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GNU Ch. 44 Part 1 – Grace of Birth (I)

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Ruan-shi looked eagerly at Cheng Yujin. The expectation in her eyes was undisguised. For a while, Cheng Yujin was momentarily dazed. She remembered the lunar New Years’s celebration when she was three years old. She wore new red clothes, and she looked so cute like a little baby in New Year’s picture. All family members gathered in Old Madam Cheng’s courtyard to celebrate the New Year. Cheng Yujin and Cheng Yumo were put on the luohan couch to play. Cheng Yujin couldn’t remember what she played at the time. She only remembered Ruan-shi came over, bringing a piece of cake and asked her: do you know who your real mother is?

Cheng Yujin couldn’t remember what happened next, but it surely not a good thing. Qingfu Junzhu had always disliked her. Qingfu didn’t want to raise a child for others, which was understandable, but Cheng Yujin never figured out what Ruan-shi actually wanted from her.

Probably, in the deepest part of her heart, Ruan-shi was unwilling to see Cheng Yujin had a good life with her adoptive family. Perhaps, what Ruan-shi really wanted was a ‘filial daughter’ who cared about her biological parents despite being raised by other people, who was also selfless and had no complaints towards her biological family, and continuously poured out money from her adoptive mother to support her biological parents.

When Cheng Yujin was a child, Ruan-shi often came to see her secretly. But when Cheng Yujin began to understand things, Ruan-shi no longer came. Probably she was afraid of ugliness.

Memories flashed through Cheng Yujin’s mind. She smiled at Ruan-shi. This time, however, her gaze was much sharper than before.

Cheng Yujin’s gaze flustered Ruan-shi. She nervously gripped a handkerchief. Pretending to be calm, she asked: “Eldest girl, do you have something to say? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Cheng Yujin’s smile became gentler. The corner of her eyes curled slightly, but her voice was as gentle as before: “I’m wondering why second aunt said this kind of thing.”


“Second aunt probably didn’t sleep well last night. That’s why you are a bit muddle-headed this morning. My mother is Cheng family’s eldest Madam. How can second aunt suddenly become my real mother? Everyone knows that I am the daughter of the eldest Madam Qingfu Junzhu and her husband the eldest Master. Why should I call you ‘mother’?” With a smile, Cheng Yujin patted Ruan-shi’s hand. “Second aunt, although it’s already summer, you shouldn’t indulge in the cool breeze and sleep with your windows open at night. Look, I think the cold has gotten into you. Because you are unwell, your mind is muddled, and you said some silly things. Second aunt can be assured, I won’t tell others about today’s matter. But second aunt shouldn’t say the same nonsense to others. I can conceal what you said to me today, but if second aunt comes to Bao’er to tell him that he is your son and he should call you ‘mother,’ I’m afraid my mother will get angry.”

Ruan-shi was startled. She stared at Cheng Yujin incredulously. What nonsense? She said only the truth. It was Cheng Yujin who sprouted nonsense!! She was Cheng Yujin’s birth mother. Everyone in Yichun Marquis manor knew about this. Why Cheng Yujin could smile like that and tell her not to be muddle-headed?

Ruan-shi’s mouth gawked open, and she asked incredulously: “You don’t believe it? No, there are so many gossips in the manor. There is no way you never know about it. Then, do you refuse to admit your biological parents?”

“What biological parents.” Although Cheng Yujin was still smiling, her gaze was very cold. An icy warning suddenly flashed through her eyes: “My parents are the eldest Master and Madam. They raised me, and my name in the clan’s genealogy is also recorded under theirs. I only have one pair of parents. Where do these biological and non-biological nonsenses come from? Second aunt, please be careful of your words. Don’t say those inexplicable remarks anymore. If your words reached my mother’s ears, she might misunderstand that second aunt wants to provoke the relationship between us mother and daughter.”

After she spoke, Cheng Yujin pulled her hand away from Ruan-shi then gave a perfect bow towards an elder: “I still have to visit my mother. Aunt, this niece will go back first.”

Afterward, Cheng Yujin turned around and left without hesitation. Ruan-shi froze on the place, muttering to herself: “She didn’t even want to admit me? I gave birth to her. I was powerless to prevent her from being taken away by the first branch. How could she hurt my heart like this?”


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18 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 44 Part 1 – Grace of Birth (I)”

  1. How does the saying go – a dragon’s pond or a tiger’s den? Such an apt description of the manor. Yujin should go greet Ninth uncle to catch a breather 😉
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Ruan-shi wants to be acknowledged as a mother but what have you done as a mother? Why don’t you think of the position you’re putting your child in before resenting her for not calling you mother? You’re a mother indeed, but not hers.

    Thanks for the updates Sponsors!

  3. Thank you for the chapter (both the translator and sponsors)! I love how strong the FL is mentally and really hope she just has a HE (with her Ninth Uncle of course ^^). And thought I should mention that there is no next link on Ch 31 part 4 and TOC link is broken there too. I just binge read this story so it was fresh in my memory, anyways please keep up the great work!

  4. Sigh. Sadly some moms are like that. They want their kids to have a good life but they don’t want to live a better life than their favorite child. 😶

  5. Sigh …. This was a sad chapter just cuz I can see how hurt Yujin is, she remembers, she wanted something good to happen to her to truly have a mother ……. But then she looks at this filthy and disgusting thing in front of her “look this is my biological mother”.

    Yujin I feel so much for you girl.

  6. im glad that most people can tell how stupic ruan-shi and cheng yumo are instead of everyone falling for their “whit lotus” appearance like in many novels

  7. Bull if she really wanted to keep her daughter she could have. Her daughter was just less valuable to her than pleasing her mother in law. This woman really wants to be called mother when all she’s ever done for her is gaslight her and make things difficult for her in her adoptive family after giving her away…

  8. Because You are cruel enough to stab her countless time first. Love is to be earned not taken for granted, maam.
    You can’t demand love from others when you never even given yours

  9. Honestly though the biggest villain is the Cheng lao tai tai like why would u split up twins and cause this disharmony in the family with such a cruel and senseless move? and the princess didnt even want to raise an adopted daughter? so what was the point

  10. Watch Yujin become empress Ruan-shi. What marchioness huh? Don’t feel too proud. Even if Yujin marries a beggar, she’ll live better than your daughter. Not to mention there’s our all powerful crown prince.

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