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GNU Ch. 47 Part 1 – Eavesdropping (I)

Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin were standing behind the dense vines and leaves, pausing their steps after hearing the woman’s voice not far away.

Both men were officials who had joined the court and held real power. People under them were practically different than typical household servants, especially those around Cheng Yuanjing. Seeing the master in front stopped, all the attendants also stopped without a sound. Some people in the garden saw the group coming, but before they had time to speak, Zhai Yanlin’s people gestured at them to keep silent.

Cheng Yumo looked around worriedly. She vaguely felt that the situation seemed to be wrong. If Cheng Yujin said something excessive, wouldn’t she offend Duke Cai? But Cheng Yumo saw Zhai Yanlin’s cold face, and ultimately chose not to say anything.

In fact, as long as Cheng Yumo wanted, she had a way to let Cheng Yujin knew their arrival. Zhai Yanlin’s people could intimidate Yichun Marquis manor’s servants, but could they did the same to Cheng Yumo, this manor’s young miss? But Cheng Yumo remained silent. Her thought was simple. Anyway, it was Cheng Yujin who was standing over there, and it was also Cheng Yujin who spoke so boldly. No one was forcing her to do so. Therefore, if Cheng Yujin’s words offended Duke Cai, she merely swallowed the fruit she planted and couldn’t blame others.

No one announced their arrival to Cheng Yujin. Summer vegetation was lush and exuberant. Separated by dense flowers and greenery, unless someone deliberately looked closer, they wouldn’t notice anyone behind. Cheng Yujin didn’t know that another group was standing nearby, so she didn’t soften her hand when cleaning up this unruly bastard.

Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin stood behind the flower bush, listening to Cheng Yujin’s gentle and skillful persuasion. But each of her words was like a knife. She mercilessly ordered the dog to be tied and threw out, suppressing Zhai Qing’s momentum, and finally made him cry in frustration and anger. In the capital, Zhai Qing’s name was widely infamous. Even Cheng Yuanjing has also heard about the spoilt little shizi of Cai Duke manor, who was avoided by many because of his lawlessness and unruliness. However, Zhai Qing’s threats didn’t work now. Nothing he did could deter Cheng Yujin. Even when Zhai Qing brought out his father’s name, or when he sat on the ground and crying loudly, Cheng Yujin was unmoved.

A smile appeared on Cheng Yuanjing’s lips. Cheng Yuanjing gave Cheng Yumo a face just now and held back his chuckle, but he didn’t need to save Zhai Yanlin’s face, so he didn’t hide his smile. Zhai Yanlin noticed the change in Cheng Yuanjing’s gaze and was slightly embarrassed. But even so, he was more surprised.

What kind of temperament Qing’er was, Zhai Yanlin knew the best. The boy’s spoiled and unruly behavior has become a great laughingstock outside. Zhai Yanlin tried his best to control his son, punishing Zhai Qing for his misdemeanor and even finding a strict teacher to give him discipline. But Zhai Yanlin’s mother loved this grandson too much. Every time Zhai Yanlin punished Zhai Qing, Old Madam Zhai would bring a large group of servants to cry and make a ruckus for her grandson’s sake. Zhai Yanlin couldn’t dissuade his mother, and also couldn’t really hurt his son. In the end, he could only replace Zhai Qing’s servants one after another and arranged more caretaker mama and guards for him.

Zhai Yanlin consoled himself. Anyway, Qing’er was still a child. Once he started schooling, his temperament would slowly recede.

However, Zhai Qing knew that his grandmother was backing him, and rarely took Zhai Yanlin’s reprimand seriously. Like this dog, Zhai Yanlin didn’t agree to let Zhai Qing raising it, and Old Madam Zhai was also afraid that the dog might injure her baby grandson. However, Zhai Qing refused to listen, and the Old Madam was so distressed that she finally relented. When a dangerous situation happened, for example like today, Zhai Qing insisted on bringing the hound into other family’s inner manor, Zhai Qing’s attendants could only find Zhai Yanlin quickly and ask him to come over to preside over the situation.

Zhai Yanlin felt a headache. Even the mama who specialized in teaching rules in the imperial palace couldn’t make Zhai Qing obedient. Unexpectedly, this young Miss of a marquis household actually made Zhai Qing so helpless that he could only sit on the ground and cry in anger.

Zhai Yanlin was very much shocked, and for the first time, began to observe a woman seriously. Across the lush green leaves, he could see a slender figure standing on the stone steps. She was wearing a pale pink dress, and her side profile was so remarkable. Obviously, the girl was just standing there normally, but her figure brought upon unique charm others didn’t have.

The green leaves swayed up and down. From Zhai Yanlin’s position, he could only see the girl’s side figure and was unable to see her face. But the neck that was exposed above the collar was exceedingly white. Coupled with her light-colored dress, it was as if she was shining.

Zhai Yanlin couldn’t help but turn around and asked, “Who is she?”

Cheng Yumo’s lips moved, but didn’t say anything. Cheng Yuanjing originally watched Cheng Yujin smilingly, but when he heard Zhai Yanlin’s question, he gave the man a sideways glance.

Suddenly, Zhai Yanlin seemed to guess who this girl was. Although a bit surprised, his tone was confident: “This is Cheng family’s eldest young Miss?”

Zhai Qing’s cry over there concealed the movement on this side. Cheng Yumo sighed inward, and was about to nod when Cheng Yuanjing suddenly walked out.

Cheng Yumo was startled: “Ninth Uncle?”

What was Ninth Uncle doing? How did she feel that Ninth Uncle was deliberately reminding eldest sister of their presence?

Cheng Yujin felt something was moving behind. When she turned her head and saw Cheng Yuanjing standing behind the bushes, she was surprised: “Ninth Uncle?”


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12 thoughts on “GNU Ch. 47 Part 1 – Eavesdropping (I)”

  1. So what if she can control your son? Is your mother going to sit down and just watch? I don’t think so.
    And again, why would she trouble herself raising someone else unruly son and marry a man with concubines when she can find a so much better guy?
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  2. Oh dear.. he is nit yiur ninth uncle, alright.
    He is yiur future powerful bro in law. U just offended him. Congrats !!

  3. Of course nobody has been able to make that brat behave – the loving grandmother would kick up a huge fuss because of her dear baby’s “grievances”, so things would end badly for anyone who tried to put a leash on that shizi.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  4. Noooooooo clean up your own mess don’t drag Yujin into your hellhole of a family just because she’s able to fix the kid you are well on your way to ruining.

  5. Uh oh, indeed as others have pointed out you want her to go and control your son but your stupid head can’t see that she’ll earn your mother’s ire and her life will be pretty miserable and even worse going by those times rules she’ll have to take care of the old bat as well, or you do know and just don’t care since she’s a woman and they live to please anyways.

    I hate this guy, Yujin truly is born under an unlucky star, can only attract scum …..

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