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GNU Ch. 48 Part 1 – Disciplining (I)

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This is the first chapter of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 47 Part 3.

For the first time, Cheng Yuanjing carefully examined the relationship between him and Cheng Yujin. Others said that the uncle and niece had a good relationship, and Cheng Yujin was very filial to her uncle. However, Cheng Yuanjing wasn’t Cheng Yujin’s uncle, and she also knew this.

Although Cheng Yuanjing had enough self-confidence, he wasn’t so conceited that he lost his self-assertion. He knew very well that Cheng Yujin was ‘filial’ because of his crown prince status, not of himself.

But this fact couldn’t diminish the reality of Cheng Yujin’s behavior. The two of them virtually had no blood relationship. What Cheng Yujin did to him was no different from preparing Xu Zhixian’s favorite tea or luring Lin Qingyuan closer. To put it another way, if Cheng Yujin sent tea and refreshment every day to an outsider male temporarily living with Cheng family and were very close to him, the rumor about them would already spread in the manor.

She gave a man personally-made purses, refreshment, and came for a greeting every day. Had she ever thought that those actions have another meaning?

Cheng Yuanjing looked at Cheng Yujin and thought: she certainly never had this kind of idea.

In front of so many people, Cheng Yujin solemnly and gracefully held the posture of a marquis manor’s eldest young miss. However, she faintly began to notice that after Zhai Yanlin made such a presumptuous remark, Cheng Yuanjing’s attitude seemed to be wrong. Just now, he glanced at her with a look that Cheng Yujin couldn’t decipher.

Cheng Yujin’s heart couldn’t help but drum faster. What did His Highness mean? Was he dissatisfied with Zhai Yanlin’s nonsense and put the blame on her head? Cheng Yujin sighed secretly. Putting herself in his position, Cheng Yujin could understand the crown prince’s mood at this moment. Cheng family had nothing to do with him, and calling Cheng Yujin his niece was even more presumptuous. Old Master Cheng had just passed away, and he couldn’t move out so quickly. Only because of this reason he had to stay longer in this manor. Cheng family had their own matters muddy and implicated him. Who wouldn’t feel unhappy?

Changed to Cheng Yujin, if an unrelated man suddenly got involved with her and made others began to say: “You have a good relationship with him,” Cheng Yujin would definitely be displeased.

She couldn’t help but scold Zhai Yanlin in her heart. Did this person have brain damage? Not only he couldn’t control his own son, but he also implicated her out of nowhere. What a good deed he had done; The crown prince was angry now.

In fact, Cheng Yuanjing’s expression hadn’t changed at all. It was a bit difficult to judge his emotions only from his face. However, Cheng Yujin had been presenting her ‘filial piety’ diligently every day. After interacting with Cheng Yuanjing for some time, she actually could notice the subtle change in his mood.

For example, Cheng Yuanjing obviously wasn’t happy now. He was fine before. But right after Zhai Yanlin spouted such nonsense, Cheng Yuanjing’s mood became gloomy. What else made His Highness the crown prince displeased, except for hearing someone coupled her with him?

Cheng Yujin immediately opened her mouth to assert her innocence firmly: “Duke Cai’s words are out of place. Filial piety is the responsibility of the younger generations. You only see me interact with Ninth Uncle today, that’s why you think that I have a good relationship with Ninth Uncle. In fact, I’m also like this with mother and grandmother. Besides, in my heart, Ninth Uncle is precisely like a bright moon on a tall mountain. I admire Ninth Uncle’s talents and great conduct and always respect him as my elder. How dare I indulge in favor? That’s why Duke Cai’s words are not appropriate. Actually, it’s also my fault for not making it clear early, letting Duke Cai misunderstand. This little girl asks for forgiveness from Ninth Uncle and Duke Cai.”

Cheng Yujin reminded Zhai Yanlin that he had made a wrong remark and warned him never to repeat the same thing. Afterward, she put the blame on herself, citing her mistake for not making the matter clear beforehand. This way, she gave Zhai Yanlin a way out, so even if she had just pointed out his mistake, he wouldn’t get angry due to embarrassment.

Not to mention, Cheng Yujin also offered him an apology. For a girl to do so, even if she were just a random passerby, Zhai Yanlin wouldn’t deliberately embarrass her. Let alone it was from someone as beautiful as Cheng Yujin.

Zhai Yanlin glanced at Cheng Yujin with a visible surprise on his face. When Cheng Yumo imitated Cheng Yujin before, she didn’t just imitate her sister’s tone and gesture, but also her way of speech. Just now, some of Cheng Yujin’s phrases were similar to Cheng Yumo’s imitation. Had to say, Cheng Yumo knew her sister very well. She knew what kind of words Cheng Yujin frequently used. Unfortunately, the quality of Cheng Yumo’s imitation was too poor, almost a thousand miles away from the genuine one.

In a short period of time, Zhai Yanlin received several shocks in succession. First of all, Cheng Yujin used a methodical method and calm manner to control Zhai Qing. When he overheard, Zhai Yanlin was extremely surprised. This was the first time he saw someone who could restrain Zhai Qing’s behavior. Also, that was before he knew Cheng Yujin’s look. When he came out and finally saw Cheng Yujin’s face, her beauty and aura far exceeded his expectations, which was the second surprise. Now, Cheng Yujin’s rhetorical skill and social intelligence gave the third surprise to Zhai Yanlin’s cognition.

In his impression, this Yichun Marquis manor’s eldest miss shouldn’t be that old. At most, she was fourteen or fifteen. Just looking at the second miss next to him, he could see that Cheng Yujin was actually very young. These sisters were twins, and they were of the same age, grew in the same manor, and lived in the same environment. So why were there so many differences in their ability, etiquette, demeanor, and such? To put it simply, an innocent and charming personality like Cheng Yumo was what a girl of their age should look like.

Cheng Yujin was too capable, far ahead of her age.


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  1. Yes, and the second a young girl with an “innocent and charming personality” is married off, she’s at the mercy of her in-laws, and is expected not only to please her husband but also to manage the household (or at least assist in managing it) and educate the children. Much help this innocent and charming personality is going to be!
    Thank you for the translation <3

  2. Twin? how does the duke know they are twins? Thought it was secret. Or is it a term of two cousins born in the same year, month?

    1. This is a like publicly-known secret. Everyone who knows, knows. Those who don’t know, don’t know. No one openly discussed it, but they know privately.

  3. The irony being that Yumo is the one who was reborn, so she’s the one who is actually a 30~ + year old woman in a teenager’s body, while Yujin is only 14. Seriously, did Yumo learn anything at all?

      1. No, slight clarification on this: only Yumo was reborn (regressed, actually, since she only woke up to the time after Huo Changyuan was rescued).
        However, Yujin only saw the future/alternate timeline through a vivid dream. Even though she knows the general future that was supposed to await her, there had still been a fog between the memories and she didn’t actually live through them. That’s why even though she’s pissed at her ending there, she’s not super affected by it and can still be her calm self. So it says a lot on how she is truly a 14-year-old mature teenager but the regressor Yumo still acts more childish than she should be.

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