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GNU Ch. 46 Part 4 – Shizi (IV)

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Cheng Yumo was also amused. She giggled for a while, and tears came out from the corner of her eyes. At this moment, a group of servants passed by the roofed corridor on the lakeside, carrying all kinds of food boxes and plates in their hands. Cheng Yumo saw them, pointed to a servant girl, and ordered: “Put those things down. Go to the front dock and tell a servant woman there to row a boat here. I remember that there are lotuses just blooming on the east lake. I’m going to take Ninth Uncle and Duke Cai to see the lotus.”

The servant girl pointed out by Cheng Yumo paused her steps and replied embarrassedly: “Second Miss, this servant is going to the back hall to deliver the fruits.”

“Just put down the fruits first. It won’t take long, and the guests in the front hall don’t need so many fruits either. Me taking a guest to see the lotus is more important.”

The servant girl exchanged a glance with her fellow servants, but she was still hesitant: “But, this is eldest Miss’ order…”

Cheng Yumo did not expect that in the presence of Cheng Yuanjing and Cai Guogong, a small servant girl didn’t give her a face and dared to refute her words repeatedly. Cheng Yumo’s face sank: “Eldest Miss, eldest Miss. Do you think that only eldest sister’s words you should follow, but not mine?”

The servant girl hurriedly knelt down, but even so, she firmly held the fruit plate in her hand: “Second Miss, forgive me. But eldest Miss said, each person has their own post and has to fulfill their own duties. If this servant left the assigned task to take care of other things, eldest Miss would punish this servant.”

The servant girl leading in the front also stepped forward to persuade: “Yes, second Miss. This is eldest Miss’ words after all. You should listen to eldest Miss.”

Cheng Yumo’s face was completely gloomy now, but Cheng Yuanjing almost laughed. He remembered that young girls had thin skin. It must be embarrassing if he laughed out, so he held back his laughter.

Although Cheng Yuanjing hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, just by the servant girl’s few sentences, he could imagine how Cheng Yujin gave them such order. Sure enough, this was Cheng Yujin. Even if she wasn’t here in person, just a sentence ‘This is eldest Miss’ order’ could suppress the direct order from another master.

Cheng Yumo was here, ordering the servants personally, but it didn’t matter. Whatever she said to them, the servants only listened to their eldest Miss, and even advised Cheng Yumo to obey her sister’s words.

Cheng Yumo was very upset, but Zhai Yanlin became curious instead: “Your second Miss is here and personally giving you order. Don’t you suppose to put down your current task temporarily and ran to do her errand first?”

“How can that be.” The leading servant girl blurted out, and her fellow servants also echoed in agreement: “This is eldest Miss’ rule.”

“What if your eldest Miss is wrong?” Zhai Yanlin asked.

Hearing this, the servant girls laughed harder and began to walk away: “How can eldest Miss be wrong?”

Zhai Yanlin had never encountered such a situation before. He watched the group of servants walked away. Zhai Yanlin was amazed, but also curious about this boring eldest Miss Cheng, who was regarded by the servants like a god.

If possible, he would like to see this eldest Miss Cheng.

Cheng Yumo was already feeling stuffy and upset. When she looked up to see Zhai Yanlin’ showed an obvious interest in Cheng Yujin, she became even angrier. Zhai Yanlin was in thought for a while, only to notice that he had neglected the beauty. He quickly said: “Second Miss Cheng, I lost my mind a bit just now. Where is the lotus you mentioned?”

Cheng Yumo’s expression finally became better. Although everyone praised Cheng Yujin, she wasn’t as good as Cheng Yumo when interacting with her peers. Although it was a bit against etiquette, Cheng Yumo blinked at Zhai Yanlin and said: “I can take Ninth Uncle and Duke Cai to go see the lotus, but you have to promise me one thing. You can’t tell my sister about it. She is most conforming to the rules. If she knew, she would scold me again.”

Zhai Yanlin nodded. It seemed that the eldest daughter of Cheng family was a bit rigid. It a pity that the beauty was such a pedantic. Ultimately, she was just an empty skin. Women were better to be like Cheng Yumo: lively and playful. Even if they were a bit bad at managing the household, it’s okay. After all, there were professional stewards and housekeepers

Cheng Yuanjing didn’t respond. He might be a pedantic person, but he remembered that Cheng Yumo has been engaged and was about to discuss the wedding. At this time, it might be inappropriate if she went to see the lotus with two outsider males.

Cheng Yuanjing was about to refuse, but suddenly, a servant boy ran over the garden path all the way to the bridge and stopped in front of Zhai Yanlin, panting heavily: “Duke.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Shizi insisted on bringing the Xiaotian dog into the manor with him. Us servants couldn’t persuade him. The housekeeper sends this servant to report.”

Zhai Yanlin’s face immediately turned black. How absurd. Here was Cheng family’s inner courtyard, but Zhai Qing brought over a hound without any lash. What if it ran into Cheng family’s womenfolk?!

The fleeting interest to enjoy the flowers suddenly disappeared. Zhai Yanlin calmly said: “Lead the way. I will take care of that evil creature.”

The servant boy joyfully responded, and quickly led Zhai Yanlin and the others to stop Zhai Qing. Hearing that people from Cai Duke manor were bringing a hound in, Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes turned cold. Afraid that something might happen, he followed around. Seeing both Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin had a dark face, Cheng Yumo dared not to speak. She put back her hands. When Cheng Yuanjing and the others strode forward, she also followed behind.

When Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin arrived, they happened to hear a child yelling furiously: “Impudent! Lowly creatures, don’t you dare to touch this young master’s dog!”

Zhai Yanlin’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Cheng Yuanjing raised his eyebrows slightly, glancing at Zhai Yanlin impassively. Zhai Yanlin was so embarrassed and angry, and was about to go out to scold this unruly son of his when a woman indifferent and clear voice rang: “It turns out that Cai Duke manor’s young master is also here. I am just about to deal with a wild dog, and didn’t even see shizi. Shizi, please wait a moment. After I remove this vicious dog and let people beat it to death, I will show you around the garden.”

The newly-came group paused their steps at the same time, closed their mouths, and quietly listened to the situation over there.


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