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GNU Ch. 48 Part 2 – Disciplining (II)

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This is the first chapter of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 47 Part 3.

Zhai Yanlin originally thought that his visit to Yichun Marquis manor today was just a boring social necessity, but unexpectedly met such a pleasant surprise. Zhai Yanlin’s eyes shone with interest. No men disliked a beautiful woman, especially a beauty that was hard to get, which could arouse men’s desire to conquer.

With this thought in mind, Zhai Yanlin replied to Cheng Yujin’s words cooperatively: “Eldest Miss Cheng is right; it was my inconsideration just now. Although you and Jingxing are uncle and niece, after all, there is a separation between gender. Such careless remarks are unbecoming. Asking Jingxing and eldest Miss not to take my momentary rudeness into heart.”

Cheng Yujin was very satisfied with his response. The half-sincere excuse she gave Zhai Yanlin just now was of course to give him a way out without offending him. But more importantly, she wanted to take the opportunity to make amend to Cheng Yuanjing. Cheng Yuanjing disliked being involved by others, and having his name tied up with a woman should be a big offense to him. Cheng Yujin didn’t want the crown prince to misunderstand her. She indeed wanted to curry favor with His Highness, but not in this meaning. It’s better to clear up the matter early.

Cheng Yujin happily thought that Cheng Yuanjing should no longer be angry. She looked up at Cheng Yuanjing, as if asking for praise. But the young man gave her a cold glance before moving his gaze indifferently.

Cheng Yujin’s smile froze. She was very puzzled. She had just remedied the situation and make it clear to the crown prince, so why was he still dissatisfied? What’s more, he even looked angrier than before.

Cheng Yujin secretly sighed in confusion. Sure enough, a monarch’s heart was unpredictable. She once vaguely felt that she had been able to perceive Cheng Yuanjing’s subtle emotional change, but it seemed that she was overconfident.

People below should never try to guess the mind of people high above. Anyway, even if she tried, she wouldn’t be able to understand—especially the mind of someone like His Highness the crown prince, who was destined for great causes.

Cheng Yuanjing didn’t seem to be in a good mood, but on the contrary, Zhai Yanlin was very talkative. Cheng family had fully aroused his curiosity and interest. The younger sister was charming and lovely, like a daisy on the roadside: innocent and tender. But the elder sister was like a noble peony. At one glance, people knew that she was raised in the boudoir of a forbidden garden. Without adequate wealth, power, and ability, one could not own and keep such a precious flower. Ordinary men saw the flower and didn’t even dare to have any thought. Instead, they comforted themselves, saying that this kind of woman was rigid and boring, no different than tasteless vegetarian porridge.

However, when capable men saw her, they had a completely different thought.

The harder she was to keep, the more they wanted to keep her. The more difficult she was to conquer, the more they had to conquer her. What was money, what was power? They had all. Zhai Yanlin was precisely one of those men. Cheng Yumo spoke tenderly, her laugh was like a bell, and she looked at him with admiring gaze. Zhai Yanlin was used to be admired, but there were many such women. Instead, Cheng Yujin’s coldness and total indifference aroused Zhai Yanlin’s desire to conquer.

Zhai Qing was initially so shocked by Cheng Yujin that his belief began to shatter. He sat on the ground and wailed furiously. But after crying for a long time, no adult came to coax. Zhai Qing was a bit scared. All the methods he knew were useless in front of Cheng Yujin. When he was at a total loss, Zhai Yanlin appeared.

Father is here! Zhai Qing immediately grasped the life-saving straw and shouted “Father!” happily. Then he sat on the ground again, waiting for adults to coax him. Zhai Qing had made up his mind. He has to make this woman, who was unable to differentiate the good from bad, knew how powerful he was. Unless she came to apologize politely, he would never get up from the ground.

Zhai Qing pretended to cry for a long time. The cry gradually became smaller and smaller, until it was almost inaudible, but his father never came to coax him.

What happened? Zhai Qing was a little flustered. It was never like this before. As long as he cried, his grandmother, aunt, and servants would hurriedly rush over to coax him in panic. No matter what he wanted, they would agree. But this time, why didn’t it work anymore?

The crown prince’s reaction made Cheng Yujin upset. Why was he still angry? What made him so upset? Cheng Yujin’s was in a bad mood and didn’t have much patience to listen to Zhai Yanlin’s talk. Instead, Cheng Yumo was responding very friendly and chatted happily with Zhai Yanlin. Cheng Yujin didn’t even pay attention to them. She turned her gaze to Zhai Qing, who was still sitting on the ground, and saw Cheng Enbao, who took advantage that no one was paying attention to sneak out to call for help.

Cheng Enbao had just walked two steps when a calm voice came from behind: “Cheng Enbao.”


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  1. God I hate characters like Duke Cai, with their “man’s desire to conquer,” and their weird creepy similes. At least he hasn’t compared her to a kitten* (b/c kittens = sexy???) yet.

    *I have read novels where the ML did this and I wish I hadn’t.

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