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GNU Ch. 44 Part 3 – Grace of Birth (III)

Cheng Yujin changed into a plain white close-fitting long garment, with a slit around the knees. There were light pink plum patterns on the fabric, but no other motifs or decorations. The skirt underneath was a silver-gray pleated skirt. Although plain in color, it was very beautiful. When Cheng Yujin walked, she looked beautiful and elegant.

Cheng Yujin’s frame was slim and slender. Because she has been raised carefully since childhood, she was not too thin, but rather a kind of graceful slimness. After changing into a close-fitting garment, her body figure became even more prominent, showing a slender waist and perfect curve. Cheng Yujin walked unhurriedly. Her steps were regular, her clothes were plain. But she was so beautiful, like a painting that came alive. People she met along the way couldn’t help but take more looks at her.

Cheng Yujin went straight to the Old Madam’s courtyard. At this moment, the courtyard was full of guests. Cheng Yujin walked along the roofed corridor. Many people quietly stared at her: “That is the eldest Miss of Yichun marquis manor.”

Under so many gazes, Cheng Yujin lifted the curtain and entered the room. There were many madams sitting inside the room. The 49th day of passing was different than the first seven days. All guests who came today had a close relationship with the Yichun Marquis manor. Cheng Yujin didn’t feel nervous. First, she curtsied to Old Madam Cheng, then turned around and greeted the other madams: “Greetings to all Madams. Yujin pays her respect.”

The madams laughed and let Cheng Yujin up. One madam pulled Cheng Yujin to her side, then said to the madam in a black and golden coat next to her: “Second Madam Zhai, this is eldest Miss Cheng.”

The madam looked at Cheng Yujin for a while and smiled politely: “It turns out to be this Miss. Very beautiful indeed.”

The person next to her also smiled and said to Cheng Yujin: “This is Cai Duke manor’s second Madam. The Duchess passed away last year, and now the second Madam is in charge of the manor.”

So she was from Cai Duke manor. No wonder her attitude was so high. Cheng Yujin smiled softly, and curtsied at the second Madam: “Yujin greets second Madam.”

Second Madam Zhai nodded, too lazy to speak. She had the highest status in this room, and everyone was flattering her. In fact, their attitude was not for this second Madam, but for Duke Cai, Zhai Yanlin. Old Madam Cheng spoke to second Madam Zhai: “Second Madam has to handle the affairs of the Duke manor, and you must be very busy. But today, you personally come here. This old woman is very grateful.”

Mrs. Zhai looked complacent, but still said modestly: “Nothing. The manor’s affairs should be handled by eldest brother-in-law’s family. But eldest sister-in-law passed away last year. Eldest brother-in-law is busy with court matters and also has to take care of Qing ge’er, so mother-in-law hands over the manor’s internal affairs to me. Because brother-in-law and mother-in-law have given me the trust, I have to bite the bullet and try my best. When brother-in-law remarried, I will return the job to eldest sister-in-law to handle as soon as possible. I’m just a stupid person, and truly has no ability to manage such a big manor.”

Cheng Yujin vaguely knew the situation of Cai Duke manor. Last year, Duke Cai’s wife passed away, leaving their only son, the five-year-old Zhai Qing. Duke Cai was busy with governmental affairs, and the manor’s Old Madam doted on her grandson excessively, letting Zhai Qing grew even more lawless than Cheng Enbao. The last time Cheng Enbao made a ruckus to raise a dog, it was because he saw Zhai Qing raised one.

The only difference was that Cheng Enbao has Cheng Yujin, this elder sister. Every time Cheng Enbao fell into Cheng Yujin’s hand, he was taught a lesson. But Zhai Qing didn’t. Listening to second Madam Zhai’s tone, everyone in Cai Duke manor seemed to follow Zhai Qing’s every demand, and no one could control this little devil.

Second Madam Zhai came personally today, was precisely to take care of their duke manor’s only lifeblood, the little shizi Zhai Qing.

Cheng Yujin never liked spoiled children, especially the bratty and lawless one. Seeing Cai Duke manor’s attitude only made her even less interested. Instead, it was Old Madam Cheng who moved her eyebrows in secret.

