that she expects it and tries not to feel hurt (Not her tears, they are deliberate).
    But when the grandma speaks “You should give way to your younger siblings.” we realise that she did have a very very tiny hope that was now extinguished. [“Alright, then she really would care no longer. She wouldn’t long for her parents’ attention nor the love of her relatives. She only needed money and benefits.”] The ‘really’ meant she had hope. Had.

    1. Ooh you make me sad now. Now I see she still had a little speck of hope for love and attention from the elders, and it is completely dimmed now. Damn that is devastating, like watching a starving kid died after denied it’s last taste of gruel.

  6. Omg. They’re so cruel. It’s so sad that she has a family like that. I wonder how her engagement with the crown prince happen? 🤔

    Thanks for the update!

  7. I think this really will be the last straw in her heart, no matter what she’s said there’s signs that she still wanted to receive some love from them, they are her family maybe they’d change someday if they saw how hard she worked and how much effort she put into the family but this has really I just shooting her dead and trying to say it’s the bullets fault not them shooting the gun that she died.

    I hope that from here on out she truly doesn’t care about them, hell I want her to take this family down, at least to always be neutral and never help them, I’d be happy with just that.

  8. “The matter of Cheng Yujin’s engagement being canceled was not Mo ‘er’s fault.”
    It was actually Yumo’s fault though.

  9. See, I can’t wait for her to marry her 9th uncle. I don’t see it as a problem for him to stand in the way of her potential marriage partners because she’s not emotionally attached to any of them and they couldn’t offer her the same amount of power like he does. I want them both to step this family flat. The complier Lin’s family is not local and are out of reach, she’d still have to face potentially her adoptive mother bothering her about her spoilt rotten baby brother. If it was the crown prince, they’d be too afraid and too ashamed to face him due to his prior treatment at the Cheng’s.

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