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GNU Ch. 46 Part 2 – Shizi (II)

Zhai Qing was still young. He couldn’t understand the mockery behind Cheng Yujin’s words, but he vaguely noticed that Cheng Yujin’s indifferent tone didn’t seem to contain goodwill. Zhai Qing snorted and said haughtily: “Since you know who this young master is, hurry up and let go of my Xiaotian dog.”

Cheng Yujin laughed softly: “Since it is Zhai shizi’s dog, then I cannot beat it to death. Let’s throw it out. Before that, don’t forget to put a muzzle on it, lest it hurt people in the street and damage our Yichun Marquis manor’s reputation.”

When Zhai Qing heard that Cheng Yujin was going to throw his dog out, he was immediately anxious: “Dare you! This is my dog!”

“I know.” Cheng Yujin glanced at Zhai Qing indifferently. “So what? A dog is forbidden in the inner courtyard. Could it be shizi’s dog is better than other dogs? Maybe it has divine power and cannot be categorized as ordinary dogs?”

Zhai Qing was so angry that he almost couldn’t speak. He pointed at Cheng Yujin and scolded: “How dare you talking to me like this! Who said that dog is forbidden in the inner courtyard?! Our family allows it!”

Cheng Yujin didn’t even bother to look at him: “As shizi said, that is your family. I don’t know about Cai Duke manor, but our Yichun Marquis manor has its own rules, and these servants have to listen to me.” After Cheng Yujin finished speaking, her eyes swept over the crowd of servants. Her eyebrows moved slightly: “Why are you still not moving, didn’t you hear my words?”

As if being awakened from a dream, the servants suddenly reacted. They secretly glanced at Zhai Qing. This only son of Duke Cai was undoubtedly noble and high, but now he was flushed in anger. The servants shook their heads, then quickly lifted the dog away.

No way. Even if the Zhai family’s little shizi was noble and spoiled, in the Cheng family, it was their eldest Miss who had the final say.

Zhai Qing watched as his favorite dog was thrown out under his nose. He was anxious and angry, and shouted furiously, “Are you all blind? Stop them for this young master!”

Cai Duke manor’s guards were hesitant. They were ordered to take care of little master, but didn’t come to offend Cheng family. After all, it was another family’s inner courtyard. Zhai Qing’s dog was the one who scared others first, and then Cheng family’s eldest Miss ordered the dog to be thrown away. Zhai Qing’s guards truly didn’t have any stand to stop it.

Even more, they thought it’s good if little shizi’s dog was gone. Old Madam Zhai has been worried about letting her grandson raise such a fierce dog. If weren’t for Zhai Qing crying and making a fuss, Old Madam Zhai would have let people deal with this dangerous hound. With such a scruple, Cai Duke manor’s people didn’t follow Zhai Qing’s order. At first, they were a step slower, then they didn’t move. Zhai Qing found that his family’s servants were useless, and was about to explode in anger. He ran over to drag Cheng Enbao: “This is your house, tell them to come back!”

Cheng Enbao glanced up at Cheng Yujin, and his courage instantly withered down. Unable to speak, he lowered his head obediently. It was useless for Zhai Qing to ask for help. Zhai Qing has never suffered this kind of grievance. It was the first time someone didn’t cater to his demand and wasn’t afraid of his threat. He pointed his fingers at Cheng Yujin tremblingly and suddenly shouted “Waaa!!”, sitting on the ground, and crying.

Zhai Yanlin’s father’s generation has some friendship with Old Master Cheng, so he came to attend the 49th day passing ceremony today. Zhai Yanlin disliked the hustle and bustle of the ceremony at the front yard, so he avoided other guests by strolling in the garden. Zhai Yanlin was a dignified Duke, so Cheng family couldn’t let him unaccompanied. Both Cheng Yuanxian and Cheng Yuanhan had a low official position and were unsuitable for accompanying Zhai Yanlin, not to mention their own lack of skill. Therefore, Cheng Yuanjing came forward and accompanied Zhai Yanlin to walk around Yichun Marquis manor’s garden.

Men talked less when together, and Cheng Yuanjing was originally not a talkative person. The two walked silently across the garden. When they walked on a bridge, they saw a girl in a white dress on the opposite bank, playing with the water.

They couldn’t see her face through the weeping willow, but could feel that it was a young and beautiful girl. Zhai Yanlin stopped: “That is…”

When Cheng Yuanjing saw the girl was wearing a white dress, he was unwilling to continue forward. But Zhai Yanlin asked out, which was improper. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t like Zhai Yanlin’s behavior. But before he could do anything, the girl on the other side has heard the voice and stood up.

“Ninth Uncle?” The girl asked out in surprise, seemingly didn’t expect to meet Cheng Yuanjing here. It was too late for Cheng Yuanjing to led Zhai Yanlin away, so he nodded and said: “Second girl.”


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  1. Oh… Um… She’s about to get married to the HC person and here is an old guy falling for her? Oh ho ho.
    At least.. um… This second girl diverted the old guys attention
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