Duke Cai lost his wife one year ago, and there was no news about him making a marriage contract with another girl. Old Madam Cheng leaned forward, her eyes squinted. She seemed to be deep in thinking. After a while, the Old Madam asked casually: “Shizi is still five years old. He needed meticulous care in his daily life and education. Why doesn’t Duke Cai marry a second wife, and instead takes care of these small things by himself?”

Old Madam Cheng’s tone is very casual, as if she was just asking in passing. But Cheng Yujin knew the Old Madam very well. She immediately noticed that the Old Madam didn’t just ask by pure curiousity, but had another intention.

Cheng Yujin carefully analyzed the conversation they had just now. Duke Cai was at a prime age, had a nobility title, and also held an important position in the court. In addition, he just lost his wife and still had a young son. In the eyes of elderly people, he was very much in need of a virtuous woman to remarry.

Cheng Yujin frowned. Could it be that Old Madam Cheng wanted her to marry Duke Cai?


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11 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 44 Part 3 – Grace of Birth (III)”

  1. With relatives like these you don’t need enemies. They’ll take such “good” care of you that you won’t know where to escape. Will be interesting to see how Yujin fends off this unwanted marriage.
    Thank you for the translation <3

    1. I really hate how the elders have the power to decide the younger generation life,specially the girls. Honestly I get so mad that I want to enter the book and…I don’t know…

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I can’t say enough how much I love this FL. She is exactly what I would imagine a smart, ambitious woman of that era to behave like. Unlike other FLs (or cannon fodder), she doesn’t waste to much time on love affairs, instead she goes after the Madams in whose hands the power of arranging marriage mostly lies and who she will need to impress as a future ‘boss’.

    Duke Cai is not a bad potential match. If his son is 5, then he is probably in his late 20’s to early 30’s and an older-ish man would both be grateful for the peace and comfort she will be able to bring to the household through her management skills as well as be a bit more open to manipulation by a young a pretty face. As step-mother, she could either work to obtain the love and loyalty of a kid who seems to be neglected OR encourage his worse habits in order to eventually replace him with her own son (yes, I do see her as a perfect villainess in the making).

    I guess it would all come down to whether he already has concubines and his character as to whether this would be our 2nd serious contender for her marriage partner. One of these guys needs to get our Crown Prince off the pot…

    1. Duke Cai isn’t a good match for a first daughter whom just has been equaled to a first son by giving her the privilege of observing the mourning for her grandfather.

      Being a Second Wife was already degrading for normal first misses of noble households, never mention what it would mean for Yujin who has already been trampled thrice by the Chengs and the Marquees.

      Not only she would marry in when an eldest di son is already existing (blocking the path to any potential future sons she could have), she would also have to fit in the shadow of the First Wife and pay respects to her. Just as Yumo had to in the previous life.

      1. Setting everything else aside, this little tidbit: “the manor’s Old Madam doted on her grandson excessively, letting Zhai Qing grew even more lawless than Cheng Enbao,” makes me think that Duke Cai would be a horrible match for anyone.

        Like if Zhai Qing was spoiled because of his dad you could maybe Sound of Music your way to a happy family. But he’s spoiled because of his grandmother. AKA an elder that any new wife would have to obey. Hey Zhai Qing what if you didn’t act like a spoiled brat? Oh you’re tattling on me to grandma. Who was already comparing me to a dead woman who she probably hated too. Cool cool cool cool cool.

  3. Old Madam is way too jobless. Someone take this woman and give her trouble. Is it too evil to want her to be weak/sick so she has no energy to think up terrible partners for Cheng Yujin.

  4. Thanks for the chapter!!!!
    This is a big NO ah! Why would our Yu’er want that sort of trouble when getting married if she already has a perfect candidate?
    First, we don’t know what kind of personality Duke Cai has, second, he already has that unruly son of his, some may think she can just tame him or something similar but the results don’t pay the risks, ok? As the eldest only son and the heir he probably is that way because everyone spoiled him and if she would come to try to correct his behavior his father and grandmother could don’t see her good intentions and mistreat her. If she would just let him follow the same path there is no assurance that this will benefit her.
    And what will happen to Duke Cai after our uncle ascension to the throne?

  5. Oh oh…..well, we needed something (or someone) to push the plot forward, so this is coming right on time. Crown Prince should better watch out and step up ah.

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