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GNU Ch. 47 Part 2 – Eavesdropping (II)

Cheng Yujin felt something was moving behind. When she turned her head and saw Cheng Yuanjing standing behind the bushes, she was surprised: “Ninth Uncle?”

Cheng Yujin subconsciously walked two steps forwards and immediately saw other figures behind the foliage. Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrows, and suddenly had a bad hunch.

Who else is here? How long have they been listening? Why did nobody report their arrival to her?

Cheng Yuanjing deliberately walked out, but Zhai Yanlin was momentarily taken aback and was a few steps slower. Unexpectedly, this short moment of stupefaction made Cheng Yujin discovered them. Of course, there was no need to keep hiding, and Zhai Yanlin originally planned to show up. However, showing up on his own initiative and being discovered of eavesdropping was a totally different matter.

Zhai Yanlin was a bit embarrassed. Being discovered this way made him feel that he had done something unbecoming. He suppressed the displeasure in his heart and walked out casually: “Eldest Miss Cheng.”

After Zhai Yanlin spoke, he finally saw Cheng Yujin’s face, and was stunned once again.

This is Yichun Marquis manor’s eldest Miss?

Zhai Yanlin originally planned to greet Cheng Yujin, then told her his identity, which could be regarded as giving an explanation of why they were listening behind the bush secretly. However, when he saw Cheng Yujin’s face, Zhai Yanlin was momentarily dumbfounded and forgot his next words.

When he first saw Cheng Yumo, he felt that others must be blind for letting such beauty be unknown. However, seeing the real elder twin’s sister, Zhai Yanlin finally understood why second Miss Cheng was unknown to the public.

With such a beauty in front, who would notice the younger sister behind?

Zhai Qing was throwing a tantrum and kicking around on the ground, shouting: “My father is Duke Cai. I will tell my father!” Suddenly, seeing a group of people walking out from behind, Zhai Qing was taken aback for a moment, but immediately got up from the ground and yelled in surprise: “Father!”

In fact, Cheng Yujin had already guessed the identity of this newcomer. Hearing Zhai Qing’s call, Cheng Yujin simply muttered in her heart: sure enough, this is Duke Cai, Zhai Qing’s father.

Cheng Yujin was just a young miss of marquis manor, without any title or court grade. But Zhai Yanlin was already a respected Duke. It stood to reason that Cheng Yujin should take the initiative to salute Zhai Yanlin. However, Cheng Yujin, who clearly knew the identity of the man standing before her, still stood firm and unmoved, without the slightest intention of saluting.

Heh, hiding behind the bush and eavesdrop people’s talking, then walked out shamelessly once found out. He still didn’t divulge his identity; could it be that he waited for her to take the initiative to greet and salute?

The crown prince has this privilege, but on what basis this Duke Cai has to demand the same treatment?

Cheng Yujin stood still and didn’t even spare a glance at Zhai Yanlin. Cheng Yuanjing secretly felt amused. This girl surely had a strong sense of competition and didn’t even give Duke Cai a face. To make it clear, if Zhai Yanlin took the initiative to tell his identity to Cheng Yujin and apologized by the way, Cheng Yujin wouldn’t ‘not know’ Zhai Yanlin’s identity, let alone ignored him.

Cheng Yumo walked out slowly from behind the bushes. Being caught red-handed when eavesdropping was embarrassing enough, not to mention Cheng Yujin was someone who wouldn’t show mercy when reason was on her side, let alone kind enough to make excuses for others. Now Cheng Yujin had caught her by the hip, who knew how long Cheng Yujin would use this matter to ridicule her afterward. Cheng Yumo was reluctant to show herself up, but Cheng Yuanjing and Zhai Yanlin had both come out, it was impossible for Cheng Yumo alone to keep hiding. She walked out slowly, her fingers subconsciously wrapped around her belt. She greeted Cheng Yujin with a small voice and drooping head: “Eldest sister.”

Hearing Cheng Yumo’s greeting, Cheng Yujin only gave a slight nod and hummed softly in acknowledgment without the intention to speak more. Cheng Yumo finally noticed the weird atmosphere. She secretly glanced at Zhai Yanlin and thought surprisedly: little shizi called out “Father” just now. Eldest sister should have known Duke Cai’s identity. Why did she still haven’t saluted yet?

At first, Zhai Yanlin was surprised by Cheng Yujin’s beautiful appearance. Later, he saw the girl’s cold eyes and indifferent expression, and finally noticed Cheng Yujin’s hostility. Zhai Yanlin stood still for a moment, wondering whether he should be shocked or angry. A girl still in the boudoir was making a scene with him?

In the end, Cheng Yuanjing clenched his fist and coughed. He concealed his smile, and in an instant, regained his cold and lofty crown prince image. Cheng Yuanjing gestured at Zhai Yanlin with his hand and said: “This is Duke Cai Zhai Yanlin, Zhai Qing’s father.”

Then he said to Zhai Yanlin: “This is my eldest niece, Cheng family’s eldest daughter.”

With Cheng Yuanjing’s words, Zhai Yanlin finally said: “Eldest Miss Cheng, my child has caused you trouble, I apologize.”

Cheng Yujin didn’t give Zhai Yanlin face, but she was very obedient to Cheng Yuanjing. She took a step back, turned her wrist slowly, and gave a perfect curtsy: “It turns out to be Duke Cai. I’ve been rude.”


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  1. Cheng Yujin is a queen in the making! Duke Cai is quite full of himself – looks like he’s surprised Yujin isn’t falling over herself to greet him and in general doesn’t seem to think highly of him.
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. It’s easy to see why Yumo always thinks this or that person is being a bitch. It’s because Yumo herself is a bitch and she judges everyone by her own standards.

  3. She’s too powerful, respect, respect.

    Uh oh this fool is now gonna try to take you away from one circle of hell to another girl, quickly insult him or something.

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